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This page is about poetry, philosophy, and any number of other things which may cross my mind periodically. I intend to try to sponsor an interest in poetry and reading; two, all but forgotten, arts, pastimes, or what have you. I will not use, nor tolerate, profanity or vulgarity on my sites. Other than personal convictions against same, I feel that recourse to either shows lack of character, and, or, imagination and creativity.
I suppose it's necessary to say something about myself... I am a native son of the great Lone Star State. I was born in South Texas in the summer of 1953, and I suppose if you were going to call us middle-class, then society would be pretty top-heavy. I fell in love with books and poetry early in life, and have been pretty much a dreamer all of my life. I am a fan of Louis L'amour, Alistair MacLean, and a generation of other dead writers. My love has always been for poetry which tells a story, a ballad, if you will. I have been a cowboy, truckdriver, oil-field roughneck, carpenter, and a variety of other things in my life. I have traveled the Southwest extensively and lived in California, Arizona, and Oklahoma, as well as Texas. I have done most of the things I wanted to, been most of the places I desired to go, and try to convey memories and experiences into words through my writing. If by reading my poetry you can see a desert sunrise, taste the dust of a breaking pen, or feel the joy or pain of one of my characters....then I count myself a success. I would like to be thought of as a bard, or storyteller of the old school.
Links to Some of My Poetry
Just read the things a man set's down-
if you would know his heart.
Better than a photograph-
Is his poetic art.
I make no claim to eloquence-
Read on! and you will find-
A simple man with simple tastes-
Who simply states his mind.
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The Bar-D Ranch
Me, on Lucky, May of 1978. Taken on Plantation Ranch, near Liberty, Texas.
Virginia and me in front of the Alamo, 2006.
Transmountain Pass, El Paso, TX 2006
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