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~*Hey! My name is {yeah right, ask me} and I live in the WONDERFUL state of New York. I'm 19 yrs. old and I graduated with the CLASS OF 99'!! In school I was on cheerleading and I skied- I like to hang out with my friends,partay, & I REALLY WANNA LEARN HOW TO SNOWBOARD, though*~

     OH Look!!
-->I, Erin, (oops! i said my name) am CHANGING my views on life AND guys for the time being.  Read, ill explain:    I've been hurt WAY too many times in the past with boyfriends and just BOYS in general.  Therefore, on this boring day of page updating at 12:33 AM on the 21st of January, 2001..   I've decided to change.
                  I had an
epiphany (a sudden thought or idea :-) and that thought said.. Erin..... im sick of seeing you get hurt DAMNIT, STOP IT. SO i was like..... ummm... ok! and ive decided that Im going to seriously try to make a valiant effort to get to know a guy before i decide to "do anything" with that guy. If you're only out for ONE THING, you're not worth my time ANYMORE.   I'm not out for little one week/day  3 day FLINGS at the moment, so if thats what you want dont look my way. I want a REAL guy. :) MY PERSONAL SAYING OF THE WEEK "If you don't  know someone...GET to know them maybe something good that will last will come abouts of it."  Thank you! I'm hoping to stick with this. and have a NICE DAY!
ANYWAY...Enjoy! --------------> Later.
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Can you all just read this below please? its just some stuff bout' me.  k? ~*ThAnX!*~ ( pssst.. PLEASE sign my guestbook?) --moon
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Funny list of the TOP 141 people that smoke crack! (um...not me..BTW)
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HEY! I'm on Yahoo! Messenger sometimes and on AOL IM like, ALL the time. My Yahoo!  ID is moon_dancer_69 and my AOL one is MoOnDaNcEr69. Click  here 2 see all the peepe I have on my AOL list.
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One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE shows of all times is The Real World.  the Last filming was in New Orleans.  The cast members included: Danny, David, Jamie, Julie, Kelly, Matt, and Melissa.  All of them, that i currently know of, with the exeption of Kelley and David, have webpages! oh yay!  oh joy! Shall we go and visit them? oooooooh.. we shall.... we SHALL!!    JUST BRING ALL YOUR ATTENTION TO YOUR RIGHT ----->

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This page has almost everything you need 2 know about RWNO, and others. It has the most RECENT gossip about all of the cast members and whats happening with them. clik HERE
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It's a shame...  PEEPS need to be ALL YEAR ROUND! i go through withdrawls between Easter,Christmas and Halloween cuz there arent any PEEPS :(
JUST to let everyone know, the  MARSHAMLLOW PEEPS COMPANY HAS A WEBSITE!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE THEM....... and i could eat a million marshmallow peeps and bunnies :) sooo... GO THERE! and like, support them and eat lotsa peeps! DAMNIT!
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