Moodie's mess

Ok I must admit that after lets say about 1 year of not editing it (AGAIN) I am trying to edit it, trying is the right word, so bear with me here, I have too look all these silly codes up again since I can't be bothered to remember it

mmm yeah you see it is a little different then it used to be, but I got bored wiht my old page so time for a change, hope ya all like it, and if not then QUICKLY LEAVE WHILE YOU STILL CAN lol

Well I really think if you want to know anything about me you should just ask, but ok, a lil info then. I am a 22 yr old student from the netherlands. I graduated from college in july. so I have a BSc in environmental science, yep I am an engineer with two left hands so run and hide. I am currently doing a 2yrs master course in english. I have just started so 1 yr and 11 months to go or something around that. I had to move for uni, I live close to the german border now, in a really kind of boring little town. The student flat is nice though, across the sports facilities, 5 mins from uni, and no roomies in my face all the time. Oh and ofcourse a superduper internet connection.

I have a guinea pig...who is sooooooo cute sweet adorable and I will put a pic up from her on the pic's page when I can find the time and /or remember to do so. you decide who's better looking me or her :( lol I'll loose *sigh*

and MORE boring stuff about me...incredible isn't it that one person has so much boring things, anyways some of my hobbies are swimming, I go to the gym too, not for muscles lol more cardio training. I love reading, not sappy romancy books but the more exciting kind. ohhh and being a student I love to party, that's a matter I have no choice in since I'm a student!!!!

Oh and I LOVE winnie the pooh and his friends, eeyore the most, but I am pretty sure you might have figured that part out already!!!

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