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SOD Dec 95:

"I never really get to watch daytime,"
explains the hard-working Vanessa,
who nevertheless became a big fan of DOOL's Billie this year.
"The only person I ever stopped to watch was Lisa Rinna (ex-Billie)
because I thought 'Something about her is very special.'"

Soap Opera Weekly - Fall 1995

Brenda Barrett speaks:
"People say looks arent everything but I have found the exact opposite to be true. First, I get offered the chance to be the face of Deception , without so much as a head shot or booking an agent. I quit school, go to work for Lucy, and make tons of money basically squinting at a camera. Then I started dating this fabulous guy, Sonny, who, it turns out, grew up with my new best friend, Lois. We started a record company called L&B (Lois and Brenda - get it?) and I was the star in our first music video for Miguel Morez, despite the fact that I have never acted or danced in my life. Now, I've sold my shares to Lois's sneaky grandfather-in-law, Edward (it wasnt my fault!) and am living off the proceeds. Which means I'm not working right now and have plenty of time to try and win Sonny back. Lily calls it stalking; I call it fighting for what's mine. And, since I am prettier than she is... I think I'm going to win."

This article is from People Magazine's 1995 50 Most Beautiful People Issue

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