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Welcome to the updated Montero_Raider Website!

Since taking on the job of editor of the Mitsubishi Section of, I have decided to change the scope of this site to focus more on showcasing our vehicles. Here are the changes which accompany the new look:

The Classifieds section has been retained, and now boasts its own submission form.
The Specs page will be updated to better serve those of you with later model Monteros, but will continue to serve older Monty/Raider owners.
I have taken down the old Tech section, and replaced it with "Tech Articles", which serves as a table of contents for all the Mitsu-tech articles on 4x4wire.
Mitsu Links continues to list all relevant Montero-Raider links on the World Wide Web.
Finally, I have placed photos of my two Raiders throughout the site, giving credit to the photographer where possible.

This page was last updated on 09-Feb-2001 and is on its 8th update, since April 10, 1998!

*Special thanks to my wife Tanya, for sharing my enthusiasm for these trucks without ever complaining about the "latest" experiment!

2001, The Montero_Raider Website