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Temple of Vanessa

Room 1

Q: When did GH's Brenda first appear and how old is she supposed to be?

A: Vanessa joined the cast in 1992 and Brenda was 17 years old when she arrived in Port Charles.

Sneak Thief: Vanessa confesses that she had an elaborate childhood game of pretend every Christmas. "I would sneak thru the house, pretending I was being chased by people who were trying to kill me," Vanessa says dramatically, with a childlike sparkle. "I would have to sneak from one piece of furniture to the next, not letting my mom or dad see me because they were the enemy. My goal was to get behind the Christmas tree and steal the candycanes, because I was starving and I had to have food. If my parents saw me before I got there, I would 'die.' Every year my parents would go, 'Where are all the candycanes?' " she laughs. Vanessa says her mom never knew what she was up to until she grew up and confessed that she was the candycane bandit.

Backstage Tales:
[from GH:The Complete Scrapbook]

I spent my first year on General Hospital trying to break up
Karen and Jagger so I could have him for myself.
But the first time I got Jagger into bed with me,
Cari Shayne, who played Karen, burst into the room and
bounded onto the bed with us, as a goof. And my love
scenes with Antonio often cracked me up. We were such good
friends, it was like making love to your brother!

Audition Tales:
[from GH:The Complete Scrapbook]

After I auditioned for the part, it was days before I heard that I got it. And while I waited, I ate. That's what I do when I worry... I eat! I must have called my agent from every restraurant in Hollywood: "Have you heard yet? Have you heard yet?" Finally, I drove up to a pay phone and called and got the good news, and I started crying right there on the curb. People must have thought I was crazy until I screamed out, "I just got General Hospital! YES!"

A Family Affair
[from GH:The Complete Scrapbook]
Crystal Carson, who played my tv sister Julia, took me under her wing. She and my mother actually look alike! So maybe Crystal and I do look like sisters. We hung out together so much, we started to bond like real sisters. Sisters who got along much better that Julia and Brenda did!

Q: On GH, did Brenda and AJ ever go out?

A: Actually, Brenda's sister, Julia,dated AJ, while Brenda was closer to AJ's brother, Jason. Hurt after Jagger Cates' rejection, Brenda went to the prom with Jason, who was also in pain after losing Karen Wexler to Jagger.

Q: Has Vanessa Marcil ever been married?

A: Yes, Vanessa was briefly married to actor Corey Feldman during 1989.

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