Tribute to Those Gone
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This is a tribute to those lost in the Burning Times.

Thousands of innocent women and children lost their lives durring
The Burning Times. Of which, most did not actually practice the
Old Religion. This page is a tribute to all who lost their lives,
regardless of whether they were one of the few who walked the
way of the Lord and Lady or not, because none deserved to die.

Between 14,000 and 23,000 People died durring
The Burning Times.

This is a prayer that I wrote for those who were lost. You may use
it freely for your personal use, but please please please, do not
place it on your website without first emailing me and recieving
permission. I will respond quickly. All I want is credit for my
own work.

Lord and Lady
Who watch from all around us
as we grow, and learn,
we move toward the future
we move toward the day when all will be accepted
regardless of belief.

I ask today, that yesterday be remembered.
I ask that you bless and protect those holy souls
that were lost in the
Burning Times.

They did not deserve to recieve a visit from
Although the Summerlands are beautiful
they should not have been sent there so soon.
Please, remember them, Lord and Lady,
And watch them,
And remind them that We are still here.
Tell them that We are carrying on the
traditions of the Old Religion.

...and that we remember
The sacrifice they made...
all those years ago.

Blessed Be.

Those visiting this page... please take a moment in silent prayer
for those who died for their religion... our religion. Their death
truely is only the beginning. For in their death, we have learned...
...and they will never be forgotten.

Below is a guestbook. Use this guestbook to write your
feelings about the Burning Times, prayers you may have written
or found for those lost in the Burning Times, etc. Please, if you
have anything at all to contribute, do so. You owe it to
those lost.

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