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Monroe is a melodic punkrockband out of Kortrijk (Belgium) with five members. We can't really give you some comparisons with othe bands because we try to be original in the music we play even though this is very hard when you play this style of music. Maybe you can say something like the older Millencolin meets the older Blink 182 or something... Some members of Monroe are also involved in other bands such as Wilson, Toysband, Alginment, The Fucked,... Our aim is to rock and have fun!


It all began when Lander, Thomas and Sander wanted to start a band in the beautiful spring of 1999. So in may 1999 they started jamming in Sanders bedroom. Thomas was also in 2 other bands back then. They tried various styles (from ska punk to HC) but it kida slowed down. Dennis joined Unsolved (that was their name back then) in september 99 and they started to rehearse some more...But it faded again. In march 2000 they picked up the idea of starting a band again and Monroe was born! They started to rehearse moe seriously. In may 2000 they played their first show with new bass player Mika (also in xbloodshedx). The summer of 2000 braught them a lot of shows and they recorded a demo cd. Mika left the band in september 2000 but Stefaan (ex Candy Tuft) replaced him and in october 2000 they played their biggest show untill thn: Warandival. Due to some personal things Lander stopped in december 2000. After trying to go on, Monroe split up in April or May 2001. In july Thomas and Dennis got a call from a friend who helps out in a youth house / bar. He asked us if we wanted to play a show with Monroe at that bar. Stefaan didn't really want to be a part of Monroe anymore so PJ joined us on bass for our comeback! We had no singer so Thomas sung during that show. After that Poele joined us on vocals. This didn't really work out so now we are back with Lander on vocals!! We believe that this is the best line-up so far and hope everything will work out well! written in december 2001!

Thank you to the persons who helped out Monroe:

ex members Mika, Stefaan and Poele; Xavier; everyone that has drove us around; JH Acroll; JH Den Ast; Jote & KSJ Pius X; Vort'n Vis; Gemeentelijke basisschool Bellegem; De Warande; our families for all the help; the bands we played with and especially xBloodshedx; Pacific Beach Patrol; Wilson; Archaï; Error; Leech; Captain Compost;...

flyer of our first show! PJ and Dennis showing monroe is all about love!
unsolved: pre Monroe