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The Montessori Home School, located in Richmond VA, is currently accepting new students for January enrollment!  The school was created by a few moms with education backgrounds who were frustrated with the options available and wanted to offer a low-cost alternative to other preschools.  Our classroom is currently located in the near West End in the home of the director, Sarah McDowell.  We strive towards providing a comprehensive Montessori-based preschool program at very affordable rates.  Please contact us soon to learn more about this exciting option for your child's early education!

A Place for your child to flourish...
Welcome to the Montessori Home School online!  Our school is located in Richmond, VA and is currently accepting new students!

Inspired by Montessori methods,  we offer a nurturing preschool environment for ages 3-6.

Montessori education is a thoughtful and holistic approach to educating children.  It offers the best preparation for life and learning in a nurturing, cooperative atmosphere.
We believe that Montessori methods develop a child's desire to learn.  Between the ages of two and a half and six is when most of your child's intelligence and social charactersistics are formed.  This is also when your child is most receptive, curious, and excited about exploring the world around him or her.  Primarily, the purpose of the Montessori method is to provide an environment where the innate abilities of the child can unfold spontaneously, encouraging the development of the preson within, allowing the child to achieve his greatest potential.  Maria Montessori stated, "the child is the father of the man."  As the child develops his inner self, a love of life and learning follows naturally. 

Our preschool's goal is to become increasingly more true to the principles of Montessori education, establishing a love of learning for every child.
What We Offer:

--  A prepared environment for learning.
-- A Montessori based curriculum invloving the senses, practical life, phonetic language work, geography, math and science.
-- Quality classic Montessori didactic materials such as sandpaper letters, golden beads, numerical rods, and knobbed cylinders for rich learning experiences.
-- Arts, crafts and music component.
-- Child-led learning activities  encouraging independent learning, task commitment, and cooperation.
-- A peaceful classroom that helps build social skills and self-esteem. 
-- Emphasis on cooperation over competition, self-guided work over teacher directed work.
-- Focus on indirect preparation for academic success and learning: developing coordination, motor skills, hand strength, order and organization, sensorial differentiation,  numerical ablity, vocaulary, left-to-right orientation, and other language development throughout activites.
-- No child ever lost or "left behind"-- attention to individual learning styles.
-- Parental involvement  facilitated.
-- Feedback system for parents.
-- Dedicated teachers who not only hold education degrees, but who are also involved parents themselves!
-- Some flexible after-care available.

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A Final Note:
Montessori noted that the most crucial developmental years were ages 0-6.  During this time, a child has certain "
sensitive periods" for math, language, and other aptitudes. Montessori education provides your child with the best start in those early years by facillitating an environment that fosters each child to realize his or her full potential.