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MT Sudoku Version 2.0

MT Sudoku

MT Sudoku is the definitive Sudoku puzzle game for Windows !

With MT Sudoku you can:

ˇ Play 3 levels of Sudoku puzzles. All of  them with unique solutions.

ˇ Always a new game generated random
Millions and millions of different puzzles !

ˇ For experts, get the most difficult Sudokus ever played (guarantied by our exclusive artificial intelligence algorithm)

ˇ For amateurs, get help and possibilities list

ˇ Check your progress any time

ˇ Measure your  match time

ˇ Play multiple games in different windows

ˇ Generate puzzles for your web site or publication

And the most attractive feature:

ˇ Load and solve instantly any Sudoku !

MT Sudoku will give you a solution and tell you if it is unique or not.



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This Software is a non intrusive ready to use .exe file.  No installation required. Just download, unzip and use it !