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We are Moo Cow entertainment home of Avenger the Abomination. We are a small development team based In Queensland Australia. We are dedicated to making the most complete, fun and enjoyable RPG ever and release it for free to you. If you are bored and are looking for something new and different you have come to the right place.

Unnamed Game

I am starting on a new game idea, I don't want to give it away too much to the public at the moment but it will be way better than ATA. It is a MMORPG that is different to all the rest. I am looking for help on it at the moment and will be starting on it once I finish ATA. I am looking for anyone interested in making their own game it doesn't matter how much skill you have as you can learn and pick up a few things on the way all the while making you first game. This is not a full paying job, it is for beginner game makers (who preferably this is there first game) who are interested in this kind of job. It will be a partnership and we will split the profits. If you wish to work on this game email me at

The Team

Avenger The Abomination is now OPEN SOURCE

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Yes you heard right, avenger the abomination is now open source. That means you can download the code and if you know Q-basic can mess around with it all you like. And you don't even have to give me any credit, but I would still like you too :). You can download Avenger the Abomination Open Source Here Also if you make it better can you plaese send it to me and I can upload it to this site so everyone can play your version. To run the game when you unzip the file run qb.exe then go to file -> open and open rpg(1).bas then press F5 to run the game or modify the code to change it. Thanks for playing my game over the years ppls. Thanks.

I am trying to capture that fun and excitement of table role-playing and how the randomness of the game master makes each game completely and utterly unique. I am trying to make a game in which each game is vitally and staggeringly different, in which you will never play the same game twice. But the main advantage of ATA over its Saturday night gaming counterparts is that you donít need to get you and all your friends in one spot to play. You can play by yourself on the computer or with a teammate over the net in a fully random massively changing world.

RPG Clones Begone

ATA is unique in that each and every game is Totally Random. You will barely ever find the same thing twice. ATA is not only as random as something like Diablo II. It is fully random. Like in a game such as Diablo II you are still one of the same heroes in the same town at the start and in every game you verse the same type of monsters at the start. Sure they have random attacks but it does not create unlimited replay value. It is like a game of D&D except the computer is the battlemaster to create worlds as it choses.

Loading Screens = EVILL!!. They are my number one priority to kill. No loading screen lives around here.

If you want a Fantastic Game in a rapidly changing land with loads of potential based in a Beautiful Spacious world. Or you just want to escape the Harsh Undesirable So called World in which you live in, If you want an A-Grade game from professional developers, If you want a stunning Roomy Dream come true world to base your life in, than ATA will be for you. Avenger The Abomination is a lush, wonderful, Amazing world that anyone can join. So come lose your life in this little gaming goldmine.

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We have decided to let the public beta test this game instead of just our little group so you can sign up to be a beta tester Here

If you wish to recieve on the spot updates or just suggest stuff you can add me to your MSN with my email: or you can post on our forums, or you can email me at

I really rely on word of mouth to make this game big (As we do not have a very big advertising budget), so could you please tell your friends about this site and this awsome game.

We started development on this game on January 5th 2002. We have been discussing ideas however since 1998 some time. This is a RPG based in a rapidly changing fully random world.


* Random World Generator
* No Loading Times
* Random Monster Generator
* Random Weapon/Item Generator
* NPC Editor + Random AI Generator
* A world of over 100,000 square feet made randomly every game.
* Random Quest Generator
* Highly Addictive Gameplay
* Entirely Free for you to enjoy.
* A continous stream of levels, mods, maps, Etc. from the fans of ATA.
* You can theoretically make an entirely new RPG so this is like a toolkit and a game in one.
* Up to 4 Player Split Screen Compatability.
* Have modem to modem play for up to 8 players to play (4 on each computer).
* Over 1000 different tiles for a different game each time.
* A Tile Editor to make you own themes and settings.
* Day/Night Cycles where it is the same time in game as it is out so certain events might only happen at night.
* Monthly and Yearly Moon Cycles so that werewolfs might only come out at night etc.

Demo will be released on April 30th 2002. Check back here for updates

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ATA News

07/05/02:Sorry but im not realeasing the Demo of the game yet as i have to update the graphics. (They are just squares at the moment caus i havent bothered). It should be done soon. I wont give a release date as I might dissapoint. 25/04/02:Sorry but production has been delayed a bit while I have been addicted to diablo 2. But i have added a new quest at the start in which you find a unique weapon but it is missing its handle. You will have to find its handle to procede. I have also fixed up nemuerous bugs with it. I will keep to my promise to have it done by april 30th. It will be here for download. I just need to get my computer fixed which has the game on it now. As no shops are open now because of anzac day.

11/04/02:Added special weapon effects like quickewr attacking weapons and a percentage to cast freeze/paralisis. Today i will be making a random AI generator. Ive also been playing through diablo 2 to get all the best parts out of that and add them to my game.

10/04/02:I havent updated this page for a while but rest assured i have been working on the game. There are so many things i have improved that i have probably forgot half of them but here goes. Fixed up the holding down key bug, made weapons equipable, made a story and descriptions of where the creatures come from and what they are doing here, made it do you get treasure from the creatures when you kill them, an advanced skill system, you dont have to kill creatures now you can make peace with them, i will be adding a lot more different tiles for ppl to play with in the level editor when i release it, made armour that absorbs monster damage, made different types of weapons ranging from clubs to bows to swords to fists, and last of all i sped up the game engine a lot so the flickers isnt very noticable anymore.

13/03/02:Sorry I released the AI editor 1 day late. Click Here to Download it

08/03/02:Now go the Ai editor fully working and will release it on here on the 12th with about 50 pre made AI scripts so check back then.
06/03/02:Changed the engine in 256 colour. Made some AI scripts, worked on the stats. Im might release the demo on 30th of march if I get most of it done by then.
05/03/02:Finally figured out how to open random documents.Tommorow i will be remodding the engine.
04/03/02:I have speeded up the engine considerably, now it goes quite fast(but still now fast enough) I have been trying to add NPC's with there own sayings but to no success.