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*****************Late-Breaking News******************
Its official! Brenda Barrett, the woman we all love
so much, has/will return to GH. If you've been watching
GH in the past few weeks, you know that Alcazar has a mystery
woman held captive but all we've seen of her is the bits and
pieces. SoapNet has announced that on Sept 5th the mystery
woman will once and for all finally be revealed as our beloved
Brenda. So clear your calendar and set your vcr's, the day we
have all been waiting for is about to arrive!!
Aug 27, 2002

Okay, I was watching GH on SoapNet today and the date of
Brenda's return has been changed... They're now saying that
the day of her return is Wednesday, Sept 4th. I dont know if
this is correct, so if you want to be certain, do as I'm doing
and tape every single show next week!

Also, I wanted to let everyone know that I'll be updating my
pages as soon as I can. I have a few articles to get up and
of course, soon I'll have some real storyline to post. So check
back and hopefully I wont take forever to get them up!
Aug 28, 2002


It's Done!! Finally, after only five years, the entire
Brenda storyline is up, including her brief return in
2000. Hope you all enjoy it!

MoonChild -- April 3, 2001

And now the Temple of Gina is up and running. Gina's
entire storyline from BH 90210 is up and I've
added 13 pages of Gina pics to the Galleries. Hope you
like them!

MoonChild -- April 29, 2001


For those of you new to my site, you will find in these pages
the proof of my love and devotion for Vanessa Marcil. I hope
that you share these feelings. In the following pages you will
find the complete storyline for Vanessa's General Hospital
character, Brenda Barrett; numerous articles and pictures from
magazines and books; and a picture gallery that contains all
the pictures I havent used in other pages. I also hope to add
the storyline from Vanessa's 90210 character, Gina Kincaid,
before too long. So bear with me please as I continue to try to
make this the best Vanessa site ever. Check back often and see
if anything has changed and as always, enjoy your visit.


Temple of Vanessa

These pages contain all the articles I have collected
on Vanessa from 1992 on, along with various pictures.

Temple of Brenda

These pages contain the complete storyline
of Vanessa's GH character, Brenda Barrett, along with

Temple of Gina

These pages contain the complete storyline
of Vanessa's BH 90210 character, Gina Kincaid,
along with pictures.

Gallery Temple

These pages contain the various pictures I havent used
with the articles or storylines.


The Grove has had spirits visit since May 08, 1998.

If you are wishing to contact me,
please feel free to do so at MoonChild

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