How far can the past be for most people -
Two, three generations, four at the most?
What is now in time becomes past
Then what of us and our lot?

This ending, it's never sharp
Gradually the old will die , taking with them
What we see now, and what we will take too
Is only worth something when it is gone

Or so it seems to historians perhaps
Opening up dead lines, areas once occupied
Where blood flowed, and love was once alive
Areas perhaps dead for reasons

But that's another theme. For now
We can speculate on the future, even predict
The direction of bloodlines and, from this
May even see a way to trap the past

It's been said there is no past
It's all happening now, and once now is over
It's still happening, just somewhere else
The future is similarly explained

Love then, perceived dead, may still be alive
Existing elsewhere, when our children where small perhaps.
If this is true, If I believe this with faith
Think of the horrors, how terrible all of this is

(October 2001)