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SOD Jan 96:
Hot Commodities!

"The flip is very Mary Tyler Moor, circa 1970, and I love it,"
enthuses Vanessa about the upturned hairstyle,
which will replace the shag as daytimes crowning cut.
"I think it will be the rage because it looks good and is easy to maintain," says Vanessa.
"The flip works for me because the style keeps my hair away from my face, which is my main requirement when choosing a cut."

Triangles: Brenda, Sonny, Lily
Soap Opera Digest - Jan 16, 1996

Digest: Even though Sonny is currently with Lily, Brenda and Sonny seem like they belong together.
Head Writer Claire Labine: Of course, Brenda and Sonny belong together. We're not stupid. It's our job to get them back together again, and the audience's job to watch us do it.
Digest: How are you going to do it?
Labine: Brenda and Sonny have been very close to a reconciliation, but Sonny made a deal with Lily's father, Rivera. Sonny tells Brenda, "I will never love anyone else the way I have loved you, but it may not be possible for us to be together." Brenda doesnt get it, but she'll figure it out. Sonny and Lily arent married yet.
Digest: Was Lily brought in to break up Brenda and Sonny?
Labine: No. But Sonny and Lily have a lot in common. They are both Spanish. Lily knows not to ask questions, because her father is in the mob. And she knows how to be graceful under trying circumstances, so she was a heavy contrast to Brenda in that respect. Sonny admired that alot.
Digest: Who are you rooting for?
Labine: I root for whomever I'm writing for at the moment. But I do believe that Brenda and Sonny belong together.
Digest: How long should a good triangle last?
Labine: Forever, if you do it right.
Digest: Are there any other characters on GH who could join this triangle if one of the current members were to leave?
Labine: Not without twisting everyone into a pretzel!

The 52 Most Beautiful People

Vanessa Marcil not only dislikes makeup ("I hate the way that stuff feels on my face!"), she is one of those rare individuals who doesnt need it. She actually got the role of Brenda Barrett on GH wearing only lipstick at her audition. An active runner, body builder and self-confessed tomboy, Vanessa is also uncomfortable about showing off her fabulous body. "I was on the show for two years before they got me to wear a bathing suit, and I almost had a heart attack the whole time," she laughs. Vanessa confesses she was self-conscious about the love scenes she plays with Nicholas Cage in the recently released film The Rock. "I think I would actually be scared of someone who didnt get embarrassed," she states. Vanessa, the youngest of four, was born in Palm Springs, Calif., but grew up in Anchorage, Alaska. She'd actually begun studying law when she decided to pursue an acting career.

On Valentine's Day 1996, Ingo Rademacher brought flowers to his 'date' for the Soap Opera Digest Awards, Vanessa Marcil. Are they following in the footsteps of real-life couple and co-stars Rena Sofer and Wallace Kurth? "Vanessa is fun; we're just friends," Ingo clarifies. "My character is doing alot of flirting at this stage. It kind of carries over a little bit, but it's fun. Vanessa's great. I really like working with her because she's really into her work as well. She comes prepared." Vanessa returns th praise. "When I started working with Ingo, I was so happy that I didnt have to cry anymore as Brenda," she laughs. "They are a good couple. He's great fun to work with."

Dangerous Liaison
Soap Opera Digest - April 13, 1996

With a flash of his dimples and a dash of charm, GH's bad boy Sonny Corinthos won the heart of impetous model Brenda Barrett. A whirlwind courtship followed, but an act of betrayal sabotaged their passion. What went wrong with this loving couple?

He's a mobster with a heart of gold and a troubled childhood; she's a tempestuous model who makes foolish choices. Despite warnings from her friends, Brenda plunged heart-first into romance with this dangerous rogue. It's been nearly two years since they first started their perilous game of love. So why arent these two together? Here's everything you need to know...

Lovers And Other Strangers: When Brenda and Sonny met, she was pursuing Jagger and Sonny was manipulating Jagger's sweetheart, Karen, into doing drugs and working at a strip club. Jagger and Karen eventually reunited, leaving Brenda and Sonny single and available.
Good, Clean Fun: While she was taking a bubble bath at the Q mansion, Brenda fantasized about all the hot men in PC. Her most vivid - and sexiest - image was of Sonny.
A Girl's Best Friend: Because Sonny had a bad rap, Brenda dated him on the sly. On their first date, he took her to a fancy dinner at a mob restruant, where they were treated like royalty. Brenda loved it. During the meal, Sonny dazzled her with a diamond bracelet.
Thicker Than Water: On the night of Karen and Jagger's wedding, Sonny was shot (he and Luke had busted bad-guy Frank Smith out of jail). Brenda rushed Sonny back to his apartment and called for medical help, then saved his life with a blood transfusion.
Setting Up Shop: Ned introduced Brenda to his new girlfriend, Lois, who knew Sonny from her Brooklyn days. Sonny decided to go legit and the three formed a record company, L&B Records; Sonny's contribution was financial support. Eddie Maine (Ned) and Miguel Morez were L&B's first clients.
Mile-High Club: When Sonny was summoned to Puerto Rico by Frank Smith, Brenda went too. (Miguel was doing a concert there.) The duo couldnt stop thinking about each other on the plane.
Sonny: "I wonder if she's ever done it at 20,000 feet."
Brenda: "Shut up and kiss me."
Sun-Kissed: Before they made love for the first time in Puerto Rico, Sonny said to Brenda, "Tomorrow, we'll still be who we are - except without the loneliness."
Ay, Caramba!: Luke and Lucy also wound up in Puerto Rico, where Luke shot and killed his enemy, Frank Smith. Lily's gangster dad, Rivera, tried to put a hit on Sonny, Luke and Brenda, who escaped. Lily got her father to lay off them. Sonny became the mob boss.
Close To You: Brenda moved in with Sonny and got soap in her eyes when gunfire sprayed the shower - while she was still in it.
The Ring Thing: Sonny threw his love a 21st birthday party. She hoped for an engagement rock. She got a ring - but it wasnt a diamond. She hid her disappointment.
Live-Wired: Ned and Mac learned the truth about Sonny's other "business." They convinced Brenda to wear a wire and get the goods on her beau. Lily overheard and warned Sonny in advance. He found the wiretap on his lover, went nuts, and threw her out. Sonny turned to Lily; Brenda turned to Miguel.
Present And Future: Sonny nearly fell apart when his friend, Stone, died of AIDS. During the sorrowful time, he and Brenda called a truce. Nevertheless, Sonny was blackmailed into marrying Lily and now Brenda's dating the new hunk, Jax. Will Brenda and Sonny ever reunite?

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