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Diagram of Expansion and Contraction

According to the Cosmicode contraction comes before expansion, so
to say, expansion comes before contraction, isn't being in the know.

The overtones from one to nine equate the Code, the Code that has a key.
That key is diminution. Two to one the ratio rises out of three.

Contraction and expansion, in that order, are the consequence of cause-
effect inversion, quite the most chaotic of the cosmicoded laws.

Diminutions one to three begin on G, harmonic three, and end
on G, harmonic seven of the row below, on that you can depend.

The system wouldn't work if any overtone, from one to nine, had found
itself to be some other place, a fact that never ceases to astound.

Contraction's cause has overtones, from one to four, that have no precedent.
Expansion's cause has overtones, from six to nine, that have no precedent.

The overtone of overtones dividing one to four from six to nine,
is 5, the most imposing overtone of all, I call, the Dividein.

Contraction's cause becomes expansion's last effect the while contaction's last
effect becomes expansion's cause, with 5 between the present and the past.

Why contraction's last effect becomes expansion's cause is plain to see.
On passing 5 the last of all is finest of all to claim priority.

Contraction and expansion merge their awesome urges in contransion, C
for short, enough to pyramid a grid of diminutions one to three.

The overtone continuum consists of C above and C below.
In diametric opposition, base to base, the galacseers go.

Closewise both in both directions brings the two-directionality
of time into existence all the Milky way from C to shining C.

Is this the two-directionality of time? The future is the past,
and vice versa? This is how it's been since when the cosmic die was cast.

Overtonean Equasion: O + D = C x 2 = T

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