The Amazons

The Amazons were legendary Woman Warriors. Whether they
actually existed or not is up to the decorated scientists to decide,
but I am a firm believer that they did exist. In fact, I am sure that
I was either an amazon in a past life, or that I am decended from
an amazon. Here is why I think such, in case you are wondering.

First. I am a watcher of Xena: Warrior Princess. When they first
spoke of the amazons on the show, I felt this great draw to them.
I hungered to know about these woman warriors, and so I looked
information about them up on the internet. Ever since then, I have
been greatly interested in the amazons, and the controversy
surrounding them. Many believe that the amazons did in fact
exist in ancient Greese, and the surrounding areas, while others
believe that they were made up, and are just myth.

Now, after I began to learn about the amazons, I began to read
about seperate ones. I read name after name after name, and then
the name Myrene came up. As soon as I read that name, this
tingle went through me, and I felt this great sense of dejia vu.
I am sure that I was either Myrene in a past life, or that I am a
decendent of her, becuase I have never felt such a sense of
belonging.. or right-ness before.

Enough of my ranting. I will now provide you with information about
the amazons, as well as links to websites that will give you further

(The following is from an edition of the Woosh! online newsletter.
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The word Amazon is of unknown origin, however a folk
etymology popped up which explained the word as being a
deriviative of the preface "a-", meaning "without", followed by
"mazos", meaning "breast". This folk etymology was supported
by the folktale that Amazons cut off one breast to facilitate archery.
However, this is most likely a story designed to discourage
women from taking up archery. This speculation is supported
by even the mostcasual observation of modern day female
archers who are more than capable of using the bow with
all breasts intact.

Historically, Amazons were portrayed as beautiful women in
Amazonomachies, which was an artform showing battles between
the Amazons and Greeks. Amazons were trained to use all
weapons and especially in single combat. They were honorable,
courageous, brave and represented rebellion against sexism.
Their tales spread quickly and soon stories of the Amazons were
everywhere, including Africa, Asia, Europe, South America
(the Amazon River was named after the female warriors),
and North America in the mid-1900s with the comic book hero,
Wonder Woman.


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