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Vanessa's Movie Postponed

Vanessa Marcil is setting the record straight about her ABC movie of the week A Matter Of Trust. The teleflick, which was to begin shooting late last year, has been postponed indefinitely due to ballooning costs.

"It completely screwed up my whole schedule," says Vanessa, who was forced to postpone her winter wedding to fiance Tyler Christopher. "It was actually supposed to start filming in December, and that's originally why we changed our wedding plans. We actually had two weeks off in December."
But by the time that Vanessa got word that the film was on hold, it was too late to carry on with the wedding. "Four days before we were supposed to go into production, it got pushed back a little because of money. It's all business stuff now."
In the film, Vanessa's character ages from 5 to 29, "so they'll be casting a bunch of little Vanessas in the role," she reveals.
In the meantime, Vanessa says that the movie will have to take a backseat to her day job. "The film's producers want me to sign a contract saying that I promise I'll do the film, and that GH can work around my schedule, but I dont even know that I can do that because GH is my first priority. Now I dont know what to tell them. I set up my whole life around this film, and now I dont know if I can do it or not.
"It's an out-of-my-hands situation," she adds. "if it's meant to be, then it will happen soon. If it's not, then it wont."

Soap Opera Magazine - April 4, 1998
Mutual Admiration Society

For betrotheds Vanessa Marcil and Tyler Christopher, it's a two-Emmy-nomination household this year, and Vanessa says it's a good thing. "I'm happy he's nominated, because focusing on him, I wont be as freaked about my own stuff. It's easier for me to get excited or nervous for me. And it's the same with him," says the nervous actress. "The nomination totally blows me away. I cried for an hour after I found out. I've only been acting for five years, so I still cant believe I have a job, much less that I'm getting recognized for good work."

Thumbs UP! GH Roller Coaster of Love

How refreshing to see GH's Brenda pursue a man. After being the object of Sonny and Jax's affections, the tables have turned -- and it's fun!
From the moment Sonny left Brenda at the altar, Jax was there to pick up the pieces. From her breakdown through her recovery, he was a tower of strength. As a result, their relationship grew into a deep friendship. However, it was still a shock when Brenda suddenly proposed.
Even though Jax was dying to say yes, we were pleased to see that he's learned from his mistakes. After being badly burned by Ms. Barrett, the Aussie wasnt about to just jump into her arms. If they reunite, he wants it to be for all the right reasons -- and for her to be sure.
So Brenda moved on to Plan B -- wining, dining and romancing Jax the way he once wooed her. This plot serves two purposes: First, Jax and Brenda are slowly being re-established as a couple. Second, it's giving the characters (and the audience) a lighthearted break from that gut-wrenching angst. Where it all ends (especially if Sonny returns) is anyone's guess, but for now, let's just enjoy the ride.

Over And Out?
GH's Brenda Is Fighting To Win Jax's Heart... But It May Be A Losing Battle
SOD April 1998
She's flown in oysters from Ireland... arranged a romantic gambling getaway... even taken a bullet meant for the man she loves (okay, so it was only a flesh wound -- it still counts). But the last time we checked on GH's Brenda, she was being dumped (literally and figuratively) on her butt by Jax after pouring out her heart to him. So why wont GH's most-eligible billionaire give in to Brenda's Get-Back-Jax campaign?

"It's still about Sonny," sighs GH head writer Robert Guza, Jr. "Yes, Brenda got shot during the April 3 assassination attempt on Jax, but it still doesnt prove she's past Sonny. And that's the one thing Jax needs to believe. That's one of the things we try to address. I mean, arguably, she could take all the bullets in the world, but if Sonny walked in the door tomorrow, what would Brenda do?"
"Jax needs to know that if Sonny showed up and said, 'Let's do it -- I'll own a hardware store,' Brenda wouldnt say, 'I'm sorry, Jax, but I have to go,'" asserts Vanessa Marcil. "I think that is an important part of Brenda and Jax's success as a couple. Brenda is definitely the love of Jax's life, so it's hard for him to think he is not the love of her life."
Vanessa points out, though, that Brenda has matured since falling in love with Sonny four years ago. "Sonny will always be Brenda's first love," states the actress. "But that doesnt always mean that your first big true love is the person who can make you happy forever." Despite Brenda and Sonny's obvious love for each other, she was almost killed because of him. "I dont think anyone can argue that he is not good for her," agrees Vanessa. "She is not safe when she is with him. Their kids would not be safe. I think that you can love two people, so it doesnt necessarily mean Jax is second choice. It is more that Jax is the love of Brenda's adult life. You change in life. I dont think she loves one more than the other; she just loves them differently."
Will Brenda ever get the chance to prove to Jax that she would choose him over Sonny at this point? "That's a problem," Guza agrees, "because Jax nneds to see something like this dramatized. He needs to know Brenda is past Sonny and that Jax is the one she wants -- not Jax in lieu of Sonny. Ideally for Jax, there would be Jax behind Door A, and Sonny behind Door B, the doors would open and Brenda would choose Jax. Right now, the situation -- as Jax and everybody believes it -- is that Sonny left Brenda at the altar. So it's like, she cant have Sonny, therefore she's going after Jax. And Jax cant accept that."
Which is not to say he's not enjoying Brenda's woo-pitching while it lasts. "Jax is always amused," smiles Guza. "He loves all this grand stuff -- the gambling and all that. He's having a great time, and he is slowly weakening. But he cant be second best -- not again -- and that thought never strays from his mind. Jax loves Brenda too much. He cannot open his heart to her in such a way that he could have it broken again. It would kill him."
And speaking of killing Jax, let's not forget that whoever arranged the ill-fated assissination attempt is still out there -- a fact which hasnt been lost on Jax's parents, who show up at his penthouse on Thursday to check in on their walking-target of a son. "John and Jane pay Jax a surprise visit," says Guza. "He has no idea that they're coming, but he's happy they're there. They have that unique Jax-Jane-John relationship where they'll just go out and hunt moose for breakfast, then bond [laughs]."
Mission No. 2 for John and Jane is to check out the state of their son's love life. "Jax is very close with his parents," notes the scribe. "He has told them all along what's been happening with Brenda. In their minds, Jane and John do feel like Brenda chose Sonny over their son. But Brenda wins them over. She knows Jax wants her. It's not a question of making Jax love her, it's about making Jax know she is the one for him, and she knows his parents can help her accomplish that."
Too bad their help comes right before Jax vows to set things straight with Brenda. "He sits Brenda down in order to tell her it's over," reveals Guza. But just as Jax is about to get to that all-important "it's over" part, the heart-to-heartbreaking is interrupted by his parents. Phew -- Brenda dodges yet another bullet.
"Brenda is willing to be patient," smiles Vanessa. "It isnt just, 'Fix me!' It's more, "I'll wait. It's cool.' She is trying to learn a more mature kind of love." As evidence, Vanessa points out that Brenda has been keeping mum about the fact that Jax left her at the altar the year before when Miranda showed up. "Jax literally walked out the door in his tux, leaving Brenda standing there in her wedding dress," she reminds us. "She had chosen Jax over Sonny. So this is an important route for Brenda to be taking. She is looking at it in a mature way. Not, 'I'm sorry for what I did, but what about what you did?'"
Excellent point. But Jax's confusion is the least of his worries. Mac and Felicia are about to dig up a shocking link to the assassination attempt on Jax's life: Jerry Jacks. "We think that there's going to be a real threat to Jax and Brenda... and that it's Jax's own brother," confirms Guza. On Friday, Mac goes to Jax with the incriminating evidence he's gathered on Jerry. Jax then informs Mac he will handle the situation privately. Jerry's arrival could spell bad news, not only for Jax, but for the future of Brenda and Jax. "What's going to happen is that Jerry's crossing the line is going to put the entire family -- particularly Jax and Brenda -- in dire straits."

Soap Opera Magazine - May 26, 1998
Love from Reel to Real
Vanessa Marcil and Tyler Christopher
When Tyler Christopher joined the cast of GH in the summer of 1996, he had a girlfriend. Vanessa Marcil was also seeing someone {OLTL's Nathan Fillion}. The two actors had no scenes together yet managed to find each other nonetheless. Tyler says they became friends when Vanessa sensitively tried to put him at ease in his new job. Says Vanessa, "With some people you meet you automatically know, 'I'm going to be friends with this person.'"

After each had broken up with his/her signigicant other, they remained platonic for a while, with Tyler doing things like visiting her on the North Carolina set of a movie of the week she was shooting. Neither had ever experienced a romance that blossomed from friendship.

Vanessa says, "We consider each other the best friend we've ever had." Their first wedding date had to be postponed due to their work schedules, but the two say when the timing is right they'll tie the knot.

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