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Welcome to Montanna's Homepage

Skeeter's Crafts & Things~ Home of the Barefoot Sandals

My name is Skeeter Jorgensen, I am the owner of Skeeter's Crafts & Things. I live in the upper peninsula of Michigan, near the village of L'Anse. We live on 40 acres of woods, with a lovely house in the center of the property. I love it here. In 1998, Randy and I moved from Billings Montana to Michigan. I collect salt and pepper shakers, love to crochet and love to ride Harley Davidson motorcycles. I have an email list for shaker collectors, I have added a link for joining the email list and for joining the Novelty Salt and Pepper Shaker Club. I also enjoy making tabletop fountains.

47HarleyGuy and 47HarleyGal

Many of my online friends call me Montanna. I love the computer and am learning more about html all the time. Keep checking back to see what I have learned about making home pages. I also sell things on EBAY, Epier and other Auction sites. My seller ID on the auctions is 47HarleyGal.

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