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Neil Rosenthal - 12/13/00 23:04:50
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~nsrosenthal
My Email:leapday229@hotmail.com
favorite person: Elie Wiesel
favorite color: violet
favorite band: Beatles
are you atracted to boys?: No, I am not attracted to boys.
why are you here/how did you find me?: I found you through picpage.com
Your page rock's, Jennifer. Hope to visit again soon. :)

Israel - 12/09/00 08:14:17
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/fwiffo_29
My Email:fwiffo29@hotmail.com
favorite person: Jenna
favorite color: Black or yellow
favorite band: not sure
strangest person: probably me
are you atracted to boys?: no..
why are you here/how did you find me?: your pic was on Picpage.com
It was a very nice pic. Just wondering what kind of books do you like to read? I suggest Orson scott cards, Enders Game have a great day

:: stepan - 12/03/00 04:40:41
My URL:http://stepan.3amp.com/
My Email:stepan@3amp.com
favorite person: no comment ;-)
favorite color: blue
favorite band: too many
are you atracted to boys?: don't think so..
why are you here/how did you find me?: no idea ;-)
sweet page - keep it up. Nice photos ;) ciao, stepan

Nate Best - 11/27/00 20:34:17
My URL:http://www.homestead.com/nateantammy/index.html
My Email:nateantammy@homestead.com
favorite person: My Heavenly Father
favorite color: purple
favorite band: ROBOTWIFE
strangest person: Myself
are you atracted to boys?: are you freakin crazy?
why are you here/how did you find me?: I'm your friend Jen, need you ask more?
Nice home-improvement Jen. No we're not engaged yet but will be soon. We've been going out off and on for the past 3 years and know each-other well and are finally deciding that we should start looking to tie the knot. So there is the scoop on that one. Write me back when you get the chance but use my yahoo email which is nathanielb99@yahoo.com That is the one I give to my friends.

sailor mel - 11/18/00 15:44:54
My URL:http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/pretty8907/myhomepageindex.html
My Email:pretty8907@aol.com
favorite person: My friend at school and sailor moon ^^
favorite color: purple and pink
favorite band: hhhhmmmmm,so much to choose from.I like Bongovi(It's my life it's now or never,cause i ain't gonna live forever)!
strangest person: i don't know a strange person
are you atracted to boys?: not 2 much
why are you here/how did you find me?: surfing
I love your site ^.^!

Zoi - 11/17/00 23:26:09
My URL:http://homepages.infoseek.com/~wizeguy78/border_realm.html
My Email:wizeguy4life@hotmail.com
favorite person: myself
favorite color: blue
favorite band: Me, Myself and I
strangest person: myself
are you atracted to boys?: only myself
why are you here/how did you find me?: picpage
Hey cutie~....it was fun chatting with you. you sound like a wonderful girl, well you are a wonderful girl :) well, catch you on ICQ! "coolies" :P

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