About the Most Powerful Clan Of All Time......
The True Uncovered Story Of {Moon}Wolf! and {Moon}Fox!
                        The founders of this heroic clan
Well we made it this far without people not liking us.  Or did I speak to soon. Were not like psychopatic people with no lives. Were just having some good ol' fun. ya'll know what I mean.  I dont know about you but does {Moon}Fox! seem like he's the best. Well If thats the case we should have called the clan Fox and the {Moon}ets.  Well were really no better than a bag of dog poo on fire. THIS CLAN SUCKS.

    Who Else but {Moon}Wolf!
That's All.
He's a jackass. Oh trust me the whole ice cream thing I care, I care a lot. First of all he should be at my house to begin with because I never invite him over and second of all thats my ice cream i dont see him giving me his ice cream. He's cool......I guess. By the way Wolf dont come over again. I cant belive you talked me into this whole clan thing. You jackass. Were like black and white were so not like each other.
Were friends but not that good of friends. We fight like everyone else he said this I said that. It's amazing that we have a clan together. Fox is a cool guy and all, you know like a good friend who lets you raid his kitchen and doesnt care you ate all the ice cream. He's that kind of friend. I really dont know what he thinks about me, but I'll tell you one thing I care if you eat all the ice cream.