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The History of our Club

The Moo-Baa-Oink 4-H  club was started in 1992 by three families Dowire, Loeshen and Brodehl.  They started MBO when the group they were with Milk-N-Meaters club became too large.  Parents wanted a 4-H club that was run by kids.

The leaders have been Dave Dowires and Randy Brodehl (the first leaders), Randy Brodehl (the second leader), Becky Loeschen and Robin Rice (the third leaders) and now Robin Rice the current leader.

The name Moo-Baa-Oink came about when the kids were brainstorming for a name with all their animals.  Brechta Brodehl started singing "moo baa oink" over and over and began dancing around the room as a joke,  the name grew on everybody and it stuck.

Club colors are purple and teal.
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