Compiled by Homer R. Tate

Effingham, Illinois, 1945



It is hoped that this data compiled will

be beneficial as genealogy material, as it

is all believed to be authentic, having

been obtained from official records, also

Bible and tombstone records, some very

good information was received from many of

the older members of the Tate Family, some

of which have died since the beginning of

this genealogical sketch.

Signed (Homer R. Tate)










The name of TATE or TAIT us probably derived from the ancient Scandinavian personal name of Teit, although some writers maintain that it is derived from the Anglo-Saxon baptismal name of Tata. However this may be, it was first used as a surname by the son or sons of one so called.

The name was taken into England and Scotland at extremely early dates, probably by one of the Norsemen, who ravaged the coasts of the British Isles in ancient times. It is found on ancient records of Scotland, England, and Ireland and on early American records in various forms Teit, Teite, Taitte, Tayte, Tayt, Tait, Tate and others, of which the last two spellings mentioned are those most generally in use in America today.

Families of this name were resident at early dates in the Counties of Peebles, Northampton, Nottingham, Leicester, Warwick, Cambridge, and Limerick, as well in the city and vicinity of London. They were, for the most part, of the British landed gentry and yeomanry.

Among the earliest records of the family in England are those of Nicholas Tate, of Cambridgeshire, in the year 1273, AD; and those of John Tate, of Warwickshire, in 1392.

This John Tate was living at Coventry, County Warwick, in and before the year 1392, and was the father there of a son named William, (some writers call him John), who was the father by his wife Margarett, of Sir John and Thomas Tate, of whom the first, Sir John Tate, became Lord Mayor of London about the year 1473 and probably left at least on son, named John.

Thomas Tate, younger son of William (or John) and Margarett, was the father of Sir John and Sir Robert, of whom the first became Mayor of London in 1496 and was the father by his wife, Magdalen Harpenden, of Wales, of John Anthony, and Sir Barthelmew or Bartholemen, of whom John was the father by his wife, Elizabeth Marshall, of Anthony and Margarett. Sir Barthelew Tate resided in Northamptonshire and married the widow Anne Befford, a daughter of Lawrence Saunders, Among his progeny were two sons, Barthelmew and Anthony, of whom the latter married Margarett, daughter of John Digby, and was the father by her of George and Saunders or Sanders, of whom the first resided in Nottinghamshire and left issue by his wife Barbara, daughter of Richard Stanley,of, among others, and a son named Anthony, who married Bridget, daughter of Henry Kirby, and was the father of George (died young), Henry, Anthony, William, George, Anne, Barbara, Mary, Catherine, Elizabeth, and Dorothy.

Barthelmew, elder son of Sir Barthelmew Tate, of Northamptonshire, married Dorothy, daughter of Francis Tanfield, and was the father by her of Sir William, Jane, Anne, Martha, Dorothy, Francis, and Barthelmew, of whom Sir William owned lands in Warwichshire and Northampton, and died in 1617, leaving issue by his wife Ellinor, daughter of William, Lord Zouch (another historian calls her Elizabeth, daughter of Edward, Lord Zouch), of five children, Zouch, William, Sir John, Mary and Elizabeth.

While it is not entirely clear from which of the many lines of the family in the British Isles the first emigrants of the name to America trace their descent, it appears from old records the Tates were among the early settlers in the New World.

The first of the name in America was on Magnus (or Marcus) Tate, who came from Scotland to Philadelphia, Pa., in 1696 and shortly thereafter removed to that part of Frederick County Virginia, which later became Jefferson County, West Virginia. He may possibly have had a first wife named Sarah Jane, and certainly had a second wife, named Honour, by whom he had a son named Magnus, and possibly other children as well. He is believed to have died about 1747 in Virginia.

Joseph Tate, settled in Campbell County Virginia, about 1751 and was soon afterward joined by Henry Tate, probably his son. Henry died about 1793, leaving issue by his wife Sarah of Jesse, Charles, Nathaniel, Edmund, Caleb, Sarah, Euphemia, Ann, Elizabeth, Mary, and Tabitha.

More recent representatives of these and other lines of the family in America have spread to every part of the Union and have aided materially in the advancement of American civilization. Loyalty to family and friends, perseverance, will power, resourcefulness, business and intellectual ability, and the willingness to work for what they want have characterized the family throughout its history in this country; and, in some lines at least, the Tates have been notable for their artistic prowess.

John, Robert, Joseph, William, James, Magnus, George, Thomas, Samuel, Alexander, Henry and Edward are some of the Christian names favored by the family for its male progeny.


As described, (Burke, Encyclopedia of Heraldry, 1844;) Burke, General Armory, 1884.

  • Arms.-- Per fess or and gules, a pale counterchanged, three Cornish choughs sable."

    Crest.—"An arm, embowed and couped at the shoulder, vested, per pale gules and or, holding in the hand proper a pine branch of the second."

  • Motto.-- "Thincke and thancke."










    HENRY TATE, believed to be the son of Joseph Tate, settled in Campbell County, Virginia about 1751. He had by his wife Sarah the following children: Sarah, Tabitha, Charles, Elizabeth, Jesse, Nathaniel, Edmund, Euphemia, Caleb, Mary and Ann. At a later date most of the children are shown as residing in Bedford County. Henry died in 1793. His will was filled September 3, 1793.

    The Bedford County Tates were a patriot family, for many of then served and furnished supplies for the army, in the Revolutionary War. Henry and Nathaniel Tate, signed a "Oath of Allegiance", before Edmund Lyne Esq., August 30, 1777. (Va. Mag. H. and B. Vol. 9, p 16.) They are again mentioned in a list of "Militia Ordered from Henry County, to assist General Green. (Va. Mag. H. and B. Vol. 17 p 192) Jesse Tate, was 1st Lt. in Bedford Militia, and signed the "Oath of Allegiance", May 25, 1778, and his brother, Edmund, signed the Oath the next day.

    On January 7, 1783, William King, of Montgomery County, Virginia made declaration for pension, stating he served two months as substitute, for James Mays, serving under Captain Nathaniel Tate, and Lieut. Stephen Goggin, and that he marched to join General Gates at Charlotte, North Carolina. (McAllister’s Section 153, p 134-35.) Captain Nathaniel Tate and Lieut. Goggin were brothers-in-law, Nathaniel Tate married Rhoda Terry, and Lieut. Goggin married Susannah Terry. Stephen Goggin was a relative of Hon. William Goggin, a candidate for Governor of Virginia. Obediah Tate, of Bedford County, married a daughter of Stephen Goggin’s and thus become a brother-in-law of Samuel Clemens, who married Pamelia Goggin, another of Steven’s daughters. Samuel Clemens was a grandfather of Mark Twain.





    SARAH TATE, born 1735 and died 1773. Married Nov. 24, 1756 to Col. James Callaway. He was the eldest son of Col. William and Elizabeth (Tilley) Callaway, and was born Dec. 21, 1736. Col. James Callaway was a man of wealth and influence, a leading citizen of Bedford County, where he lived and died Nov. 1, 1809. He served in the French and Indian Wars; was a member of Bedford County patriotic committee of 1774; held by commission the successive militia offices; built the first iron furnace south of the James River; a member of the House of Burgesses of Bedford County, 1766-1769; treasurer for New London Academy.

    TABITHA TATE, married Maj. John Callaway March 29, 1756. Maj. Callaway was of brother of James, who married Sarah Tate. He was born June 10, 1738. He served in the Revolutionary War, distinguished himself for gallantry at Guilford Court House. He lived in Campbell County, Virginia, where he died in 1821. Two children were born to this union; James and Elizabeth.

    CHARLES TATE, born about 1739. His will was filled December 24, 1792. In the year 1796 the estate of Charles Tate received from Nathaniel Tate, 114 acres of land.

    ELIZABETH TATE, married Matthew Harris May 8, 1764.

    JESSE TATE, served in Bedford County Militia in 1778, as 1st Lieut. He married Margaret Miller, a daughter of Simon and Ann Miller, August 27, 1771. Jesse was a prominent man in Bedford County affairs, as was his brother, Nathaniel. Jesse owned more slaves, his brother a larger land owner. Jesse died in 1805. His will was filled, April 22, 1805.

    NATHANIEL TATE, - see forward…

    EDMUND TATE, signed the "Oath of Allegiance", May 26, 1778, and was Second Lieut. In Bedford County Militia. On December 22, 1807 Edmund petitioned for permission to erect a toll bridge across Blackwater Creek, on the road leading from the county line by Samuel Scott’s place to Lynchburg.

    EUPHEMIA TATE , married James Rucher, May 30, 1781.

    CALEB TATE, born about 1750-60.

    MARY TATE, married Mr. Davis



    ANN TATE, married James Anthony, September 29, 1792. Later they settled in Georgia and raised a family.




    ELIZABETH , born 1757, died 1791; married Harry Innes, in 1775. Harry Innes was the first lawyer admitted to the bar of Campbell County, Virginia. Later moved to Kentucky where he acquired office as Judge of Court - served in the Revolutionary War as an ensign of Bedford County Militia. He was born 1752, and was a son of Robert Innes, who emigrated from Scotland to Virginia before the middle of the eighteenth century, and his wife Catherine Richards, a native of the Colony. They left issue.

    POLLY, born 1759, married August 4, 1781 to Dr. Daniel Brown, and removed to New York. She died in 1831.

    FRANCES, born 1760, died December, 1807. She married in 1781 to James Steptoe, who was born at Hominy Hall, Westmoreland County, Virginia, July 16, 1750, and died at Federal Hill, Near New London, Bedford County, Feb. 1826. He was Clerk of Bedford Court for fifty four years. Was a personal friend of Thomas Jefferson, by whom he was appointed. This union had nine sons and daughters, and there are many descendants of great prominence; among them being Lady Nancy Aster, M. P., and Mrs. John H. Lewis, prominent throughout the State of Virginia as Leader in the League of Women Voters and other civic movements.

    LUCY, born 1761, and died in 1839. She never married.

    SARAH, born in 1763, and died when seven years old.

    JOHN, born in 1764, and died the same year.

    NANCY, born in 1765 and died in 1775.

    WILLIAM, born 1766, died 1770.

    JAMES JR., born 1768; married Betsy Greer.

    HENRY TATE, the 10th child of Col. James and Sarah (Tate) Callaway, was born April 24, 1769, in Bedford County, Virginia. He was educated at William and Mary College and had a large estate in Franklin on Blackwater River, and owned many slaves. He married Elizabeth Guerrant, a daughter of Col. Peter Guerrant, of Buckingham County. The hamlet of Callaway, Virginia derived its name from Henry and his brother, James Jr. Henry died in Franklin County in 1852. His children were; Lucy Frances, Amanda, Susan, Malinda, Mary, Peter Henry, and James Steptoe.

    ROBERT, born 1771, and died 1794. He never married.

    SARAH, Born 1773, and died the same year.






    Bedford County Virginia


    NATHANIEL TATE, son of Henry Tate, is plainly of record, in Bedford County, Virginia, in 1773, when he married Rhoda Terry, on February 22, and again when he took his second wife, Susannah Gilliam, on January 26, 1778. (Bedford County Bonds) Nathaniel had five children, Nathaniel Jr., Richard, Polly, Zachariah, and Henry F. Zachariah was born in 1781, and Henry F. was born July 12, 1789, and therefore children of his second wife, Susannah Gilliam. It is not known where the other children were born, but believed Nathaniel Jr. Was a child of the first wife, and the other four were children of the second wife.

    Nathaniel Tate, lived in the "North District", of Bedford County, Virginia, continuously from the beginning of the county tax records, 1782, through 1805. In 1782 he owned 544 acres of land near his kinspeople, Captain William Terry, and Lieut. Stephen Groggin, a few slaves, three horses and ten cattle. The following year, 1783, Robert Pleasants conveyed to Nathaniel Tate, 330 additional acres of land, and at the same time conveyed to Frail Archer and Barksdale Nichols, three small tracts. These were kinspeople of the wife of Zachariah Tate, who many years later married Permelia Nichols, who was a daughter of John Nichols, a farmer and blacksmith, and served his state as a Captain in the Militia. In 1784, Nathaniel Tate, purchased 320 acres of land in Campbell County and in the Virginia State Land Office, there is a grant of 1000 acres, to Nathaniel Tate, on a Troublesome Credit. He bought 318 acres the same year, from Stith. Other transactions are by record in the County in his name until 1796, when he disposed of all his holdings conveying to Charles Tate’s estate his last tract of 114 acres. There is no record of any land in his name, in Bedford County, after 1796, in the "North District".

    Nathaniel, and two of his sons, Zachariah and Henry F., are listed in "South District", of Bedford County in 1803 and 1804.

    In 1805, Nathaniel lived in Botetourt County, Virginia. He purchased from Jonathan Tosh 85 acres from his 1200 acre tract, which lay on Peter’s Creek, seventeen miles west of the Court House. He also owned a lot in the town of Salem. Nathaniel died in Botetourt County, Virginia in 1810.


    ZACHARIAH TATE, son of Nathaniel, and Susannah Gilliam Tate, was born in Virginia, in 1781. His first name, he may have gotten from one of two sources: from his mother’s kinsman, Zachariah Gilliam, or from Zachariah Callaway, his father’s kinsman. His name appears on the tax records of Bedford County, from 1802 through 1821. One record he is listed as Zachariah O. Tate. His middle name may have been Obediah, as there was a relative in the county of that name.

    In 1802, Zachariah Tate was united in marriage to Permelia Nichols, a daughter of Captain John Nichols, who was a farmer and blacksmith, of Bedford County, and served his state as Captain in the Militia.

    The following children were born to this union, given in order of birth; John Gilliam, Nathaniel Nichols, Malinda Susannah, Jesse Notherland, Mary Jane, Henry Marshall, Caleb Warren, and Richard Calvin. The mother of these children died in 1829, and the father, Zachariah having died in 1822, left some of them orphans at an early age. During the years, 1834 and 1835 they all, except Jane emigrated to Missouri.


    HENRY F. TATE, son of Nathaniel, was born July 12, 1789. The names of three of his children are available at the present time; Jesse, Caleb, and Charles Gilliam. Charles Gilliam Tate, married Margaret Hyatt, of Franklin County, Virginia. Two daughters, of this union, are of record; Virginia, married a Mr. Wilkerson, and Ida, married Mr. Cooper.

    CHARLES GILLIAM TATE, was mustered into the service in the Confederate Army, during the Civil War, on November 10, 1862. Company B 10th Virginia Battalion, Heavy Artillery, served under Captain J. O. Hensley, and saw service until the surrender.





    JOHN GILLIAM TATE, was born in Virginia, December 15, 1805. He died January 23 1877. John married Jeannette Hippinstall, and settled in Callaway County, Missouri in 1837. The following children were born to this union; Zachariah, Mary, Jullie, Minerva Ann, and Link. Zachariah married Elizabeth Richardson, March 17, 1853. They had the following children; Babe, George, and John Will Tate. Mary married a German, Mr. Swatz. Jullie, married Thomas Kemp, May 16, 1861. Ann, married Allen Brookshire. Link died young, unmarried.

    NATHANIEL NICHOLS TATE, was born in Virginia, Sept. 26, 1805. He died March 11, 1881. His first wife was Sarah Richardson, who was born February 29, 1812, and died April 13, 1843. Five children were born of this union; Betsy, Mildred, Jenny, Maggy, and Richard H. Nathaniel’s first wife died, and on November 5, 1846, he took his second wife, Piercy Hamlin, who was a daughter of John Hamlin and Lucy Boone Hamlin. To this union ten children were born; Jesse Taylor, Emma C., Marion D., Lucy A., Newton W., Marcia A., James Jasper, Nathaniel Lee, Eliza E., and the last, who died at birth, unnamed. Piercy Hamlin Tate died March 17, 1909, and was laid to rest at Mt. Horeb, as was her husband.

    MALINDA SUSANNAH TATE, was born in Virginia, in 1806. She was united in marriage to Samuel Wilks, June 1, 1839, and had the following children; William, James, Gilliam, Jenny and Frances.

    JESSE NOTHERLAND TATE, was born in Virginia, Sept. 14, 1807. He died January 28, 1891. About the year 1827, he married Julia Hippinstall. One son, Caleb, was born September 27, 1828. After the death of his first wife, Jesse married in 1832, to Mary Carter, and to this union had the following children; Sarah A., William O., Susan, Maggie, Henry F., Permelia, Jenny, Thomas C., Fannie, and Martha J. Mary Carter Tate, was born in 1811, and died on the 30th day of October 1869.

    MARY JANE TATE, was born in Virginia about 1809. She never married, and was the only child of Zachariah’s, who did not emigrate to Missouri.

    HENRY MARSHALL TATE, was born about the year of 1812. He emigrated from Virginia, to Missouri in 1834 with his brother Warren. Henry died a young man, unmarried.

    CALEB WARREN TATE, was born December 31, 1814, in Bedford County, Virginia. On the first day of October, 1834, he joined a company, composed of Joe Johnson and Meyer Hunley, with their families, and emigrated to Missouri. The transportation consisted of a five horse wagon, a four horse wagon, and a two horse carriage. They arrived in Fulton, Missouri, on November 25th, after a fifty five day journey. The first work in Missouri, by Warren, was husking corn, for fifty cents a day, where the Asylum at Fulton now stands. During the winter he drove a team hauling goods from Portland, and other river towns, to Fulton. The next year he worked on a farm for Steve Dudley.

    In autumn, 1837, Warren enlisted under Captain William H. Russell, who raised a company in Fulton, for the Seminole War, in Florida, and was mustered into the services under Col. Richard Gentry. The following is his account of the War as given July 1, 1899, at the first Warren Tate Reunion "We went from Columbia, Missouri, to Jefferson Barracks, on horseback, where we were quartered for several days. From there we went to New Orleans, on steamboats, where we remained a few days awaiting for transportation. From New Orleans, we sailed for Florida, and were six days crossing the Gulf of Mexico, and landed at Tampa Bay. The transports which our horses crossed were caught in a storm and blown several miles out of their course, and were three weeks making the trip. Many of the horses were killed. We were attached to General Taylor’s Army, and from Tampa Bay, we marched to Lake Okeechobe. On Christmas day, it being a Sunday, while marching through mud and water, we were fired upon by the Indians, and there in that mud and water, we fought one of the bloodiest battles ever recorded in Indian warfare. I stood behind Col. Gentry, and by taking one step could have touched him, with my hand, when he was shot. He fell on his hands and knees, and exclaimed, "Oh Lord, I am killed", I helped carry him from the field, and as we carried him out he said, "Boys we must run them". After the battle was over, dead men lay so thick I could walk on them without touching the ground. This battle virtually ended the war, and we were discharged at Tampa, in February of 1838, when I came home and engaged in farming".

    Caleb Warren Tate, was first married to Emily Hamlin, on October 8, 1839. Emily was a daughter of Lucy Boone Hamlin, who was a granddaughter of George Boone, a brother of Daniel Boone. To this union were born four children; Mary Isabel, James N., John C., and George N. The mother of these children died, and on March 12, 1848, he married Orva Hamlin, a sister of his first wife. To this union the following children were born; Robert Henry, Piercy A., Elizabeth J., Joseph W., Martha E., Charles B., Jefferson P., Edward L., Lucy Virginia, Susan G., Andy Brown, Celia F., Belle,. and Luther Gentry. The mother of these children was past fifty years old when the last child was born. Caleb Warren Tate, died May 23, 1904. His wife, Orva was born in Callaway County, Missouri, Feb. 11, 1830, and died in Montgomery County, Missouri, July 28, 1917. She was the last of a family of eleven children, of Lucy Boone, and John Hamlin. She united with Mt. Horeb Baptist Church in 1861.

    RICHARD CALVIN TATE, was born in Virginia, in 1817. He was united in marriage, October 17, 1839, to Elizabeth Hamlin, a sister to the second wife of Nathaniel Tate, and also to Emily and Orva Hamlin, wives of Caleb W. Tate. Calvin Tate was the father of the following children; Henry M. "Jake", John W., Adaline, Bud, Sallie, Patsy and Kitty, who were twins, Mary Ann, Albert, Jesse, Missouri, William, and Susan Jane. Calvin was killed in 1863, by the Federal Soldiers.







    BETSY, married John A. Scott, two children were born to this union, James and Sally.

    MILDRED A., born May 4, 1837, and died December 22, 1909. She married Nathaniel Penn, who was born May 22, 1834, and died December 23, 1908. To this union was born one son, James Richard Penn.

    MARTHA, born May 6, 1840, and died September 20, 1910. She married Matthew Penn, who was born July 25, 1836, and died March 27, 1902. The following children were born of this union; Sarah Ellen, Jenny Lee, Luther, Annie, Maggie, Susie, Jane and Elton.

    MARGARET, married Albert Goodman, January 11, 1863. Mr. Goodman was born April 14, 1841, and died March 31, 1929.

    RICHARD H., born August 2, 1842, and died February 21, 1914. He married Matilda Hall, who was born March 3, 1854, and died October 10, 1926. The following children were born; Lorenzo, Bulah, and Herbert.

    JESSE TAYLOR, born November 10, 1847, and died December 16, 1915. He married Molly Crockett, and they had the following children; Thomas, Wesley J., Lawrence, Marion, Bessie, Eva, Pearl, Paul, Ruth, Iona, Grace, and Lowell.

    EMMA C., born August 28, 1849. She married Hardin Goodman and had one daughter, Mattie, who married Watt Tate. Emma then married a Mr. Hendricks and had two children, Milton and Harry Hendricks.

    MARION D., born November 29 1851, and died October 16, 1919. He married and had children.

    LUCY A., born February 22, 1854, and died June 6, 1917. On February 3, 1881 she united in marriage to Mark Penn, who was born September 30, 1855. No children were born to this union.

    NEWTON WARREN, born February 1, 1856, and died February 16, 1925. He married Sophia Love, who was born March 1, 1857, and died July 29, 1911. Three sons were born to this union; Marvin, Lloyd, and Claud.

    MARCIA A., born September 13, 1858, and died in 1936. She married Samuel Windsor, and to this union were born four children; George, Fannie, Samuel, and Lela. Lela married William Schleur: one child, Clair - the only grand child, and was born just four months before grand parents celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

    JAMES JASPER, born February 20, 1861, and died August 29, 1929. On March 25, 1896, he married Katherine Cole. One son, who died in infancy, and two daughters, Mae and Lena, were born to this union. After the death of his first wife, he married Dora Branstetter, September 10, 1925. His first wife was born September 9, 1864, and died March 20, 1919.

    NATHANIEL LEE, born August 3, 1863. His first marriage was to Annie Kelsick, daughter of Samuel Young Kelsick and Sarah Crawford Kelsick, in the year 1884. To this union were born; Marion, Roy, Martha, Edward, Sammie, Everette, Lowell, Zora, Mack, Joseph, and Prentiss. No children were born of the second marriage. Nathaniel moved from Missouri to Texas, and most of the children grew up in that state.

    ELIZA E., born September 23, 1865, and died October 4, 1925. She married to Cash Bibb. Four children were born to this union, William, Kerr, Maud, and Lena.

    UNNAMED CHILD, died at birth in 1868.



    CALEB G., born September 27, 1828, and died July 30, 1902. He married Mary Ann Nichols, January 21, 1868, and they had two children, Milton and Dora.

    SARAH A., born May 7, 1833, died in infancy.

    WILLIAM O., born April 26, 1835, and died November 23, 1919. In 1855 he married Nancy Lauer, who was born in 1835, and died on 1908. The following children were born to this union; Jimmy, Watt, Lewis, William, Forest, Fannie, Anna, Susie, Hattie, and Roslie.

    SUSAN A., born March 6, 1837, and died January 5, 1879. She was united in marriage to William Cole. One child was born to this union, mother and child died in childbirth.

    MARY MAGDELANE, born March 30, 1839, died August 23, 1921. She was the second wife of John Lynch, no children were born to this union.

    HENRY FRANKLIN, born July 4, 1841. He died August 12, 1913. He married Dru Shane Hall, January 14, 1864, who was born August 7, 1845, and died August 7 1931. They had the following children; Mollie, Lewis, Rose, Mattie and Henry Monroe.

    PERMELIA E., born August 20, 1844, and died November 10, 1901. She never married.

    JENNETTA W., born October 15, 1845, and died March 18, 1919. She married Charles Covington, who was born February 13, 1837, and died February 25, 1912. To this union were born the following children; Maggie, Joseph, Fannie, and Celia Covington.

    THOMAS C., born March 5, 1848, died May 19, 1923. In 1871 he married Mary Kelsick, who was born June 22, 1848, and died April 9, 1939. The following children were born; Roger, Nora, Polly and Lucy.

    LOUSSEA FANNIE, born May 7, 1850, and died September 10, 1937. She married Fred Frank. No children were born.

    MARTHA J., born January 7, 1854 and died October 6, 1854.




    MARY ISABEL, born June 14, 1840, died November 27, 1841

    JAMES N., born October 13, 1841, died March 17, 1919. He married Elizabeth Kelsick on January 28, 1863. The following children were born to this union; Samuel W., Emily F, Lucy J., Fanny L,. Arch, John N., and Lonie. James N. Tate served under General Price in the Confederate Army.

    JOHN C., born October 23, 1843. He lived in Callaway County, Missouri, and was never married. He served under General Price in the Civil War. John died in July 1931.

    GEORGE N., born January 12, 1846. He served with General Price in the Civil War. On Christmas Day, 1874 he was united in marriage to Martha Cole, and they had one son, Edgar. His second wife was Nannie Belle Stuart. Their children were, Clay, and Mabel. George N. died March 17, 1915.

    ROBERT HENRY, was born January 2, 1849, and died October 23, 1899. He was married to Sarah Martha Kelsick, on October 28, 1869. At this time there was a big snow on the ground. Sarah Martha Kelsick was born July 17, 1852, in Boyle County, Kentucky, and came to Missouri in 1854, with her parents. She died March 11, 1933. The following children were born to this union; Esther Alice, Joseph Burton, Robert Thomas, and Grace Matilda.

    PIERCY A., born July 25, 1850. February 4, 1875, she united in marriage to John Burton Kelsick. Their children were; Harvey, Mollie, and Myrtle Kelsick. Piercy died at her home in New Florence, Missouri, February 5, 1943.

    ELIZABETH JANE, born December 23, 1852, and died June 18, 1890. December 20, 1877 she married John Hays. This union had three children, Georgia Mae, Annie, and William Hays.

    JOSEPH W., born in 1854, on the 20th of December, and died March 29, 1945. He was united in marriage , to Mary Alice Cole, on December 31, 1876. Mary was born August 2, 1856, and died November 11, 1927. Their children were; Walter H., Minnie J., and Ora Lee Tate.


    MARTHA E., born May 11, 1857, and died October 9, 1921. She became the wife of Robert Atterberry on January 11, 1874. To this union were born the following children; Delphi I., William, and Birdie Atterberry.

    CHARLES B., born on the 26th day of September, in the year of 1859. On September 25, 1881, he was married to Kate Cole. To this union were born; Maude and Roy. His second wife was Ella Hubbard, and they had, Leslie, Clyde, Berniece, Orva, and Kenith Tate.

    JEFFERSON PRICE, was born February 7, 1862. He died January 11, 1914. He was united in marriage on January 4, 1883, to Mary Hays. To this union were born: Pearl J., Louis, Howard, Wilborn, Herman, Bessie, Annie, Joseph E., Edna J., Florence, and Robert. Mary Belle Hays was born December 3, 1859, and died June 26, 1929.

    EDWARD L., born February 18, 1864. His first marriage was August 10, 1892, to Dorcas E. Cole, and they had two boys, Marcus C., and Paul B. Tate. His second wife was Lydia Cole, and to this union one son was born, Homer Lee Tate.

    LUCY VIRGINIA, born October 4, 1866. She married Jefferson D. Cole, December 9, 1896. One child was born to this union Ada E. Cole.

    SUSAN G., was born November 4, 1868, and died Sept. 29, 1871.

    ANDY BROWN, born in 1871 on 23rd day of September. He died September 22, 1937. His first marriage was to Belle Beacon, March 16, 1892. They had no children. After her death, he was married to Caroline Hubbard, and to this union the following children were born: Bulie W., Brown, Otho A., Ethel, Edith, Virginia, and Norma Tate.

    CELIA F., was born December 1, 1873, and died the 6th of September 1914. She was married to Leslie Hubbard, in September, 1895. To this union were born: Omar, who died in World War I, and Warren Hubbard. Leslie Hubbard died December ll, 1944.

    BELLE, born June 17, `1877. She was first married to Benjamin F. Cole, December 11, 1895. Their children were Cecil H., Frank B., and Miram O. Cole. April 21, 1907, she became the wife of Samuel Boone. To this union were born, Nolan, and Doran Boone.

    LUTHER G., the youngest child of Caleb W. Tate, was born July 6, 1880, and died February 17, 1941. He was united in marriage to Dora Ensley, February 10, 1910, and to them were born the following children; Dennis, Lena, Meta, and Clarice Tate.


    HENRY M., "Jake", born in 1840, and died March 28, 1913. On December 11, 1865, he was married to Sallie Boone. This union had the following children: Ida, Cora, and Tom. Ida died young; Cora, born in October, 1868, and died Aug. 29, 1899. Tom, born September 15, 1871. He married Stell Michan in 1897, and had the following children: Evert, Edna, Hazel, Pearl, Opal, Cora, Roy Thomas, Laurence, Roger, Bert, and Lloyd.

    JOHN WARREN, born November 21, 1841. He married Hannah Ruth Boone, December 30, 1869. To this union were born: Ralph, Oscar, Molly, Victora, Richard, Alta, Forest Early, and Rosia.

    ADALINE, married John Lambert, and had one daughter, Mary Belle Lambert.

    ‘’BUD’’, died young.

    SALLIE, born June 2, 1851, died May 17, 1933. On March 12, 1880, she married Richard Theune, who was born June 1, 1853, and died November 21, 1935. One daughter, Minnie was born January 4, 1882. She married James Walter Duling, on May 17, 1906. Their children were Jewell, and Jean.

    JULIE, married Thomas Wilks, their children were, William, Denny, Obediah, Luther, and Wesley.

    KITTY, married Charles Ramsley, this union had the following children, Alice, Joseph, Presley, Zachariah, and Dora Ramsley.

    MARY ANN, married Bud Schiverdecker, they had no children.

    ALBERT, born in 1854. He married Tilda Moore, nee Stacy. They had no children.

    JESSE, never married.

    MISSOURI, never married.

    WILLIAM, married Widow Lammons, nee Stacy, and they had, John, Calvin, and one daughter.

    SUSAN JANE, married John Drake, this union had Frank, Alta, and three other children.









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