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The CBC's 2007 Quebec Writing Competition has officially opened! Fiction or non-fiction, it's all good. Sharpen your pencils (and polish your keyboard) and get cracking! Only 1200 words by August 31... hmmm, why that's... not even 14 words per day... less than 1 word per hour... less than 1 keystroke every 10 minutes...

Remember they want 4 printed copies of your story along with your entry form and your 10 bucks. Hmmm... why that's... not even one dollar per week... less than 11 cents per day... less than... (you get the idea already, I'll stop now)

Quit reading this and go make yourself famous already!


If you are a first time visitor, welcome to our site.

We are a group of anglophone writers living on the western part of the island of Montreal. We meet regularly to review and encourage each other's writing.

To learn more about the things we do or have done as a group, check out the About Us section. For more information about a particular author, start at Our Members.

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Book Sale

Cover of our 2006 anthology: Winter Magic

We still have some copies of this year's anthology Winter Magic available for only $9.50 each. And as always, the profits go to support Dans La Rue. Get yours while they last! Contact Anne Fotheringham for purchasing details at