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Tawnya's Chinese history/Japanese imperialism presentation.

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Merry met, my fellow being, and welcome to my worlds. May goodness and fortune be with thee, as well as peace, serenity and joy. May you understand that which you may learn, and may you come to learn all that is possible. May Life's mysteries open themselves to you. May my world be the key. ...Within these ivy-covered walls reside the most wonderous of things.

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You can also find me on Yahoo IM! Please send me comments and suggestions, for I am open to new things. For now, my apologies for the popups and such that Geocities gives you.

Oh goody! More stuff!!:)

A freind and I should be making anime music videos one i get a better system. It will be a while, but here is our logo in AVI format. Please respect my copyrights!

Ready to make your own Anime music video? Try going here for some software to convert your dvd's to a file that you can edit on your computer!

I'm writing some novels. Care to hear about them?

The SCA: Journey back in time to where Honor in the core of society.

My page about Asia, with some links and local information.

My anime page.

Here's some Favorite places and good friends!:)

My Mormon name is Seena Tawnya Celestial Glory!
What's yours?

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