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GH Gossip: A Sonny and Brenda Reunion? SOD Jan 98

Brenda's mental breakdown on GH has fans wondering: Is this story a setup for Sonny -- and his portrayer -- to come back? "The door is always open for Maurice Benard to return to GH," responds an ABC spokesperson. "We'd love to have him back."
Hmmmm. Vanessa Marcil is one of those people who thinks her character's current story would provide the perfect road back for Sonny. "Think about how amazing it would be if Maurice came back," she muses. "The story is so fiery and intense because he left like that. How could any woman watch my character being left at the altar and not be just beyond disturbed by it? It's the most wrong thing in the world. So, there is so much to be resolved if Maurice ever comes back."
Vanessa adds that she is well aware of how unhappy Sonny and Brenda fans were with the way Sonny left town -- in fact, she sees their point. "GH could have had them get married and had him fake his death," she allows. "Or they could have had him come to me and say, 'I cant be with you because I wont let you die like Lily did,' and my character could have gone after him and tried to get him to stay and then lost him."
But then, Vanessa wouldnt be enjoying the killer material she has now. "If Sonny hadnt left Brenda at the altar," the actress agrees, "she wouldnt be going through this. And this is a great storyline."

Wait Control - Jan 98

For Vanessa Marcil, balancing her career and personal life is all in a day's work -- albeit a long day's work. In addition to her TV role, Vanessa has signed on to star in a movie, as well. "It's called A Matter of Trust, and we have to work around the GH schedule," offers Vanessa. "Since I work on GH a lot, it's hard, but GH is my priority. This movie has made a deal with me where they will work it out. If I cant do it in January, then they'll move it. They'll do it when I can do it." Happily, Vanessa and fiance Tyler Christopher, were equally flexible when it came to rescheduling their wedding which was also set for December. "We're getting married in May now," smiles the actress. "Unless something else comes up. We're having a really simple wedding. I'm not getting a big dress or anything, and we're not having a million guests. It's hard with our careers, but the wedding day isnt actually the biggest thing in our lives -- our relationship is. That day is always moveable, changeable."

Last year, GH's Vanessa Marcil dropped what could have been a bombshell on her bosses. She told them that she was thinking about quitting. But, she said, there was one way they could convince her to stay. All they had to do was give her character a nervous breakdown.
Luckily, this request was a no-brainer. The writers got together and - poof! - wrote a storyline that had Brenda tearing at her face with scissors and spending week after week locked away in one of Port Charles' finest mental institutions. Vanessa stayed, the story worked beautifully and everyone was happy.
But how often does this kind of thing happen? Actually, more often than you might think. While conventional soap rules dictate that writers write and actors act, and never do the two meet, Vanessa's demand wasnt that unusual. Actually, insiders say, most high-powered soap stars have a fair amount of input into their characters' destinies. They may not get complete control, but they do have a say.

What Vanessa Thinks of Ingo

Brenda's portrayer sheds light on the softer side that Jax hides
Ingo Rademacher has made a career out of playing cool, but, reveals his leading lady, Vanessa Marcil, in this case, the playing's not the only thing. "Ingo has a vulnerbility inside of him that's not unlike mine, that's kind of unsure, a little scared, and wants to be loved," she says. "It's the most beautiful part of anybody -- the sweet little kid inside of you. It's actually my favorite thing about Ingo." And while on-screen, Vanessa's alter ego finds herself constantly crying on Jax's broad shoulders, when the cameras stop rolling, things arent so one-sided. "I love when Ingo's having kind of a sad day and he's feeling a little vulnerable," she reveals. "He'll come over and go, 'Can I have a hug?' That's part of him that I kind of wish they'd show on GH a little bit. He's always so together. I'd really like to see him break down." Quick! Hide the tripods!

So Nice To Come Home To

When Tyler Christopher met Vanessa Marcil, he was a shy mid-westerner taking his first stab at acting, and she was one of their show's glamorous established stars. But lo and behold, over time, they found that they werent so opposite, and boy, were they attracted! Now the private twosome prefer spending nights curling up on the couch to evenings courting the spotlight. "We're trying to be more domestic, maybe eat at home once in awhile rather than going out five times a day," he says. "We just really enjoy each other's company." Though the up-and-comers are engaged, they are in no rush to marry. "We're not worried about it," he says. "It'll happen when it happens. We're not going anywhere." And clearly, neither are their feelings for each other.

Vanessa Marcil Lands Film

Will this latest development make one of daytime's hottest stars leave GH?

Vanessa Marcil's film career is proving to be just as hot and promising as her alter ego's love life. The actress will follow her breakthough performance in the 1996 blockbuster summer hit "The Rock" with a starring role in Matthew Leutwyer's new independent film "The Space Between Us."
The movie focuses on a promising filmmaker's descent into hell after experiencing the tragic death of his beloved wife Maggie, played by Vanessa. It is a film which discusses the ravaging effects of life's losses and loves, inevitable destruction of soul and necessary rejuvenation of the human spirit. Rounding out the cast is ER's Alex Kingston and Cracker's lead singer David Lowery. Shooting is tentatively set to begin this summer in and around the San Francisco Bay area.
Now that Vanessa's career is in full bloom, insiders have begun to speculate whether or not the actress will re-sign with GH when her contract expires this summer. Many are predicting that the Emmy-nominated actress will end her long-running stint as Brenda Barrett, especially since Vanessa's chaotic schedule has left her little time to pursue other projects or plan her upcoming nuptials to fiance Tyler Christopher (Nikolas). The actress has made it very clear that her commitment to Christopher and starting a family are her top priorities. "The career is going to come and go, but a close family is forever," she said recently. Like last year, only time will tell whether Vanessa will re-sign or decide to leave.

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