Here is a list of announcements in the world of {Moon}.
June '02
{Moon} Clan is a getting a server sometime soon..  Check back soon to get the offical i.p and date to when it's being brought to you.
{Moon} Clan is now recruiting.  We are looking for experienced players not just some gay noob who thinks their good.  So don't come with big bark and baby  bite.
July '02
{Moon} Clan has been challenged by a very cocky clan named |Tool|.  The match should be soon. After the match I'll list how each clan did during the match .
We have also challenged a very cool clan named |DVDA|. If your wondering what it means, it means a$$ whoopin' on {Moon} Clan.  This is going to be a very fun match, also this match should be soon.  I'll also post the stats from the match.
{Moon} Clan as just recruited a new member named {Moon}Bear!  So if you see him dont be gay or he will rip your heart out