Battles of the Moon

Battles of the Moon

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     Welcome to the Fight Zone!!!  Here, you, the viewer, get to read awesome fanfiction stories about your favorite Sailor Moon characters in battles for control of the universe.  For me, Tuxedo Steve, to determine who will be the victor in each fight, I have to get votes from the readers on who they think should win the fight.  I have set up a voting booth in order for you to cast your decision - click on the top half.  Also, if there are any comments you would like to add to the way that you voted, just post a message at the message board - who knows - your comment could be listed on the fanfic itself!  .   So... LET THE FIGHTS BEGIN!!!!!!

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Sorry for the lack of an update. I've started high school the 9th and the IB program is soo much work. I will put the fanfic up when more people vote though. My closing poll date is August 31st.

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Inner Senshi Free for All!

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mars




Sailor Venus


Sailor Jupiter

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