Montana Motorcycle Madness: guys with fast bikes

Montana Motorcycle Madness: guys with fast bikes

Here are the best photos from our rides. Many of the thumbnails link to very large files, some almost 1mb.

To save the pics (Internet Explorer) right-click on an image and select save file. you can also right click on the photo and immediately set it to your desktop. Certain images may need to be resized in order to make the picture appear properly.

Eventually I'll develop this into a snazzier site, but for now this wil have to do. More pics to come soon.

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For those of you who have arrived here not knowing who we are or what we ride, the following is for you.

The pic above is Jeff Hammond (nice hair) on his 1996 Honda CBR 900 RR.

Shawn Raunig (crazy nutter) is on his 1999 Yamaha R6.

And, I ride a 1998 Kawasaki ZX-6R. Sadly there are no photos here featuring me on the move.

As a group, we've been riding for about 5-6 weeks and have covered well over 1200 miles.

To be continued when I motivate...