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Montgomery County Cemeteries



Antioch Cemetery- south of Williamsburg

Baptist Cemetery of Bellflower

Benson Cemetery

Berger Cemetery

Best Bottom Cemetery

Bethany ChurchCemetery new 10 / 13

Big Spring Methodist Church Cemetery

Britt Cemetery

Brush Creek Cemetery

Bryan Cemetery + Bryan Cemetery pictures

Bush Cemetery

Carroll Cemetery

Chapman Cemetery

Clark Cemetery

Clark-Quick Cemetery

Conley Cemetery- [see Nettle-Conley]

Covington Cemetery

Crump Cemetery

Dixon-Ellis Cemetery- off site link

Dryden Cemetery - Also known as Old County Cemetery- coming soon

Fairmount Cemetery

Ferguson-Holland Cemetery

Gentry Cemetery

Goodrich-Hopkins Cemetery

Grant Cemetery southwest of Williamsburg

Gregory Cemetery

Gregory Cemetery-off site link

Groom-Snethen Cemetery

Harris Cemetery- off site link

Holt-Covington Cemetery

Hopewell Cemetery

Hunter Cemetery

Kendrick Cemetery

Loutre Island Cemetery

Loutre Lick Cemetery [ Pioneer Cemetery at Mineola] added 8/18

Mabry Cemetery

McQuoid Cemetery


[Mt. Horeb Church Cemetery] [geocities] [Mt Horeb Church Cemetery]-[rootsweb]

Mt. Horeb Church & Cemetery Pictures

This church is in need of help to continue the preservation of the building. monetary  donations, and  work assistance., After it was added to the National  Register of Historic Places, funding was not available  and  a small number of people have had the care of the building and grounds. Please contact Norma Mueller at   nmueller@ktis.net  for information and to offer your assistance.  More information on picture page.


Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Nettle-Conley Cemetery [Mt.Olivet]

New Florence Cemetery


New Providence Cemetery

The New Providence Cemetery Association was formed in August of 1985 by by descendents of those buried in the cemetery. The purpose was to raise money for the clean up and fencing of the cemetery. The Association was also able to get a road to the cemetery. Many volunteer hours were spent cleaning, cutting brush and re-fencing.


Norman Cemetery- submitted by Debra Cole

Oak Grove Christian Cemetery-Callaway County off site link

Palestine Ch., AR- Tate Burials only

Patton Cemetery

Peery Cemetery- off site link

Peery-Haslip Cemetery- off site link

Pontlow Cemetery

Providence Cemetery

Resurrection Cemetery

Ridgeway Cemetery {Wagner ??}

Rigg Cemetery

Saint James Evangelical Cemetery

Saint Marcus Cemetery

Seal Cemetery

Senethen Cemetery [near Americus?]

Snethen Cemetery [Pinnacle Lake area]


Simpson-Boone Cemetery pictures and listings-

This cemetery was restored by the Cal-Mont Boone Family Association


Sunrise Memorial Gardens

Talbot Family Cemetery

Un-named Cemetery - west of Americus

Union Chapel Cemetery

Uthlaut Cemetery

Wells Cemetery off site link

White Cemetery

Whiteside Cemetery new 8/10

Windsor? Cemetery

Worland Cemetery

Wright Cemetery off site link

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