4.2.2002 (Site News)
Screenies and goodies from Defiance are coming as soon as I get access to the other comp. Is it me or is the camera view, in that game, from hell?
PS: Some art pieces are missing in full view, I hope to fix that asap, since I barely get to go online once a week and even that's unreliable, so be patient.
16.12.2003 (Site News)
Since Moebius decided to take away the domain she bought me in order to buy my friendship, I am back at a free provider, still standing, as always. You ain't getting rid of me so easily ;) Thanks to Hash and Son of Turel for their support, be sure to visit the Abyss and Corrupted Pillars!
16.12.2003 (Site News)
First lemme say happy holidays to everyone. Just wanted to let you know this site will most likely not get any updates after December since I'll won't have internet access any more. I will probably leave it hanging though. Thanks for everyone who visited!
13.12.2003 (5 Fan Arts)
Fixed the enter picture and the titlebar to suit the season =)
8.12.2003 (5 Fan Arts)
5 Fan arts from one of the probably most well known LoK artists around, you guessed, it's Esoteric. Check her out on DeviantArt =)
8.12.2003 (8 Fan Arts)
New fan art by Carneil, Kia and me, check it out ;) Sorry about the lack of updates, I was having trouble with my FTP engine after I re-installed my system.
8.11.2003 (8 Fan Arts)
Another load of fan art from Kia =) More is on the way. 
8.11.2003 (9 Fan Arts)
One art piece by Lady Carneil of a winged ancient female and 8 beautiful art pieces from Kia, check them out, they are really gorgeous. 
3.11.2003 (1 Colaboration Fan Art)
Forgot to upload yesterday a pic that my friend Jirahl drew for me, and I coloured it, once again it's my original character, Eddina Phoenix.
3.11.2003 (5 Far Arts)
Well, it was about time I updated. Been busy with RL and collecting comissions to help me afford being online. On account of that I will accept any comissions/requests and the price is up to you. More of my art is on DeviantArt.com.
Back to updates, one fan art of Janos by me, one art trade pic of Eddina from Roxxy Chan, Dragonkid's Hylden, also part of the art trade with me, and finally 2 more 3D pics of Blood Omen Kain and William the Just. Enjoy!
24.9.2003 (1 Fan Art)
2 Updates in one day? Just shows I am hyper and happy ^_^ I just drew a commission for a friend, it's Eddina again and done entirely with a mouse.
24.9.2003 (2 Fan Arts)
I got caught up in my real life I haven't uploaded for awhile, these pics were sent to me at least a week ago, so here they are now =D 2 art pieces by Fire Starter.
9.9.2003 (9 Fan Arts)
Since I am helping Lady Carneil with her site she allowed me to add more of her art to my gallery, therefore 9 new art pieces this time. I also removed the "Fallen Savior" link since the site is now closed. The link will be completely removed from other pages as well sometime soon. I should also change a few graphics on the site.
2.9.2003 (2 Fan Arts)
2 great fan art pieces of Kain by my good friend Jezzann, have been added to the gallery ^_^ I also fixed the counter yesterday.
1.9.2003 (1 Gift Art)
Lady Carneil's wonderful drawing of my original character and mascot, Eddina, was added to the gallery. Thanks to Carneil for this beutiful picture. I also finally fixed the hit counter.
27.8.2003 (1 Fan Art)
And another update, a beautiful drawing of Janos Audron by Lady Carneil, has been added to the fan art gallery.
23.8.2003 (9 New Fan Arts)
Well, what do you know, just when I was about to give up on the site Vega e-mails me these fabulous art pieces! This reminds me that great artists like him are why I started this site in the first place. 
6 drawings by Vega, 1 by Lady Carneil of her original character and 2 from me. One is an old drawing done in a diffrent medium.
16.8.2003 (Fan Character & News)
Added a fan character profile from Lady Carneil. Other than that, this site might get closed soon, or rather moved to another location.
15.8.2003 (Link)
Replaced the link to my other site to the one on DeviantArt.com. I upload stuff there everyday =D As for the LoK news, I will be adding another fan character profile in the morning. 
Oh, yes, Fallen Savior is closed due to a broken partnership. I shall be removing the link soon.
10.8.2003 (Fan Art)
Added my part of the art trade with Roxxy Chan. It's one of her original characters, Shinwa. 
The reason for my lack of updates is because no one has been submitting any art, come one people, get your pencils busy ;) I've been busy with my other projects, LoK unrelated, mostly Transformers stuff. For all the artists be sure to check out www.DeviantArt.com, it's a huge friendly art community I am a part of ^__^ 
1.8.2003 (Fan Character)
Finally, another update; one fan character profile by Fire Starter added. More fan art coming when I finish an art trade with Roxxy-Chan. I also updated my 'about' page with the link to my DeviantArt account.
19.7.2003 (News)
More Defiance screen shots and trailers at GamerShell.com
12.7.2003 (News)
For all of you impatient people out there, here are some more new amazing Defiance screen shots at Game Spot.com =D 
11.7.2003 (Fan Art)
Another one from Lars, my personal favorite, it's Mortanius. This one is a must see ^_^ Two more fan art pieces from me, one of Paradoxring's character, Vash, and one of Eddina as a fighter. And wheeee, my birthday is in 2 days =D
7.7.2003 (3D Art)
Another fan art piece added by my one and only 3D artist, Lars. This time it's Nupraptor, a piece called "Inside Nupraptor's Mind".
6.7.2003 (Links)
I uploaded new link banners for Elven's Retreat and the Italian LoK site. Been busy working on another page for all my other artwork, check it out.
The link for it will be featured next to Time Streamer and Fallen Savior very soon. Heh, my birthday is in 5 days =) 
26.6.2003 (Link & Fan Art)
Added a link to a new forum Fallen Savior managed by my friends Seph Coorhagen and Kreliana as well as two fan arts by me. One awesome drawing of a Hylden made by DIO, for me =) Thanks you tonz!
26.6.2003 (Saves & Chronicle)
I re-added the Reaver cursor as well as the stylish scroll bars. Finally added the "saves" and "chronicle" pages. There are only BO2 saves for now, tomorrow I will be adding the SR2, and potentially BO1.
24.6.2003 (Fan Art)
Brandi sent 6 of her pretty drawings done with colour pencils, I also added my part of the art trade with Almiras, her original character.
22.6.2003 (Fan Art)
Almiras' awesome version of a werewolf Eddina, it's actually her part of our art trade, mine will be done by tomorrow =)
18.6.2003 (Update)
Uploaded two of DIO's drawings that got lost during the change of layout and two of my other original character. Any broken links will be fixed soon when I covert the screen shot gallery into thumbnails.
16.6.2003 (Layout)
Finally, a layout that even I like =) no more frames, and a much better look if I may say so myself.
15.6.2003 (Link)
Another new link added, the site is written in english and is hosted by
a fellow LoK fan from Bulgaria. So, check out Elven's Retreat.
12.6.2003 (3D Art)
I am pround to announce that Lars has sent me some amazing 3D art.
Be sure to look at his work in the fan art gallery. Thanks to my friend
Triple Wing who pointed him to my site ^___^
9.6.2003 (Link)
Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been very busy being that my father died last week. The newest addition to my links section, an
Italian LoK site, our favorite game series lives on and worldwide =)
7.6.2003 (News)
I just wanted to say due to an enormous amount of junk mail, I have
created a new
e-mail account. Send all your artwork and comments there.
3.6.2003 (News)
The latest update is that I lost all the updates XD, don't ask me
how just take my advice and always back up your files. An award has
been given to Fallen Savior, a neat Raziel shrine that I am hosting
since yesterday, congratulations Pasephone and Kreliana!
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