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SOD Feb 87 - What Really Happened: Brenda and Jax's remarriage ceremony was interrupted by Sonny's uninvited guest - the groom's back-from-the-dead-with-a-new-face first wife, Miranda. Shocked by the turn of events, Jax went home with Brenda, but dreamt of Miranda.

What would have happened if Miranda died in that explosion?

Brenda and Jax rewed as planned. Sonny couldnt implicate squeaky-clean Jax in any wrongdoings, but he didnt trust him, either. So to protect Brenda, Sonny used his "connections" to implicate Jax in a bogus cigar-smuggling ring. When Brenda's loyalty wavered, a disgusted Jax snuck out of PC for a solo trip Australia to sort out his feelings.
Down Under, Jax heard a rumor that Miranda had not died in the opal mine explosion. While searching for her (in vain), he came across an amnesiac locked in an asylum. Jax freed the woman and brought her to PC. The pair arrived on Christmas Day and headed straight to the party at Luke's Club, where Jax thought he might find Brenda. The room fell silent and Laura screamed with joy. The woman was Lesley Webber - Laura's mom!

Broadway Baby: Chatting with New York-based editors afterh the Soap Opera Digest Awards, Vanessa Marcil asked, "Have you seen Rent?" Vanessa is a big fan of the Tony Award-winning musical, and confesses that she'd love to sing the leading role of a young bohemian woman living with AIDS. "I've seen it twice, and I'm dying to play Mimi," Vanessa reveals. "I'd do theater full-time if I could make a living at it."

Editors' Choice - Apr 97
Brenda and Sonny Make Love on GH

When Brenda nearly died last year in a hail of bullets, it appeared the romance of GH's most compelling couple, Brenda and Sonny, was a casualty. Brenda angrily swore that she'd never again be a part of Sonny's danger-filled life - and we believed her. Brenda moved on to the dashing Jax, while Sonny loved and lost Lily.
Of course, the former lovers did find their way back to each other - emotionally and physically - while trapped in the catacombs. Freezing cold and with their oxygen supply running out, Brenda and Sonny confessed the love they had both spent the last year denying.
Brenda and Sonny's well-scripted, well-acted "death" scenes in the creepy catacombs proved to be a fitting denouement to this star-crossed love story. Using Sonny's former right-hand man, Harry, as the catalyst made it completely believable.
Harry considered Lily a surrogate daughter, and it turns out that he didnt appreciate Sonny's cavalier treatment of her before she died. But no one knew the depth of Harry's malignant feelings toward Sonny and "the whore" (as he called Brenda), until he grew delusional. Harry completely lost it when his plot to kill Sonny resulted in Lily's death. He started stalking Brenda and eventually revealed himself to her while carting her off at gunpoint to the catacombs. Give Harry credit for one thing: He knew full well that Brenda's dark knight in shining armor would ride to her rescue - and fall right into his trap.
True to form, Corinthos arrived at the catacombs to find Harry, gun in hand. Later, in a struggle for Harry's gun, Sonny shot his former friend. Before Brenda and Sonny could make their escape, the dying mobster detonated explosives and caused a cave-in. A pill-addicted Brenda and a claustrophobic Sonny were trapped - just as Harry had envisioned.
Facing death, Brenda and Sonny turned to each other for support - expressing their devotion in a meaningful good-bye that culminated in their making love. "Remember when I told you I didnt love you? I lied," admitted Brenda. "I know," he responded knowingly. Humbled by their respective neuroses, Sonny could express the depth of his feelings for her and discuss his childhood, and Brenda could finally reveal her secret drug addiction.
What could have been a lurid, sexual kiss-off became tender and touching in the expert hands of Vanessa Marcil and Maurice Benard. You could almost hear their hearts breaking at the prospect of losing one another. So convincing were these two that when Brenda realized Jax had come to rescue her, it was almost a disappointment. And Ingo Rademacher is nothing to sneeze at.
In the end, Brenda returned to the loving arms of her once-and-future husband, Jax, and kept mum about making love to Sonny. And Sonny went back to loving Brenda from afar. But our appetites have been whetted, and there is clearly more to come. The quality time these two spent "dying" in each other's arms was well worth it.

SOD - Apr 97
Relationship Milestone: Making love like there's no tomorrow.
The Scene: Trapped in the catacombs beneath PC, the star-crossed pair thought they were facing death, so they finally pledged their love and confessed all to each other. "I hated that Lily could give you peace," confessed Brenda. Sonny's response? "I hate that Jax made you feel safe." After spilling their guts, they made love for the first time in two years.
Stumbling Block: Brenda's husband, Jax. Miranda or no, the Aussie billionaire isnt going to give up without a fight.
Current Status: Sonny is loving Brenda from afar; Brenda is busy dealing with conflicting feelings for Jax, Sonny and her pain pills.
The Odds: As tempting as Jax is, our guess is that Brenda's heart will always belong to her favorite mobster - and eventually, Sonny will make her an offer she cant refuse.

R.I.P. - SOD May 97
GH fans must have cheered when Sonny-and-Brenda hating Harry got bumped off - his death set the stage for the couple's long-awaited tryst!

Who Died? Sonny's bitter ex-henchman, Harry.
How? He was shot during a scuffle with Sonny in the catacombs.
The Big Picture? Harry blamed Sonny for Lily's death, and vowed to make him pay. After stalking Brenda, he swore to kill her.
Circumstances? Harry burst into Brenda's apartment and forced her, at gunpoint, to write a "Dear Jax" letter. Then it was off to the catacombs. Harry called Sonny with an ultimatum: Come alone to the cave or Brenda is a goner.
Then What Happened? At the catacombs, Sonny found Brenda tied up, and Harry with an itchy trigger finger. Corinthos's attempt to wrestle the gun away ended with a bang. Harry was hit. Still coherent, but fading fast, Harry detonated a bomb, trapping Brenda and Sonny in a cave-in. The terrified pair found Harry's corpse among the fallen rock.
His Last Words? "For Lily."
Fallout? As the air supply dwindled, a claustrophobic Sonny and a pill-hungry Brenda confessed their lingering feelings for each other, made love and fell asleep. They woke to a frantic Jax yelling for Brenda.
Chances Of Reincarnation? Slim. Sonny buried Harry under a pile of rocks. But then again, if Lesley Webber can resurface...
Food For Thought? Pierce Dorman. Moments before Harry was shot, he let it slip that he was Port Charles's drug source. Then his cell phone rang - it was the slippery doc. Not only is Dorman a liar, but a drug dealer as well? Yikes!
The Moral Of The Story? Dont mess with Sonny.

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