Wars and their effects on Montgomery County
Wars and  Montomery County
Montgomery County has always sent their share of fighting men to battle when called. From the early indian wars to the most recent.  The Civil War saw the county and it's people divided in belief, families split and wounds that never healed.
Known Civil War Battles in Missouri 1861-1865 from  "Mollusk" " Missouri's importance has been greatly overlooked by many when it comes to its role in the Cvil War when at the start of the war most of the fighting actually happened here" [off site link]
"Start of the Civil War in Montgomery County" from the Montgomery County Leader article - 1949 + picture of the old Nunnelly Inn at Danville
War of 1812- Captain Nathan Boone's Compnay of Missouri Rangers- Re-enactment groups
" The Missouri Partisan Rangers"- A roster of  known Quantrill  men
Side Bar is Loutre River in the Fall
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