Rev. Moon's empire of lies and deciet are revealed! Undercover insider investigation.



Investigative Report on Rev. Moon and The Unification Church

I’m about to take you on a compelling journey - an outline of the world of Rev. Moon, (who’s real name translated: the Shining Dragon) his family and the notorious Unification Church. The purpose of this report is to get out the big picture that everyone seems to be missing. Too many people are just shrugging their shoulders and dismissing this man and his empire as a lunatic with a cult. It is far and wildly bigger than that…. He used to claim that he was the messiah, now he claims to be GOD...... While all the evidence proves that he is the ANTICHRIST ........

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INTRODUCTION: Inside the Unification Church I learned the hard way, see no evil, here no evil, speak no evil. Or the wrath of “god” (Moon and his hench men, the almighty "central figures") will fall upon you. I am a (trying to be that meek humble obedient servant they trained me to be) “nobody” that just happens to be at the right places at the right time, the big shots don't take me seriously or view me as a threat. I’m often in situations helping out the so-called leaders in the heart of Unification movement here in New York City. I've personally met several of the "true family" and have worked with them on many occasions. I joined the Unification Church back in the early 80s, my life was never the same after that. I can’t even begin to tell you what I have gone though in the years since. Suffice to say, I was a true blue convert at one point, it’s just that I kept having this problem with the incredible outright lies that I witnessed over time. The more I prayed and searched my heart, the more I realized that there was something wrong with the picture they are trying to portray to the world. Everything that Moon teaches is based on the premise that he and his family have achieved "Holy Perfection", yet take a close look at what is going on behind the scenes and you will find a family torn apart by common everyday sinful nature. I am a sinner. I make mistakes like everyone else. We are all human. But this family continues to claim that they are above sin.... Instead what is really happening is cover-ups, lies, misinformation, deceit, etc. Are these the people we should emulate?..... The people who are to establish God's Kingdom of Heaven on Earth????

I am here to present the facts as many of us have WITNESSED them come to light. My approach may seem radical, once you truly understand Moon and his goals, you will know why I MUST take a hard core stance. I am NOT here to just put up another politically correct anti-Rev. Moon web site. This is the "nitty gritty", real hard core bottom line exposure of Moon Inc. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Everything that is written in this report is MY experience. I did not have to go somewhere to find out about many of these things. I WAS THERE! While doing research for this report, I added information from other sources. But the fact remains that I am a witness coming out and VALIDATING THE TRUTH from an insider's perspective that is STILL under the Moon "umbrella". Absolutely everything described in these pages I personally affirm and acknowledge as being true, otherwise I would not bother to add it to this site. Moon's media gurus would have you believe there are just a hand full of people out there that are making things up about him. No. there are literally hundreds or even thousands of ex-moonies that can testify against Moon, but most of them just want to put the bad experiences to rest and go on with their lives. By the way, Moon's people are already scrambling around to find out who I am, it is almost impossible to destroy someone you can not see. This is why I must cruise along in stealth mode for now.

I am not the first person to write about Moon, his family and his many organizations that are out there doing his deeds. Nor will I be the last. I have worked closely with some of Moon's inner circle hench men (leaders) and I now KNOW what this is all about. I was a "dedicated" member for well over a decade of my precious life. I am still technically a "member" only by appearance. I am coming forward because I feel the intense burning need to share with the world what needs to be said, and nothing more.

Steadfastly refusing to sit down and let him and his family go along their merry ways without challenging them. I will try my best to expose them to the world for what they are. I must admit, this self imposed mission seems down right futile in many ways. Nobody wants to know, nobody seems to care. My problem is my conscience. It will not let me go to sleep at night knowing what is going on behind the scenes and what is happening to many people who are out there on the streets sacrificing everything, every once of energy for the gluttony of Moon and his family. Call me a fool, I might be wasting my time (since no one seems to care) and effort trying to expose Moon, but I just have to do what I have to do. This may seem like a hopeless crusade.... My only wish and prayer is that the truth be known, and the dragon be placed back into the fiery pit.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." --Sir Edmund Burke

My real name can not be revealed yet. What is important is the message that I bring you. I cannot divulge my identity due to the fact that I fear for my life if my identity is revealed. If I am gone who will keep track of and reveal the dragon? To this day I am still in the dragon’s lair, the dragon still thinks that I am one with him. (I work for Moon, so does my wife, and my children are here too. It would be very difficult, even foolish for me to disclose who I am at this point in time). Nostrodomous sounded like a "cool" code name (this is "my" online name, it is unique to me, that is why I changed the spelling), that's all, I make no claim or connection to the prophet "Nostradamus". I don't claim to be nothing more than an average(!?) person who just happened to get involved with the moonies. I hope you can understand my style of writing, definitely not grammatically correct (I've never had to write anything for the public reading in my entire life). Please bear with me and try to follow my flow and you will understand the meanings of what I am trying to get across. Even though I am not a writer I will try my best to emphasize many key points needed to understand Moon and what is really going on behind the scenes.

I have just one objective: tell the truth. MAY THE TRUTH BE MY SWORD.

Moon's teachings and his books go on to interpret the word "fire" in the bible as meaning: "truth".... this is very interesting for someone who has built an empire riddled with lies and deceit..... Now the time has come for the REAL truth to be used as a sword to chop all of Moon's house of lies to the ground. Another interesting thing about lies, is that once you tell one, you must come up with new ones to cover the old ones. Eventually you tend to forget many of the lies or over the years begin to think that they were the truth to begin with. Interesting phenomena..... On the other hand truth is unchanging, absolute and eternal.

There are a lot of details and supporting evidence that I could not add to this report at this time, I must keep the really good stuff for the future and as an "insurance policy" to make sure nothing happens to me. The scope and intention of this report is to clearly and shortly summarize the Moon Fraud. I hope and wish that everyone will continue to pass this report around. E-mail it to a friend, print it and mail it to a newspaper, post it at your churches, write to government officials. Do something with it. Just don’t let it fizzle out. There are many supporting documents and testimonies (lots of info can be found on the web) backing up everything I have put on these pages, where ever possible I will try to list a link or reference. Remember this is just an attempt to bring you the "big picture".

For now you can e-mail me with any info and testimony about the church, Rev. Moon and his family at: or try me at: THIS REPORT IS STILL NOT COMPLETE in any way, we need more of your input and facts. It is very important that people submit info to me so we can put together a comprehensive detailed TRUE documentation about Moon, his family and organizations. Please help us gather this information. You can also find this report on several web sites, this is the main site of many that I have set up: The Moonies succeeded in having a couple of previous web sites disconnected by complaining to the free hosting providers... Unlike other sites about Moon, mine are FULL of information they do not want you to see. I have about 7 mirror sites out there on the net as of this writing.

This report is now available in Japanese, If you read Japanese please check out: I am also looking for someone that can translate this entire report into Spanish. Please contact me if you are interested in helping.



Notice to Moon: For every one of our sites you have disconnected, I will open up 3 (three) more! No Mr. Moonster, you will not be able to stop me or the truth from being heard and spread. Your empire, world of illusions and deceit will eventually crumble under the direct light and fire of TRUTH.

UPDATE: 10/26/02...... Hyo Jin Moon seems to be losing it. He is totally out of control. He has become a raging alcoholic. Frequent rages, often breaking his music equipment and yelling at his servants, ok, this has gone on for years, it is escalating two fold. Many of his closest trusted servants no longer being able to put up with him have jumped ship. The Unholy False Family of Mankind is self destructing...... slowly but surely even the most ardent followers are reaching the point where they can no longer ignore, justify, and take all the abuse, lies, deceit, and keep witnessing up close and personal the raw selfish bull caca of the Moonster family. Just as I have proclaimed, the movement is slowly imploding and rotting away in the stench of the sad REALITY that they have made all on their own.

Hey, Rev. Moonster, I have a suggestion for the official motto for 2003:


And may I suggest that you guys just give it a rest with all the baloney about how "perfect and sinless" the "True Family of Mankind" is. Nobody is buying that line anymore. You guys have single handedly revealed to the whole world, all on your own with no help from anyone else, that your family is totally dysfunctional and riddled with sin. Not to mention that the True Love you guys preach about resides nowhere near the "True Family". As a matter of fact, if REAL True Love where to hit them upside the head, I highly doubt that they would recognize it.......


It has been written in the Holy Bible over and over again..... The basic message is not to whoreship anyone or anything other than Jesus and Heavenly Father. Very clearly described over and over again in different chapters. When Jesus was asked by his decipals how would they know it was him when he returns, Jesus gave them the only clue on how to recognize him found in Matthew chapter 7 (quoted in the next chapter of this web site below).

I will attempt to make God's Warning to the World as I see it, crystal clear. Note that in the following paragraph I will make bold some the key words and my comments will be in italics:

The Man of Lawlessness (2 Thessalonians 2)

1Concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered to him, we ask you, brothers, 2not to become easily unsettled or alarmed by some prophecy, report or letter (Divine Principle, Moon's teachings.....) supposed to have come from us, saying that the day of the Lord has already come. 3Don't let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness[1] is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. 4He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God's temple, proclaiming himself to be God.(now, hasn't Rev.Moon already done EXACTLY what this said???!!!!!) 5Don't you remember that when I was with you I used to tell you these things? 6And now you know what is holding him back, so that he may be revealed at the proper time. 7For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way. 8And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming. 9The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders (sounds like Chung Pyong Lake, those vases they sold in Japan, fortune tellers, members channeling, possession of members by spirits, etc.), 10and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the TRUTH and so be saved. 11For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie (Rev. Moon's Speeches and teachings) 12and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

Now follow closely as I attempt to dissect and reveal the TRUE Moon agenda:


Jesus’ disciples asked him how will know him when here returns, Jesus answered:

Matthew chapter 7
15: "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.
16: You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles?
17: So, every sound tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears evil fruit.
18: A sound tree cannot bear evil fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.
19: Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.
20: Thus you will know them by their fruits.

In order to understand the magnitude of the claims of Rev. Moon you must first understand the meaning of “True Parents”. Many people are being deceived left and right with that one crucial term. According to the teachings of Moon and his “Divine Principles” Adam and Eve where to have become the first True Parents of mankind, but since they failed it has been the goal of God to establish a sinless family centered around his original ideal of true love and world. So when you have all those unsuspecting people apparently "accepting" “True Parents” and participating in the conventions and events Moon organizes they clearly do not comprehend the extent of the term of True Parents and the credibility that they may inadvertently give to the "True Parents" name and concept.

Craig Maxim recently articulated one of the key factors I have been trying to point out: """---ANSWER: Because his (me, Nostrodomous) purpose is not so much to insult this girl, but rather to point out to current members and the world at large, that this so-called "true family" that supposedly provides the model of a perfect moral family that all the world is to follow, are instead, very immoral (as most religions go) in their activities and exploits. He is showing them in their real state, as seen through a prism of religious values, which by the way, the Moonies are supposed to champion, but instead, the head family does the kinds of activities (drugs and multiple sexual partners, etc.) that are antithetical to the standards supposedly held.""""" Quote from usenet post.

These are the people that claim to have reached the peek of PERFECTION..... THE ULTIMATE EXAMPLES OF TRUE LOVE..... THE SAVIORS OF MANKIND... THE MANIFESTATION OF GOD ON EARTH....!!!! When in REALITY the way this family carries on reminds me of the typical guests on the "Jerry Springer" show!

According to Moon, Jesus also failed to get a wife and establish a True Family. Now Rev. Moon and his wife have decided to take over the "unfulfilled" mission and have become the messiah and saviors (LIES) of mankind, the one and only son and daughter (LIES) of God, the True Parents of Mankind (LIES). So every word that was to portray Jesus in the bible is now considered old news in the light that Moon and his family have now achieved even what Jesus failed(LIES), it is now understood that even Jesus follows Moon’s teachings in Heaven(LIES) and is personally taught "Divine Principle" by the current lord in Heaven who is none other than Moon's deceased son Heung Jin(LIES) Moon.... Oh, it gets better.... Moon clearly portrays himself over and above the son of God(LIES). Moon IS God on earth....

Jesus was often referred to as the “olive tree” in the bible, many times the bible refers to people as “trees” in one way or another. Even Moon’s Divine Principles elaborates on that theme throughout the book. We can thus draw the conclusion that if a person is being portrayed as a tree then his children and or deeds are the direct “fruits” of said tree… please take a moment to reread the bible quote (Matthew chapter 7) at the beginning of this chapter again...

True love and family values are always keynotes in Moon’s speeches. All of his speeches are so noble and pure. But what happens behind those closed iron gates of Belvedere, East Garden, and all the other mansions around the world this “holy” family dwells in?...... Lets take a look at his family:

Hyo Jin Moon is perhaps the most arrogant and self-righteous person I have ever met. I am totally disgusted with the fact that he actually gets on many a stage to give us speeches, curse at and chastise us. Yes the same Hyo Jin that is a known coke addict, wife beater, adultery, party animal, porno freak. How Rev. Moon continues to pass off his family as the "perfect sinless true family" and get away with it is beyond my comprehension. Hyo Jin's wife Nan Sook escaped his clutches and filed for a divorce. She wrote a book “In the Shadow of the Moons”. You absolutely must read this book in order to get an incredible inside look of the Moon Empire. There was a big mess after her book came out implicating Hyo Jin in all sorts of money laundering so he is no longer directly involved with Manhattan Center Studios (Hyo Jin's former play pen). Punishment?: His parents built him a brand new recording studio at the East Garden mansion, no more prying eyes..... Hyo Jin has now unofficially been demoted in his family to the status of nothing. He is now relegated to the role of parasite for having disgraced the family and their image. Yet to many members inside the church, he is still looked upon in awe, everyone still bows in his presence and treats him like royalty.

Nan Sook Hong divorced Hyo Jin Moon and fled the multimillion-dollar Moon family compound in Irvington, N.Y., in 1995 with her children to escape what she describes as a climate of fear, drug and alcohol abuse, and domestic violence. The family values she says she observed firsthand looked a lot more like the seven deadly sins: gluttony, lust, avarice, sloth, anger, envy, and pride. These are the words of someone that lived, ate, slept with, the inner Moon Dynasty. If anyone on earth is qualified to tell us what the Moon Clan is all about it is none other than this young lady. You MUST read her book. I personally recommend it and hereby attest under oath that many of the details documented in that book are 100% true. Once she demanded a divorce and asked for child support Hyo Jin quickly files for bankruptcy(LIES) and tries his hardest not to give her a dime, his parents meanwhile bankrolling him the whole way paying for his lawyers (indirectly of course). Show me the true love(LIES), family values(LIES) the Moonies are supposed to champion in this picture.... Here is a quote from an interview with Time Magazine:

"Timehost: But was it just lack of respect to elders..... could you detail the problems that plague the Moon family? Nansook Hong: First of all, I began to question whether Rev. Moon was the Messiah. He was a very unfair person. I didn't see any respect -- or love -- coming from him. His relationships with his closest members and children. He wasn't a good father. My ex is still angry at him for not having his father around growing up. Moon had an excuse -- he always blamed somebody else. The family itself basically had no respect for people. These are not the kind of people I view as being religious. Even though I began to question whether Moon was the Messiah, I still cling on to the belief system that I had -- that I was called by God. And the fact that Moon was incredibly selfish when he talked about sacrifice for others. It was not consistent with the idea I had about Messiahship. I came to the conclusion on my own, being with the Rev. Moon's family for fourteen years, that he could not be the Messiah." (Click here for the full interview)

Sun Jin Moon (AKA"Celina") another coke head, kinky sex freak. I personally know several friends that had her in bed. Her head is really messed up. I can't even get into details on her due to the fact that I would then end up indirectly exposing myself and my sources. She ran away from home and stayed at one of my friend's place, he got brutally booted out of the church and thrown out of his job at Manhattan Center Studios. She is another one of the moon children that totally rejected her wedding match and went on a wild sex and drug binge for years. She was going to write a book about her life when I last talked to her. Word has it that she is back(DECEIT) in the "church" and with her husband going through the motions(LIES). About that book she was going to write, well, I'm sure that one would have been a best seller if it ever made it to the presses. Moon gives his kids a small allowance of only $10,000.00 to $50,000.00 a month.... hey, how are these spoiled brats supposed to live on those measly amounts? She wanted more, I think she negotiated a nice agreement with her papa Moon..... Is this child from the "perfect, sinless (immoral) true family" we are all supposed to emulate? An interesting thing that Sun Jin told me one day: She said that she thinks "all those beatings he received while in those prisons in Korea damaged his brain and left him with some sort of deranged inflated self image"...... These words came out of the mouth of one of his very own children... I think she is right and Moon may well be deluded and suffering from a messiah complex.

Heung Jin Moon died in a car accident while hanging out and partying with his friends. Rev. Moon declared that day a church holiday “Victory of Love”. His great "sacrifice" (that earned him the position of ruling all things in Heaven(LIES) and even teaching Jesus!!!(LIES)) was in slamming into a truck with a carload of friends…. Well what do you expect? Jesus only picked up a cross and willingly gave his life to forgive us of our sins..... Jesus the pitiful failure (that is Moon's take on this) is now Heung Jin's SERVANT...... Several years ago Heung Jin comes back to earth(LIES) by possessing the spirit of an African member named Cleophas from Zimbabwe. Cleophas was brought to America to cleanse the membership. I'll never forget the time that Rev. Moon proudly displayed this person to all the New York membership at one of the church holidays held at the New Yorker Hotel. Members had to give their confessions to him and many received real nice physical beatings from him. Even Moon’s right hand man Bo Hi Pak, was sent to the hospital…..(their true love in action, no doubt). The African member then decides that he is the real messiah and takes several (word has it from 6 to 12) woman from the church as wives and starts his own religion…Of course Moon cuts off all ties and discredits the guy after the fact(LIES). By the way, possession of members by evil spirits is quite common in the Unification Church. I've seen at least half a dozen 1st hand sightings of evil spirits taking over a person's body. Also interesting to note that Moon relies heavily on "communications with spirit world" through spiritual possession of members..... All these things are known and documented, unshamelessly promoted throughout the Unification Church. Moon is supposed to be able to visit the spirit world at anytime and speak to anyone, yet for some strange reason he is constantly asking spiritualists for info.........? Moon even sent one of his men to Zimbabwe to ASK Cleophas questions in order to determine if he was channeling the spirit of Moon's deceased son....... proving that Moon is totally ignorantly blind to the spiritual world and devoid of any special powers to see into the spirit world he claims to know and freely come and go as he pleases.

Young Jin Moon, the son that recently committed suicide in Las Vegas. He had told several people of his intentions before he left on that fatal trip, but no one took him seriously. The stories are without limit when it concerns the “True Family”. These details are very hard to get out of people in the church. For every negative event that occurs in the Moon family that cannot be immediately silenced, the Public Relations teams go to work and turn the whole story around on a dime. My friends swear to me that this poor kid told them that he wanted to commit suicide, he was totally depressed because of family problems and distraught over a vicious internal family feud. He told them that he was going to take the money that Moon gave him for expenses and that he was going to party and have a good time, hookers, then gamble it, if he wins, go on, if he loses, then that means its time to check out of this planet. This is extremely sad, it shocked me. I know these people who told me the story happened the day before he left. They had no reason to make this up, they where also in shock that he really DID commit suicide! I also confirmed that it was suicide through two other sources. I was furious that Moon not only denied(LIES) that his son committed suicide, but now he claims that his suicidal son is also a "lord"(LIES) in Heaven! and working side by side with his other dead brother ruling things up there! WHAT(LIES) BULL (LIES)DUNG!

Rev. Moon KNEW that his son committed suicide! But denied(LIES) it. That's why he left him to be buried there in Nevada! It is the most sacred event in the Moon church that all "true family" MUST be buried on "holy ground" and have a "sung what" ceremony. Moon was so upset his son really did go out and kill himself that Moon at first refused to have him buried according to tradition. Church elders convinced Moon to have Young Jin's Body dug up and transported to Korea for "proper" burial, Moon reluctantly agreed. If Moon ADMITTED that his son did commit suicide, this would have sent shock waves throughout the entire Moon empire. So Moon did what he had to do and now his son is worshiped and prayed to be the faithful brainwashed.

Ye Jin Moon, disowned her parents and moved to Boston. Un Jin Moon, abandoned her the husband Moon matched her to, and now lives in Virginia...... Moon's own children refuse to have anything to do with his fraud...... these are the people inside of the eye of the tornado, they see and know what their daddy and momma are up to..... they don't want to to be a part of their parents fraud.... Ever notice that in those "important" events Mr. and Mrs. Moon conduct, they are NOT accompanied by almost any of their children as they were back in the good old days? It would be considered an insult for the children not to show up for key events like their parents birthdays..... the kids are not "busy" doing something else.... they just REFUSE to take part of the scam anymore.

Hyun Jin Moon, the new heir apparent, now that the elder brother Hyo Jin has basically destroyed all credibility and hope for himself. Is being groomed to take over some day. This son is the the most blatantly arrogant of the boys. Hobbies: he loves guns.... He is the one that is now in charge of the Moon business empire. And is the official leader of the "second generation" (the children born out of all those mass wedding unions). This one is a master manipulator that back stabbed and weaseled his way to the top of the food chain in his family.

Out of 13 children that Moon fathered with wife Hak Ja Han only 3-5 are still by his side and faithfully (apparently) support him, the rest all went their own ways or are hanging on his coat tails for stipend money. They are required to show up to major church functions and photo opts, otherwise that allowance $ might start drying up. There are also several illegitimate children fathered by Rev. Moon, of course he denies(LIES)many of them, but has now finally given recognition to a couple of the ones born out of previous marriages. But I think we will never know how many and when, where and how. Rev. Moon is known to have been married several times before he met and married Hak Ja Han. By the way she was 17 and he was already 40 years old when he married her. Sammy Park is one of the confirmed illegitimate children born out of one of Moon's sexual encounters with one of his devoted female members, In fact, it is common knowledge among the cult's cadre that the seduction of Sammy's birth-mother took place in Bo Hi Pak's home......

Rev. Moon has also crowned himself “king of kings” a few years ago. There was a big ceremony and all on that one. It goes like this: He and his wife together are God on earth(LIES) ”when you see True Parents you are looking at the 'manifestation of God on earth' through them(LIES)”!!!... This has been reiterated many times to long time members, I was having troubles finding a documented quote till now: “Father is visible God” (from 120 day training manual, info from book “The Puppet Master”). He repeatedly makes this claim. In a recent speech on Dec 7, 2000 he reiterated the same message: True Father Reverend Sun Myung Moon Speech Upon Arrival at East Garden December 7, 2000 East Garden, (note, I had a link to the Moonie site that this speech was on, but they immediately removed it like many others that I refer to in this site) New York: in this speech he claims:

"On January 13, 2001, there will take place the "Coronation Ceremony of the Royal Parents of Heaven and Earth." In the Garden of Eden, the archangel, Eve and Adam united and lost their position. This means God even lost His position. We need the Messiah in order to restore God's position. That is why the True Parents came, and based on the True Parents' foundation Heavenly Father can be the real king of all creation.">>>> Did I not say that this guy thinks he is God on earth?<<<<<<<<"We have to understand. From now on, the age of salvation is over. Everything is done. The almighty God will control directly with His authority, so judgment will come immediately".>>>>>>>Here he goes again, putting a date that some kind of great wonder will take place and it never does. Lets all mark our calendars and see if "everything will be done" as Moon says......>>>>>>

You do know that he has fully completed the mission of Jesus(LIES) (did I mention that Moon claims that Jesus was "a total failure"(LIES)?) a long time ago and Jesus bows down to True Parents(LIES), don’t you?..... When the day comes that we pass away we will face judgment by non other than Moooooon(LIES). Meanwhile it is totally acceptable for Moon to practice adultery (at least one confirmed child out of wedlock while married to current wife, Hak Jah Han, word has it that she even knows of his sextra curricula activities).

Rev. Moon’s life course is stuff of legends in the Unification Church. They claim he was jailed in North Korea while campaigning against communism(50%LIES). According to some original followers of Moon, he was jailed for having sexual relations with many of his female worshipers. This is the real reason he was jailed… Pak Chung Hwa was one of the earliest followers of Moon, he wrote a book after he fled Moon's side called "The Tragedy Of The Six Mary's". In the book, Pak alleges that Moon's early teaching was that the new messiah must have sex with 6 "Marys" in a ritual that would cleanse the womb and make it pure. These women who must be married would then have sex with other men and the process would multiply until all people were "saved" in this way. Pak claimed though, that Moon wouldn't stop at the six as he originally stated, but turned the theology into a kind of rotating sex-club for himself, which upset Pak, particularly he claimed because sometimes these encounters produced children and Moon allegedly left the women to fend for themselves with no support from Moon. After being jailed several times he must have reconsidered and changed his failed strategy of having sex with all the women on the planet as a means of saving this world. Realizing that having open sex and people running around naked was not a wise thing to do, he took his practices and relations into deeeeep undercover and toned them down.

Moon has just become 81 years old. What else will he do before passing away? What do you think will happen once he passes away? What if his eldest son Hyo Jin decides to take the helm of his empire? This guy is a loose cannon. I can’t help but remember a speech where Hyo Jin stood in front of us at Belvedere, cursing at us and rambling on about how good it feels to kill animals then drink their blood. Moon himself has also admitted to liking to drink the warm blood of boars..... Sickoooo.

What will happen before, during and after the power struggle that will ensue after Rev. Moon passes away? Even if Mrs. Moon takes over as she is now being groomed to do until the reins are passed onto Hyung Jin. When she leaves all hell is sure to brake loose if not before then.


Even today at this very moment Moon has not even toned down his ridiculous claims and continues forward with his psychotic rhetoric. For the sake of illustrating from Moon's own words I will pick out a recent speech by Moon and rip it apart. Note: I had several links to the Moonies sites with some of Moon's speeches but they took them off their web sites! Note: these are EXACT quotes, my remarks will be in >>>>italics<<<<<.

"On January 13, 2001, there will take place the "Coronation Ceremony of the Royal Parents of Heaven and Earth." In the Garden of Eden, the archangel, Eve and Adam united and lost their position. This means God even lost His position. We need the Messiah in order to restore God's position. That is why the True Parents came, and based on the True Parents' foundation Heavenly Father can be the real king of all creation.">>>> Did I not say that this guy thinks he is God on earth?<<<<<<<<"We have to understand. From now on, the age of salvation is over. Everything is done. The almighty God will control directly with His authority, >>>of course rev. Moon is the authority here on earth<<<<<so judgment will come immediately".>>>>>>>Here he goes again, putting a date that some kind of great wonder will take place and it never does. Lets all mark our calendars and see if "everything will be done" as Moon says......>>>>>>

"Now, because of the grace of True Parents, going through the eight stages, the restoration of humanity is being completed and God can be crowned. We can hold the coronation for God through True Parents, in whom God has His substantial body >>>>(folks, this means he is declaring that True Parents are God in the flesh)<<<<<. This is a miracle. Now is the time period in which blessed couples who have come through the national level of blessing are in the position to inherit True Parents' heavenly lineage. Therefore Satan cannot invade us as long as we follow True Parents' teaching, which is the standard of absolute faith, love and obedience. To qualify to stand in that position, we have to fulfill the Total Living Offering." >>>>>>> Here is the intimidation and coercion... brainwashing at it's finest.... just follow him blindly and don't even dare think or have give and take with any thoughts that are not from Moon or satin will invade you. Your mission in life is to be the total living offering to Moon.... hey, here it is in black and white, I don't make this bull dung up!<<<<<<<<

"So we have to set the condition, the Total Living Offering. Be careful not to try to control anything on your own without this foundation, or you will destroy it. Illicit claim by an individual will destroy the family level(hey, doesn't Moon make these very same illicit claims also?); an illicit family claim will destroy the national level, and so on. To receive this final stage of blessing from heaven and True Parents, we have to give everything ($)back to God".>>>>> He wants it all, you, your money, your soul, your thoughts= just become that total living offering for him and give him everything you have been holding out on all these years, come on, you pathetic loser, he is waiting now empty out those pockets...>>>>>>"On January 13, when I hold this coronation for God, that will be the turning point and culmination of human history. We can look deep into our heart and see how hypocritical and disgusting >>>>this only applies to the membership, not the Moon Family<<<<< we have been in our life of faith, even after following True Parents. So we have to repent thoroughly, plus give up all our possessions.>>>>>Hey, Im still waiting for Moon to give up his possessions<<<<<If we hide or hold onto something, we are destroying our family and national level foundations.">>>>>>>(that's right, you heard it, give up all your possessions! What are you waiting for? Moon needs this money badly to for all his pay offs and expansion strategy!!!!)<<<<<<<<<

"So the major religions emphasizing a life of abstinence will disappear because their time is over. True Parents have created the formula family. Everyone can see how wonderful the true family system is. >>>>Is this guy for real? He believes his own bull dung!<<<<<< Parents, couples and children all want that kind of family. They want to know how to inherit it. You have the same value. How to follow and apply the parents' formula is your problem, not my problem. From now on, how can you make a family of that value? All people want to gather in that place.">>>>>>>Hey these are Moon's own words! Give me a break!!! Who out there REALLY wants to emulate the Unholy, immoral, gluttonous, self-righteous, arrogant, deceitful family of Moon?<<<<<<<<

>>>>>I got the above quotes from just the first quarter (1/4) of the speech, you must read some of Moon's own words to begin to understand the egomaniac we all know by the name of Sun Myung Moon. I could have field days with all the material he provides, just read that one speech and see if you don't get totally disgusted before you reach the end. P.S. I'll try and get a copy to link to soon.

I state the information as they are, one of the main central points being the fact that Moon and his family claim that THEY HAVE ACHIEVED PERFECTION AND ARE SINLESS (BULL DUNG LIES) I just point out how it is all a bunch of lies and contradictions. The entire KEY to seeing through the Moon illusion/fraud is in understanding that he and his family are NOT who they claim to be!!!!!




II Thessalonians Chapter 2.- "3 Let no man DECEIVE YOU by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that MAN OF SIN BE REVEALED, the son of perdition; 4 Who opposeth and EXALTETH HIMSELF above all that is called God, or that is WORSHIPPED; so that HE AS GOD sitteth in the temple of God, SHEWING HIMSLEF THAT HE IS GOD. 7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. 8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: 9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and LYING WONDERS, 10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved."

Why is it that Rev. Moon has managed to convince so many people to give up their lives and follow him blindly? No one ever came to the Unification Church and said, “Please brain wash me!” The center of Moon’s teachings is called “Divine Principles” (he now refers to it as the Completed Testament). Every time you here a speech from the mouth of Rev. Moon, it almost always encompasses the words and ideals of “True Love(LIES)” and family values(LIES). Therein is the genius of the whole charade.

There is no doubt, each and every person on earth would love to see the fruition of God’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth become a reality. What won’t we do to help make this a reality in our lifetime?

When people meet the Unification movement in any of its front organizations they are immediately immersed in and taught the Divine Principles. I have found that the teachings of the Divine Principles to be extraordinary to say the least. There are many points that one can easily find holes in, but all in all the entire work is truly amazing: It starts off with an incredible and detailed account on the creation of the universe tied into a biblical perspective, the nature of God, scientific analysis intertwined with biblical passages, numerology, history, add a little of Confucianism, a dab of Buddhism, a hodge pod of other elements gained from other religions, then stir. Chapter 1. You’re hooked already or your curiosity is stirred to the extent that you must go onto chapters 2 & 3 at least.

By the time they have carefully lead you through the entire lectures of the Divine Principles they have felt you out all the way… How much more do we feed him… the pace is customized for each individual. They have it down to a science. When your teacher feels you are ready, then they introduce you to the actual words(LIES) of the “Messiah” AKA the “True Parents” and “True Family” of mankind. At one point or another, you may actually have the privilege of being in the presence of the Rev. Moon or the “Holy” family of Moon and here the words of “True Love(LIES)” come straight out of the horses mouths…

This self proclaimed(DECEIT) messiah is very different from Jesus. Jesus is known as the rock, words of TRUTH, unchanging and absolute, there was no room in his life for lies and deception. Rev. Moon’s philosophy is anything goes in order to “subjugate” the world.

"Over the last 30 years in the U.S., Moon has gone out of his way to forge the image of a Con-Man. Overwhelmingly, Americans consider him a joke, as do his own countrymen in S. Korea. After his 1980s conviction for tax evasion and conspiracy, one would have thought that Moon would have learned something about honesty. But, no, he did the same thing in S. Korea a few years back and his shell companies, including Pak's Segye Times, were fined 39.5 Billion Won (about $27 million U.S.D.)due to more tax evasion schemes. One has to wonder if the man will ever learn that "Honesty is the Best Policy?" usenet quote from Robroy

As we take a closer look at the whole picture we will see many, many factors that throw all kinds of warning signs into the air:


1 John, chapter 4 -1: Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are of God; for many false prophets have gone out into the world.

Rev. Moon's philosophy in his own words: "If you tell a lie to make someone better, that is not sin... Even God tells lies very often (LIES)." Master Speaks 3/16/1973 p.11..... I have found hundreds of verses in the good old Bible about truth and lies.... I will pick just one out for an example: Proverbs 12:22 The LORD detests lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful. Tell you what, go to a bible search engine on the web and do some simple searches of key words like "truth". I just used :, you will be amazed at what you can find at a push of a button. Jesus and God hate liars: take a look at the good old bible, you will see over 3 hundred references to "liars" and "truth". There exists no excuse to lie in God's eyes, no matter what the purpose. Lucifer was the first liar on earth, he started this whole mess with LIES!!!!!!

I am not a biblical scholar or even close to being an authority on the divine. I am a person of many faults and weaknesses. Yet throughout my life I’ve learned some very important lessons. The boy who cried Wolf was a lesson I learned as a child, not only did I read about it in school, I got to see this important lesson in action and reinforced throughout my life. I learned early that God is the very essence of goodness, and that truth is an integral part of goodness. The very core of goodness is love. Real True love is pure, true goodness is pure. Pure, means unblemished, without faults, 100%.

In this world we live in, if you are not careful someone will come up to you and take everything you have without batting an eyelid. Con artists are thieves. The most daring and diabolical of them all. They look you in the eye, get you to trust them, and when you least expect it, kaboooom, you’ve been had. Con artists are extremely cunning. They use logic and dig deep into your mind and use your own good nature against you. The words and story will sound beautiful, to the extent that you will even become inspired by them. Now we do have a dilemma. How do we determine what is real and what is fake?

I’ve seen jewelers test gold to see if its real, they use some sort of acid on a stone then rub the metallic object on the stone, if it is really gold the acid will expose only glimmering gold, if not it turns green. Likewise, we can test the words of love, goodness, by the actions taken on their behalf.

Again, I must take you back to my elementary school days. The concept of cause and effect, action and reaction. Very fundamental laws….Set in stone since the beginning of time. Now here is the acid test:

Truth is unchanging and absolute (even Moon admits this in his own speeches), therefore any actions derived from said truth (what ever truth one may be talking about) should also follow an unchanging and absolute course. The actions should not have to deviate from the truth into lies and deceit for one moment. The truth is our acid test. If the actions turn up pure and unchanging in characteristics then this means that it came from the same pure source, those actions did not deviate one iota from the truth, the source, beginning.

Try buying gold jewelry from those guys on the streets of New York City, it might look real, feel real, the person will give you an amazing story, he will tempt you with a ridiculous price. Lets say you bought it, after the fact you decide to have it tested. It turns out to be gold plated brass. The acid test never fails.

Our acid test is a simple formula. Action & reaction, cause & effect, truth & actions, or another way of putting it would be to cross reference the words and deeds. It is extremely critical to understand this one very important factor. You can not look into a person's heart and see where they are. The only method we can tell what is concealed in someone's heart is to watch the persons actions. By analyzing the actions taken over time you can begin to see a pattern emerge. The actions alone will reveal the true nature of that individual. Is the person honest all the time? Is he a chronic liar? Etc., etc. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand this very fundamental law of the universe.

Moon’s entire empire has been built on WORDS alone. All he can say that he ever accomplished in life is the fact that he has broken every record on earth for the most speeches ever given by one person. He loves to talk. To have people siting in front of him in total awe. Who can be greater than me syndrome. A speech here, a conference there, change the titles and its always the same stuff repackaged: “follow me”, “follow the way of true love”, “be like true parents”, etc., Words, words, words, more words. They sound so pure and amazing, they touch the very essence of what we desire: peace, love, unity. Pure gold?….. But what have they really done here on earth? Hey lets check it out with our “acid test”….

What's all that green stuff(LIES) I see oozing all over the place yet everyone is ignoring? Hey, hold on a minute here, this ain't gold, this is pure(LIES) fools gold, the ingredients I see here are lies, deceit, arrogance, businesses empire, etc. Yet hold on here, he has yet another strategy, he is buying every form of mass communications possible in order to form your thoughts around his fools gold, pretty soon he will have you (your friends, politicians, ministers, heads of states, presidents) totally surrounded with his words, the grand illusion, he might just be able to convince you that it is real and toss you a towel to clean up all that green stuff that is oozing all over the place….

Don't you think it's time you perform your own REALITY CHECK ?

By the way. By Moon's own proclamations and promises, Moon is a certified FAILURE by his own standards!!! When he first came to America he proclaimed to his followers that they (including himself) should all learn English to take over America, Moon failed miserably in that dept. (there are so many failures that I will just pull a few out of the hat) He is still using translators. He declared to his followers that everyone, including himself were to learn english when he first came to America. Nope, failed miserably. His famous 40 year course from the inception of the UC was up in 1994... failed again. 40 years course from the start of his marriage to Hak Ja Han ended on 2000..... uh, oh, where is the kingdom of heaven? How about all those failed 7 and 21year courses? All verified failures if you take the time to research what he promised before embarking on each and every one of them. PROOF that Moon failed in his very own proclamations!: Just like in the time of Moses. Due to the failure of Moses and his crew Moses was never able to enter into Canaan..... So it will be with Moon. Yet he refuses to admit to anyone that he failed in any way. He is desperately trying to make something out of South America to save face. Using Moon's own speeches and doctrine to judge his performance by he has officially failed. End of discussion.



Revelations v36:
“Then the king shall do according to his own will: he shall exalt and magnify himself above every God, shall speak blasphemies against the God of Gods, and shall prosper till the wrath has been accomplished”

If you take a close look at Moon’s teachings and if you were to become a follower, you will see that you will personally be posed the very same three temptations (in one form or another) that Lucifer posed to Jesus…. You will be confronted with more or less the same temptations Lucifer posed Adam and eve. I’ll let you think this one through on your own….

Hint: Didn't one of the temptations posed to Jesus go something like: "if you bow (worship) before me I'll give you all this"? Does not Rev. Moonster make a simular promise to his followers?.........

By the way, didn’t Lucifer tell Eve “if you eat of this fruit you too will be like God”? Wait a minute, I remember Moon promising us that we shall be rulers, and messiahs......... Moon and his family "are" the incarnation of god on earth....... and they promise to make you just like themselves..... You too can be like god......

Go ahead, take a bite out of that "apple" your decision to follow/associate yourself with Moon will have a very deep impact on your spiritual well being and future................



2 John
7: For many deceivers have gone out into the world, men who will not acknowledge the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh; such a one is the deceiver and the antichrist.

The eradication of "Original Sin". Moon claims to have overcome all of the challenges and successfully reached "perfection"(LIES). Original sin is the sin inherited throughout the ages from the act of Adam and Eve having eaten from the "fruit". According to Moon, Jesus failed to reach perfection......(golly gee wiz, I thought that the bible said that Jesus was "perfect as his father in heaven"). One of the central points of Moon's teaching is that he (the messiah) will establish a sinless family..... through his "holy" "blood lineage"...... This, folks, is the biggest discrepancy, lie and Achilles heel of Rev. Moon. His family is so dysfunctional I can't help but wonder how he gets away with the portrayal of his family as the sinless "True Family". This is much more than a scam, it is a complete mystery to me. You will see as you read on in other parts of this report how decadent and full of sins and flaws this family truly is.

"Foundation of Faith and Substance". This entire section of the Divine Principle is built upon the premise that every human being must establish a foundation of faith (internal conditions met) and a foundation of substance (external conditions are to be met) in order for one to receive salvation by the Rev. Moon. Divine Principle goes to great lengths in order to support this segment.

I would love to go into great detail myself, but for the sake of keeping things simple I must cut to the chase. According to Divine Principle (and if Divine Principle is “God’s Word” as in unchanging and absolute) everyone must go through a “formula course” in order to receive God’s blessing(LIES). There is a hole here the size of the Lincoln Tunnel: The people of little means that join the church are literally forced to go out onto the streets to sell flowers (as was in my case) and get fiercely chastised when you didn’t bring in a good result (that meant that your heart was not in it). No, the average member did not have to go out occasionally, it was mandatory. Their “formula course” consisted of 3 ½ years of this! Behold: the reaching of the elusive "foundation of faith".

The "foundation of substance" was simply to multiply. 3 ½ years of witnessing to bring new converts into the mix. You need to get at least 3 “spiritual children” in order to complete the “four position foundation”, only then can you begin to enter the kingdom of Heaven… (Did anyone say pyramid scheme?) And these formula courses where held to be like unconditional, absolute and written in stone.

Reality check = But if you are from the upper crust of society (rich, powerful, famous, etc.) you get to bypass this whole mess (the important establishing foundations of faith and substance) and go straight to Go with not even a slap on the wrist... These people some how mysteriously get to by pass this most fundamental of requirements to salvation, laid in stone by Moon's own words and his new bible, the Divine Principles..... Well golly gee wiz? Actually these formulas have basically stopped being used, nowadays it has been extremely hard for Moon to isolate his followers to the extent he used to and get away with that double standard. Now the protocol seems to have become very lenient due to the fact that no one wants to go through the “formula course”. Now the new strategy, uh, I mean the new procedure seems to be "if you believe and have faith in Moon, and drink of this cup, then you will receive salvation"............. Do you see what I'm trying to illustrate here?.... Ok, let me illustrate: The entire teachings of Moon are centered around one actually achieving these two critical foundations PRIOR to receiving the "blessing" (attending Moon's mass weddings)..... otherwise the blessing itself is worthless according to his own teachings. You see, Moon's own Divine Principles are now being ignored by him..... Moon claims that Jesus' salvation through faith alone is meaningless, now Moon is doing the same thing! With the icing on the cake being the fact that they no longer practice the requirements written in Moon's bible, the Divine Principle.

A major strategy shift has been undertaken: Get away from the sweat shop methods and get into the board rooms, offices of the rich, famous, and powerful, if they can influence them they can move mountains at the stroke of a pen. They finally realized all the damage they were inflicting upon themselves by directly or indirectly coercing members into years of grueling leg work in the trenches. Therefore, now a days, the "formula course" is not even mentioned..... unless they clearly see you are gullible enough and ready for it, then you WILL be subjected to this old practice. Hey I got a bridge with a beautiful view of the east river for sale....

"The Four Position Foundation". An ingenious pyramid scheme. Bottom line: You must multiply. If you do not have a minimum of 3 "spiritual children" (that means bring in 3 new members) you go straight to hell(LIES). You will not be allowed in heaven(LIES). Need I elaborate more?



Hebrews, chapter 10:
8: When he said above, "Thou hast neither desired nor taken pleasure in sacrifices and
offerings and burnt offerings and sin offerings" (these are offered according to the law),
9: then he added, "Lo, I have come to do thy will." He abolishes the first in order to
establish the second.

Divine Principle and Moon’s church calls the act of offering sacrifices to God and Rev. Moon “paying indemnity” for your sins. Yes as unbelievable as it sounds, Rev. Moon figured out a way to get thousands of people to cough up their hard earned money and work feverishly in order for them to fulfill their quota of “indemnity conditions”. In one motion Rev. Moon has reintroduced and reestablished the banned practices of the Old Testament days.

Yes, “indemnity conditions” is just another way of saying sacrificial offerings.

My ongoing problem with this whole thing is the fact that Jesus explicitly says in the New Testament that he has paid for the sins of all mankind. That we are to no longer offer sacrifices up to God but rather, we believe in him. Jesus made it very clear that he did not want anyone to continue to offer sacrifices anymore. Yet Moon’s Divine Principles reinstates the act of offering up sacrifices and idol worshiping in a very logical and believable way. (LIES)

Even though there are many references in the New Testament proving that sacrificial offerings are not needed for salvation Moon makes sacrificial offerings (disguised as indemnity conditions) a central aspect and requirement of all his followers. What I find interesting is the types of "indemnity conditions" required of each individual are always different and no matter what stage in your life as a member you never cease to have to offer up sacrifices! Moon's favorite "indemnity condition" he seeks from his devotees is none other than, cold hard cash, of course. Other common conditions for devotees that no longer have cash to give are like: "you must move to _______ for ______ time and work on _________ project". Free labor is one of the cornerstones to Moon's success.

One of the things that bother me most is the notion that MONEY can buy your way into heaven and release your ancestors trapped in hell stories that the Moon teaches. There are countless documented examples of this on the net and other locations, even Moon's own speeches. One of my favorites (just to illustrate) are those marble vases that the membership was selling in Japan. They sold them to unsuspecting victim's with the main selling point being "If you do not buy this vase your ancestors will rot in hell and they will all chastise you when you go to meet them there!" Moon made millions (in Japan) on this scheme. But it finally came back to haunt them: Many of the duped Japanese filed a lawsuit against the UC Church and WON. In order to win they of course proved it was illegal, a fraud and that they were misled.

Here is a complete quote from an Internet Usenet post that I feel best articulates offering of sacrifices in the way of indemnity conditions:

"Robroy has pointed out in another thread how Unification Church members who suffer at the hands of Unification Church leaders often take the blame on themselves. They may not think that they personally deserve the mistreatment, but they tend to believe that by enduring the mistreatment without complaint, they are somehow "restoring" somebody else's failure to do something that God wanted. This is the concept of "indemnity" from Divine Principle which gets so widely applied by church members.

The reasoning goes like this. God expects all the sins of mankind to be "restored" in the Last Days. To restore these sins, a conditional offering must be made of some sort. Generally speaking, Unificationists believe that by enduring difficulties for the sake of Moon and the church, they are making a conditional offering that God can use to -- in effect -- compensate for (or "pay indemnity for") these past sins.

This idea completely undercuts the concept of Christian grace. In Christianity, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ was in itself a good and sufficient condition for the repayment of mankind's sins, and the only other condition God requires is the faith of the believer.

Not so in Unificationism. The condition of Jesus Christ's sacrifice is seen as an insufficient condition, which "only" restored mankind spiritually, not physically. To get to physical restoration, then, new conditions must be offered. Unificationists believe that these new conditions are the suffering and sacrifice of Unification Church members as they serve the so-called new Messiah.

The problem with this viewpoint is that it reduces God to some kind of insane accountant. All the alleged providential failures of mankind's history are weighed in the balance, and a full and complete payment of suffering must be made to compensate for them. God, thus, in the Unificationist's view, has not actually forgiven anything at all. He has merely permitted a sort of escape clause for Christians; they aren't forgiven, but they get to be treated as if forgiven after death. Meanwhile, God will fully requite the rest of wretched humanity for its sins. In Divine Principle, God has forgiven nothing and will hold everyone to account. (This results in Unificationists subconsciously regarding Christians as the spiritual equivalent of welfare bums, who are being given a free ride while everyone else struggles to pay for it.)

Not only is God an insane accountant according to Divine Principle; he is also a sharp-eyed litigator. If God can't get the person responsible for the sin or providential failure to pay directly for their sin, then he will find somebody else who will be required to make the payment instead. Thus God is like a lawyer who, if the defendant is impecunious, draws some other party with deeper pockets into the action by making them a joint defendant, then presses the other party to pay up.

So for example, if a member is mistreated by a church leader, she will believe that God has appointed her to pay for somebody else's sin or providential failure, and therefore she has to cheerfully endure the mistreatment in order to make this payment. This view of indemnity has two effects. First, this means that even if a church leader treats the members cruelly, it will always be assumed that there is ultimately some good reason for it, so the church leader is never truly punished for long. Moon may remove him for a while, but will soon put him back in some other position of authority. The removal is mere window-dressing.

The second effect is psychological; the member always feels that she has to endure mistreatment without protest, and therefore, on some level, she must have deserved it, or her ancestors deserved it, or her nation deserved it, or her race deserved it, or whatever. By thinking this way, the cruel behavior of the church leader is never seen as "wrong", plain and simple.

In the final analysis, church members always believe that everything that goes wrong in the church (most notoriously, the Cleophas brutality) is ultimately due to their own failings, and no blame attaches to the church leaders.

By thinking this way, the bizarre doctrine of indemnity robs church members of their capacity to defend themselves against mistreatment. It also robs them of their intelligence; they can no longer think straightforwardly about mistreatment, but instead have to find some elaborate theological excuse for it; as a result, they no longer think with clarity and often hold contradictory thoughts in their minds without resolving them. It is high time Unificationists abandoned the false doctrine of indemnity. Sincerely, K. Gordon Neufel

"I suggest that the purpose is to undermine a person's confidence in his ability to think and reason. Once you have been convinced that your ability to think and reason are faulty and incomplete, a person can step in and claim to have perfect thinking, reason, and heart and then take you over. Also, there is no way to verify for yourself whether this person's claims are credible because you already know that you can't reason this kind of think out." B.Taylor



Matthew, chapter 24 -24: For false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.

Many of the people that are members of this movement are actually very nice people all wanting the same thing. Love, peace and unity. Many live and die for the ideal of building God’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. I have a lot of very good friends in this movement. Yet there are those who joined with the thought they could literally purchase their way into Heaven and God’s blessing like a
spacemonkey on a mission to Mars.

Many of the matched weddings work, many more don’t. The real statistics will probably never see the light of day. Moon often marries couples to different nationalities but the majority of his Korean inner circle are all married to Koreans. The same goes for his family, none of his children or grandchildren will ever be married to anyone else than a Korean. Their excuse: they must keep that “sinless” blood lineage intact. That logic is also reinforced by the “fact(LIES)” that Korea is the chosen nation and Koreans are God’s chosen(LIES) people, hey “the Jews failed(LIES) and now the Christians failed(LIES) also. God had no choice but to establish another chosen nation and people.” The rest of us are all second class citizens. They emphasize racial harmony and world peace through international and interracial marriages, even though Moon himself, and all of his children whose marriages he arranged, were not married internationally or interracially (further proof that Moon neither believes nor follows his own teachings).

Money Makin Moon is well know for those massive mass weddings what no one has figured out is the fact that he has made millions on these weddings. Everyone works for free to make them happen, he just spends on the venue and items he doesn’t currently own. Yet rakes in Millions on top of millions for each of those mass weddings. Mandatory donations begin at around the $1,000.00 mark for each individual, with the money loaded Japanese having to pay excessive amounts to get in, each of these people are ordered to pay 300,000 yen as a participation fee and 1,400,000 yen as an obligatory donation paid in order to receive the "special blessing". I am always amazed at the ability to keep members in line and contributing while they ignore all of the actual evidence and injustices is worthy of note. The ability of members to maintain hope in an ideal which is not remotely part of the organizational goals says allot about how effective the on going brainwashing settles in.

Did you know that many people that are attending the mass weddings of recent years had no idea that they where literally knowingly or unknowingly pledging allegiance to(DECEIT) Rev. Moon? In the form of True Parents. It’s a word game(DECEIT) they are playing. Many people think they are attending World Culture and Sports Festival and the international wedding ceremony to rededicate their wedding vows(DECEIT), but little do they know that once they sign the dotted line by saying they accept the "blessing" The fine print and real meaning behind attending the wedding is the fact that you have now accepted Moon as your defacto savior in the form of True Parents!!! you have unwittingly signed the dotted line and your SOUL is now being claimed by Moon!!!............

When you participate in any of moon's weddings you drink from moon's "holy wine". The contents of the holy wine have been a closely guarded secret, only those inside for many years can vouch for the contents: the potion is a mixture of wine and many other ingredients, including Moon's actual BLOOD and SEMEN. Once you drink it you have crossed over the line.......

Think about it...... In the bible it is depicted in plain black and white. There is no room for misinterpretation. It clearly states in many places that once you "bow down to", "follow", "accept", "believe" another that is not from God >then you have by default given your back to God and accepted the other...... someone once said that the devil is in the details. Moon will not rest until the entire world bows before him and worships "true parents" no matter how he has to disguise it as.

It just does not stop getting weirder. Did you know that Moon gave the "blessing" (married)(LIES) to Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and just about every important figure(LIES) in the bible? According to Moon he married them to real live people here on earth(LIES).... That was only a warm up, he then "blessed" Satan(LIES) himself..... Golly gee wiz...... forgive me for asking this dumb question, but. Why is there still crime on the streets, killings, war and so on? Now even Satan has officially joined Moon's movement (hey like I keep saying, I don't make this stuff up! They just continue to come up with even more outrageous claims!).

The term brainwashed. A long time ago I used to wonder why and how they came up with that term. It wasn't until now that I realized the why and how. Case in point: I've been getting all sorts of feed back, mostly from dedicated Moonies, some trying to befriend me and try to draw me out.... The most interesting of all the feedback is from those hardheaded buffoons that claim to have read this report yet don't get it. They refuse to accept and realize that many, many things in Moon's fantasy world of "true love" is just plain out of whack. They refuse to acknowledge even the simplest of facts demonstrating wrong doing by Moon, his family or the church, instead they always have an explanation (excuse, lie, deceit) that makes no sense at all. Come on. Just for once people..... JUST ADMIT TO THESE THINGS..... Anyway.... my new found understanding, definition, of the term "brainwashed" is: "The STATE OF MIND achieved in which a person has gone so deep into DENIAL that the person refuses to (either knowingly or unknowingly) recognize and accept REALITY, FACTS, EVIDENCE and COMMON SENSE". The result is: you are hopelessly brainwashed. This phenomena seems to be cultivated and reinforced with amazing success by professional con men such as Moon Inc. What makes Moon's efforts at brainwashing so amazing is that he has built this elaborate climate, an atmosphere in which other people will brainwash you for him..... an incredible synergy strategy.

The synergy phenomena: I am often asked "how can people join that cult, they must all be stupid or something". Nobody ever walks into the doors of the local Moon organizations and says, "Please brainwash me". Moon's tactics have been written about and discussed in details in many different publications; I will try to focus on what I like to refer as "the peer synergy phenomena factor". 1) Everything is based on "true Love, family values, and world peace"... come on now, even the most hardened criminal on earth will admit to wanting those ideas. What more noble and honorable goals to build your motto upon? Can anyone in their right frame of mind even try to challenge those types of goals? No. TRUE LOVE, FAMILY VALUES, WORLD PEACE are Moon's mantra. He wakes up and goes to sleep preaching this day in and day out. The people who join his movement BELIEVE in this goal. So much so that many dedicate their entire lives to it. Now what happens when you get several people grouped together bound by such a high ideal of a common denominator is priceless. The energy that is built up by the sharing of that common denominator is very powerful. Moon strategically funnels those people's energies in the directions he so pleases.

Moon has carefully built an image as being The "champion" of "true love, family values and world peace". For the majority of the middle and lower levels of members in all of Moon's organizations I believe that those are sincere in their belief. They live and die for achieving that purpose. There is no denying the power of wanting to achieve such high ideals in ones lifetime and wanting to participate in making it happen.

I used to believe in those ideals, that is why I joined the movement to begin with a long time ago. The dynamics of having hundreds of people all united trying to achieve the same goal with the same type of high energy level is amazing. It becomes second nature to rationalize things within the frame of mind that is constantly being shaped and fueled by Moon, his leaders and your "peers". This is the synergy factor at work. Many of these people are so convinced in what they are doing - that nothing you can say or do will derail them from their belief. There is a certain "high" that is achieved in the group, as they all unite for the sake of "world peace" and the "messiah." You are actually part of the lucky few in history to work for the "providence" of god's messiah, what an honor!.... The membership are constantly surrounded by people that have the same aspirations, it is Only natural that like-minded people will feel comfortable around people who have the same type of aspirations. Therefore these people (the members of Moon's movement) are continually reinforcing and reciprocating their own belief. This is an extremely important factor. I have many good friends in the Moon movement; many of these people are sincere and nice people with hearts of gold. What brought us all together was a DREAM called "true love, true family, world peace". We all share those high ideals and the excitement of the thought that we might actually be able to help them become achieved in our lifetime.

I believe that Moon might have been supposed to be a "prophet" (at most) and that he simply got sucked into the vortex of fame, power and wealth. Maybe he was supposed to fill the role simular to John the Baptist? A Martin Luther King? I believe that the devil and evil spirit world has easily influenced Moon into believing that he alone is the representative of God on earth, then the messiah, and now the incarnation of God on earth!!!. The bible tells us to "always test the spirits"...... Moon and his whole family failed the test miserably. They can talk the talk but they do not walk the walk. Moon has claimed that he eradicated "original sin" yet his own children are no different than the kids next door. The lies, deceit, come on. This the beginning point of their down fall. For people that claim to be at the climax of human and spiritual superiority, just by looking at their real day-to-day actions you can see through the grand illusion.

The real ideal of "True Love" (in its' purest sense, without all of the baggage that Moon attached) is timeless and the greatest ideal one can want to accomplish in one's lifetime. The problem is that the "prophet" or messenger has decided that he would take things one-step further and try as he could and fill the shoes of someone else (Jesus) that he is obviously not meant to wear. What has carried Moon so far and wide is NOT Moon's greatness, it is the simple fact the words and ideals of "True Love" that allowed him to go as far and wide as he has. The blood, sweat and tears of the thousands of poor souls who have labored day and night to raise him onto his pedestal, all Moon has done is to motivate his people with speeches. It is sad that many of his current membership has NO IDEA of many of the facts that are written about here. If only they really knew what was going on behind their backs.

Where did Moon receive the revelation or inspiration of "true love" and so forth? Many of his followers believe that this could ONLY come from God. Well for those of you who believe this, I have bad news for you: Lucifer, God's right hand angel knew and knows of ALL things heavenly. He was the top guru Angel.... He was the one in charge of teaching Adam and Eve all things of Heaven and earth.... He can still appear as an angle of light to misguide the faithful, and this is clearly warned to us all in the bible. (Yes I will say it again), Remember: "do not believe all spirits, test them...." verse? (among many more).

"As for the good stuff that attaches to members of the UC, I am sure they mean well. And they probably love their children deeply, and their dogs and cats also. But so did the German people who accepted Hitler as their god to where they were willing to kill in his name. And, I am sure many are well-intentioned, but they need to know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. " Robroy



Matthew, chapter 7-15: "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

Rule No. 1: Moon is always right(LIES) (he is being guided directly be God himself(LIES), oh wait, I almost forgot, he IS the incarnation of God on earth(LIES) now). Rule No. 2: Never, ever question the Lord Moon! Rule No. 3: Become an obedient servant and do as you are told, if you have any problem with this just refer to rule no. 1.

2) KOREANS WILL RULE THE WORLD: The “Mother Land” = Korea as the New Canaan(LIES) > all Koreans are the “chosen” race that will lead the rest of mankind(LIES). Period. (hey, I’m not the one that makes this stuff up!) The Inner Circle: Koreans are the untouchables. Look at the status of all of the Koreans that have responsibility in Moon’s organizations. All of their children are groomed to succeed in life and become the future leaders, all are sent off to good universities, all the Korean leaders carry corporate cards and have secret stipends, live in and often own their own nice homes, many big shots also get their very own servants (mindless members). All the while the Americans and everyone else must fend for themselves, and are instructed not to seek earthly riches for themselves, instead, they should not buy a home and give up all their money to Moon.

3) DISCARD USELESS MEMBERS: I have seen and personally witnessed countless of examples of dedicated members left out on their own means once they are of no use to the movement. This church gets accused of kidnapping many people, well these kidnappers get the kidnappees a bus ticket home in a heart beat once the become of no use. But first they do try reeducation camps though. Clothing, the cheapest the leader can find, only after you literally beg. Medical, bah hum bug! They will redirect you to welfare or Medicare or something. I know of many instances where members were critically ill yet abandoned! Yes! This even happened to me. After becoming very ill from fundraising day and night in the rain and all sorts of weather I became ill several times. Each and every time I had to go and take care of myself all by myself, no visits to the hospital from anyone in the church or anything! True Love here was to get scolded for getting sick in the first place! "Now that you are back, grab that bunch of roses over there and make a good result" ....

There are literally hundreds of stories of ex-members getting thrown out of the church centers without so much as enough money to pay for public transportation! I’ve personally witnessed dozens of times, some very good honest a faithful followers get thrown out for the most outrageous stupid things that the central figure in charge could not stand for. What bothered me deep in my most inner being was to have witnessed these incredible people who had suffered along side me day after day month after month year after year, having made the Moon empire literally hundreds of thousands of dollars and sacrificed so much of their lives just to get the boot and they where out on the street, (some people with no where to immediately to turn to) with nothing more than bus fare to the nearest homeless shelter or just enough for them to get back home! This issue tears my heart apart, I can not begin to articulate the pain my heart felt from witnessing such cold rash treatment to my once close friends. I now find comfort in knowing that they are free from the mental slavery of Moon's dominion.

Even those who have sacrificed their whole lives for moon are treated the same, I will give you just one documented example: "Moon, sued by Dennis Orme and his wife Doris, key figures in the creation of New World Communications, the publishing group that operates the Washington Times. They also played key roles in the development of the Unification Church in Washington, D.C. and in Britain. They claim they worked for over 30 years for Moon on the understanding they would be taken care of in their retirement. But now they're in their 60s, but not yet eligible for Social Security or Medicare, and they claim they've been dumped by the immensely wealthy Moon". Quote from the New York Post. This couple had to sue Moon and the church, the outcome I have yet to find out. Now, are these good enough examples of the “true(LIES)love” at work that Moon preaches about day in and day out or what?

4) PORTRAY THEMSELVES AS CHAMPIONS OF FAMILY VALUES: Over the past few years Moon's clever strategy has been to align his movement as the only place for the world to turn to for guidance in family values and world peace. Other chapteres here go more into detail about this.

5) SPIRITUALISTS, CHANNELING, POSSESSED PEOPLE: The back bone of Moon's claims that he has a direct connection to God are totally unfounded. The opposite is apparent when you look at the details: Moon himself is well known for visiting fortune tellers and spiritualists...... for guidance folks. Yet he still claims to be able to visit any part of the spirit world when ever he pleases, but gets allot of his info from second hand sources..... Why? when all you have to do is go there yourself? He always has many of his trusted people who he claims are channeling the spirit of many of his old followers, saint, etc. They even write letters to members at times! Some of these channelers are so good he even sends them on tours for his members. Golly gee wiz, they are so good they can call on the spirits on a dimes notice. Well, we know this is all baloney. The bible states in many places that this type of stuff is purely NOT from God!!!! Not only that, Houdini the famous magician and other current day investigators have proven that all the so called "spiritualists" they confronted and examined were all fake. There is even one guy currently offering 1 million dollars to any person that can communicate with the other dimension under clinical standards. Golly gee wiz, Money lovin Moon and his cadre of spiritualists didn't jump on this one and just take this guy's money? Hey any one of Moony's spiritually possessed members could easily walk in there and make a cool million! How many flowers would I have to sell to make that much cold hard cash?

As it is well known and confirmed from several of Moon's own sources and speeches, moon always consulted fortunetellers before marrying his own children. This alone gives doubts about how much Moon can dialogue with God...... Think about it........

Craig Maxim put it this way "It would be all too easy for Moon to prove his spiritual powers or abilities, but alas, it has never happened and never will. And the members just buy whatever Moon sells them, with no evidence whatsoever. You would think that it would have been a clue with Cleophas, but noooooo. The members still believed that Moon had complete access to the spiritual world, even as Moon sent one of his leaders on an AIRPLANE to go and give Cleophas some questions that only his son supposedly knew. Where is the spiritual ability? Wouldn't you think that Heung Jin would have the common sense to appear before Moon and say "Hey, dad, I will be incarnating into the body of this African from Zimbabwe, so don't worry, it's me, ok?" Or couldn't Moon have simply went into the spiritual world, contacted his son and said "Is that really you, Heung Jin?" but noooooo this never happened. Moon SENT his leader on a journey that took days (rather than the instant spiritual world route) and had to wait until the answers came back to his questions. Gee, asking questions that only a deceased loved one would know? That is something those who have NO spiritual connection do, in order to TEST those that claim to have such abilities. Think of Houdini's questions to the medium's he visited. That is NOT something that someone with complete access to the spiritual world has to do."

6) THE PRACTICE OF SELF DENIAL: Rev. Moon has taken the religious practice of denying ones self to all new heights. In a masterful stroke of genius, Moon established the practice of self denial upon his membership as a central part of their lives. While his members are busy denying every single urge, material possessions, money, etc., etc., Moon, his family and the "choosen" Korean membership are living in the most opulent surroundings and filling themselves with anything and everything they want. Clearly, the Moon clan does not follow this practice but impose it on everyone else. In essence, the practice of self denial robs ones' ability to ever be "right"... Anything you say or do that is not in accordance to Moon's direction or that of your "central figure" is flat out wrong, "deny your self!". If they say that the sky is green, (a very simplified example) then you must not pay attention to your physical senses, deny them and accept the "fact" that the sky is green..... get my drift? God forbid if you try to prove or say that they are wrong...

7) EVENTS, CONFERENCES, EDUCATING OF PEOPLE AND THE POOR: Russians students were falsely promised educational aid in the early 1990s and then subjected to Divine Principle recruiting workshops when they arrived in the United States. I witnessed this whole joke first hand, they brought hundreds of them to the New Yorker Hotel for "education"....This is just ONE example out of hundreds in which Moon's sponsored events, conferences, and organizations established under many different and misleading causes have sought to gather people together in order to ultimately teach them Moon's Divine Principles and further his agenda. Look behind the gloss and glitter and you will always find an organization or event whose REAL purpose is to lure them (in some cases to foreign countries) in the hope of indoctrinating them in the aforesaid pernicious religious doctrine. They try to create the appearance of caring about other people's beliefs while in fact seeking merely to gain credibility for their own unbelievable and manipulative doctrine.



Rev. Moon has opened/purchased many universities around the world. Two of the closest to us would be the Seminary he owns in Barrytown, NY and the Bridgeport University in Connecticut. His strategy is very simple: Send out devoted moonies to his own schools and have them receive all sorts of degrees, easily and effectively churning out hundreds of "professionals" in every walk of life. I find this very disturbing because many of the Moon followers are branching out into society and hiding their association with Moon and his movement with the sole mission of infiltrating every major area of importance for Moon.

Honorary degrees are also dished out to his own people. Moon even has the balls to order his own schools (of course he issues the order to one of his main men who then take it upon themselves to make sure that Moon gets what he wants) to issue himself and his wife their very own honorary degrees!!! All with great fanfair and ceremonies! And Moon's brain dead followers just stand there in awe "wow, the master is so great that he is given honorary degrees for his life merits" what bull dung!

People I've never seen spend a day in college one day show up with the title "Reverend", ordained by the Moon spirit I guess. Then made official buy Moon's front schools. Ph.Ds are swarming all over the place also. Moon has been sending out all of his self made Ph.D. clones all over Washington, UN, and world power centers for years now. Moon in his own speeches, has many times stated that he will make his own Ph.Ds and send them out to influence the world, this is no secret!

So I must warn you: some of those right wing conservatives that you helped elect into office may one day be a Moonie! If he isn't already....... or at minimum, is being influenced by one or has one in his staff....



Oh yes, I have the all the dirt on this one too. I have proof. I have to keep the details and evidence (one of my Aces) to myself for now. I will say this: Moon has been trafficking illegal aliens into the United States since the day he stepped foot on our soil. He even has departments that deal with getting his aliens citizenship! Japan, South America, every where, he can get them in and stay here. No problem, just sign on the dotted line and join our workforce........

The downfall of Moon's MFT (mobile fundraising teams) was due to a Dept. of Immigration investigation and subsequent crack down that led to having hundreds of Japanese deported. Hence, the backbone of the MFT providence fell apart from that day forward.



Warning: Don't be fooled by Moon's media gurus efforts to portray him as harmless wonderful person crusading for families and world peace.

2 Peter, chapter 2
1: But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction.

After my participation (literally help plan and prepare) in hundreds of rallies and events, I've found there is one thing in common that keeps repeating itself. After every event they will use the videos and print fairytail stories on how "successful" the event was (LIES), especially promoting these "successes" in other countries, handing out all those glossy brochures and video tapes, putting out great reviews in the press, trying to build up the perception of being accepted by mainstream society. Thereby establishing themselves a powerful and respected group in the eyes of those they want to influence.

When in reality, 99 times out of a 100, the entire room of people, almost all of the attendees in any given conference or speech turn out to be dedicated moon followers. I can not emphasize strong enough, how rampant the manipulation of figures is in the moon empire. They have lying down to a science. Accountants are the best at moving money and numbers with (LIES) the agility of a master magician. They are so good at it even the IRS has failed to truly pin Moon or any one of his organizations, sure they tried, they didn’t even find the tip of the iceberg back then or now. One of the reasons the government is not doing anything to stop the moonies now is because it gets totally LOST in the labyrinth maze and web that the Moonster has carefully crafted. Can you say "Abra-cadabra"?.

"They all seem to have the same story. The money never got back to Africa. And the photos of your IRFF school and aid project? You spent a lot of money on glossy brochures in Japan, raised millions. I hear that the school didn't receive so much as a pencil after the photos were taken and that your Korean Leader in Guyana wanted to close the orphanage there because the members should be concentrating on witnessing for your Christ." Quote from an interesting letter Mars wrote to the Moon family.

Moon knows very well its all an image (DECEIT) thing. Its all about how he is perceived by the public at large determines the outcome and success to a great extent. As long as he is not being depicted as a monster as he once was, but instead as this wonderful benevolent man of “true love” he will continue to get away with everything and continue to build the platform for total world domination.

I conducted several searches on the web with different search engines only to find that the Moonies have monopolized most of the search results. They have been infiltrating every means of media that exists on earth! So when you look for unbiased info on the Unification Church, Moon, his family and business, you end up having to weed through tons of (LIES) Moonie sights trying to mold and gently shape your perception.

How is he using the illusion of him and his organizations being mainstream to his advantage? To gain: Leverage. Credibility. Respectability.

Anybody remember Carlton Sherwood? He wrote that book about moon, I believe it was called something like "The Inquisition" of Rev. Moon. This guy was supposedly going undercover inside the Unification church to write some sort of "expose" on Moon. My sources say they know for sure that this guy was paid off by moon (you can bet he got a hefty sum) to change his story and make the book a positive one about moon. I remember moon proudly parading the book around at one of the church holiday meetings held at the New Yorker Hotel grand ballroom like "show and tell". Moon proclaimed that Carlton believes and follows Moon (LIES), oh yeah? Where is he? We never once saw this guy, you would think that this man who was a prize winning writer would go out on the front line for Moon once he discovered everything he wrote in the book. Nope, he took the money and ran. For Moon, the whole deal gave him another notch of respectability that he continually builds on. He knows that most of the people don't bother to do homework/research and examine anything in detail.

Moon controls: the Washington Times, and dozens of other newspapers world wide. He even bought out the United Press International. Television recording studios, Manhattan Center Studios, book publishers, etc., etc. The point here is very clear. What better way to mold the public's perception than to feed them exactly what you want them to hear from different sources. To create your own good reviews, hire the best people you can find and have them make you look fantastic. Moon's people claim that the Washington Times and all other Moon controled media outlets are totally independent and are free from his meddling, what hog wash! Over the years we've seen countless numbers of stories written on his newspapers with glowing good reviews of Moon, his projects and conferences, yet if these media outlets were so "impartial" why have not one of his news media ever once written a story that even appeared to cover any of the hundreds of negative news worthy items (concerning Moon's empire) that all other the other major newspapers around the country have published? Truth is that Moon's insiders will never allow that to happen.

Now that Moon purchased the UPI news agency, I would like to to know what type of manipulated Moon propaganda they will be trying to feed the world disguised as news..... This is one area that I would love to see the daily news feeds of but they are only available to paying media clients. Moon is clearly trying to mold public perception at the very source of news agencies now.....

This is another section I feel I have not done justice for. How can I possibly demonstrate to the world the intent and strategy Moon is pouring out to manipulate the media and how he is perceived? I can try to keep writing page after page, I don't know how to emphasize strongly enough that media manipulation and shaping the worlds perception of him is THE corner stone of Moon's strategy in his quest to gain more power and influence, become accepted everywhere in his quest to "subjugate the world".



1 John, chapter 2 - 22: Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son.

Pictures of Rev. Moon shaking the hands of Gorbachav, Kim Il Sun, U.S. Presidents, and other world leaders are regularly printed in every medium that the Moon has at his disposal. All in the effort of portraying Moon as a world leader and getting more clout, power and acceptance elsewhere (DECEIT). In the link that is above you will find the extent on how arrogant and coldly calculating Moon is. He had the audacity to have the biggest honor of a staged (100% Moon organization production) award ceremony go to:........ And the winner is.... none other than the noble (LIES) Rev. Moon! Yes, you heard right, Moon took home the "Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award for Freedom". I am still in shock when I think about this. The world is doomed! Prominent world leaders attended this event! They are all under Moon's spell...! Go ahead, trrrryyyyy to tell me I am paranoid. Hello people! these are HIS own organizations putting up these propaganda events to lavish praise on Moon!!!

There is a cunning goal and strategy behind the courtship of world leaders. What I find highly troubling is the serious relationships that Moon has been cultivating in unstable regions of the world: Russia, for example, with approximately 6,000 nuclear warheads, a government in chaos, is falling apart but new leaders and Russian Mafia getting potential hands on some of those warheads. Moon has a massive penetration efforts going on in South America, Russia, China and North Korea. He has even been allowed to teach his Principles in some of the schools in Russia. Routinely bribes officials with Rolex watches and money. Not only that, they have publicly bragged about doing so to the membership many times. Yet they deny (LIES) it to the general public over and over again.

They bragged of all the bribes and gifts they gave out during the Rev. Moon meets Gorbachav and the meeting of Moon with Kim Ill Sung from communist North Korea, Moon made a trip up there and boasted to the church membership later on how they got in through China, and of all the “gifts” that they gave out consisting of Rolexes, cigarettes, cars, etc. All in the effort to establish a relationship with Kim Il Sun. This kind of practice is standard operating procedure at Moon Empire Inc. By the way Kim Il Sun passed away and now his son Kim Jun Il, (North Korea's new leader) is Moon's new "best pal"....

In recent years Moon has put his focus on South America. He owns vast amounts of holdings out there and is constantly planning on how to expand. The corruption, bribes and scandals are all over south America. Look at how they bought an ailing bank and gutted it out by taking well over 100 million dollars out of the poor bank leaving it insolvent. I bet you the Moonies made them all sorts of (LIES) promises to get it. The south American government had to step in and close it down.

Moon even bought a huge parcel of land in Paraguay swallowing up an entire village for good measure, and another huge parcel of land in Brazil to supposedly build that kingdom on earth he’s been rambling on about recently. He has plenty of raw materials to draw from: blood, sweat, and tears of his membership, lies, deceit, adultery, abuse, drugs, torments, etc., that’s going to be one interesting spot on earth, another tower of Babel. This next few words are pure speculation though: wouldn't that area of the earth be a good hide out in case of nuclear fallout? A good place to build the kingdom if someone should accidentally drop a couple nukes and start ..........

He has recently formed ties with Luis Farrakan and Rev. Al Sharpton, and many others of questionable intentions. Did you know that Al Sharpton took part in one of the “blessing” ceremonies of Moon? Oh yeah! He got married again to his wife in one of Moon's mass weddings!!! just the same way that church members do in the same room with them just a couple of years ago… Al Sharpton and Farrakan are undercover moonies! They might think that they run their own show, not anymore, they accepted moon and broke bread together, they drank of his blood..... their souls belong to Moon. I believe that Sharpton was the one to open the doors for moon to get to Farrakan.

It is common knowledge that moon bought off ex president Bush, he had Bush so good that it added new meaning to the term “in the pocket”. Bush cost him though, my source says $90,000 per appearance, total of proceeds that went to ex-president Bush is said to be in the millions. Moon gave him a script and shamelessly milked him all over the world…. moon BOUGHT grade "A" credibility and respectability with Bush. This is a good example of how corrupt politicians can become and are often known to be, many have no conscience about accepting bribes and payoffs, its part of the whole political system it seems.

Did you know that it was Moon's people who helped prepare for the inauguration luncheon of newly elected George W. Bush? Did you know that Moon was one of the invited guests to the inauguration luncheon? Can anyone tell me how many secret million$ Bush (W) received from all of Moon's organizations for his campaign? How will Moon's organizations benefit from the new Bush agenda to help religious organizations? What is Ashcroft's secret agenda? I smell something pretty rotten here folks...... Moon is now now proclaiming that there will be some major world changing event by the year 2004.... He has been rambling on proudly about this soon after the presidential election of Bush (W)....... Who really came up with the idea of "faith based funds" folks? Moon's people are already at work and jockeying into position with hands wide open to start a slew of Moonie programs (check out their American Leadership Conference website to get a clue) cleverly disguised....... Oh, you haven't seen NOTHING YET....................

Moon has been focusing a heavy amount of resources and energy into INFILTRATING THE UNITED NATIONS.... for years now. Moon has influence over several heads of state at the UN, it is easy to pick them out: they are the ones who initiate issues and agendas that Moon is pushing and "invite" Moon and his organizations to hold court with them...... Moon even succeeded in scamming the UN to believe that his mass wedding ceremony he held there on January 26th was NOT a religious event! Some UN officials were worried and almost did not let the ceremony happen due to UN policy prohibiting religious ceremonies on UN grounds..... leave it to Moon and his inside agents to pull a fast one on the UN. Now Moon is gloating and promoting the heck out of that event all over the world as a huge triumph. What I find ludicrous is the fact that Rev. & Mrs. Moon made a grand entrance and were loudly introduced as "the true parents of mankind". Yet none of those upper echelon diplomats ever question anything?!!!!

Did you know that the Moonie front group calling itself the International Relief Friendship Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization of the United Nations? Oh, how they have mastered the art of infultraiting government agencies and setting up their own fronts.

The other aspect of wine and dining of high ranking people in society is Moon's infiltration of the established religious realm. The degree to which they have deliberately offended other faiths and still stand worthy of recognition by some of them is exceptional. It is common knowledge that Moon has been dispensing gold watches like candy to all ministers willing to extend their hands out. "Hey, by the way, want to take an all expense paid trip to another country and talk about religious unity?" Oh boy, this would have been able to earn Moon an Oscar Award if one was available for duping unsuspecting ministers!

If only mainstream Christianity knew how Rev. Moon REALLY felt about them..... Hold on..... Let me give you a little glimpse of the tip of that iceberg: Rev Moon, True Parents 1993 American Speaking Tour Celebration August 1, 1993, East Garden, Translator - Peter Kim "You have heard Father's words. Think about this point. Father talks about this correctly. Jesus had a problem with his parents' house. Nobody has known about these points. They are secret contents, but Reverend Moon has been teaching these things right here on the earth. After you hear these things, spirit world says to you, "What shall you do?" People have said I am a heretic. Who passes judgment? Only God. The Christian world itself has been acting in a heretical way. Twenty million or more people die each year. Those people go into hell. Since the end of World War II, then, over two billion people who have gone to hell. When they get to spirit world, Christians will be accused, "You went against Reverend Moon. And the result of that is that we had to go to hell." How can they escape that accusation? They will say, "We didn't know." That is the way America has been heading. How can God forgive this country? God has been crying. What a miserable situation this is for God. Losing, losing, He has only been losing by following human society. From now all Christians are going to hell. They have to pay more indemnity. How can we save the earth? No matter how difficult it may be for Christians to lose their position, they will, because I can defeat them anytime, anywhere. You have to take that attitude. We have to repent before the original American people. Don't forget it. Those under forty-seven years old belong to me. President Clinton is under forty-seven. He represents the bad presidents of United States history. How can he digest this? By following me. Reverend Moon is the most serious man. You have to have this concept."

Moon has been trying to courtship the Ministers of the world from the beginning. Overwhelmingly he is often rejected. But over time, he builds on the foundation of each and every important person he ever takes a photo with. Deviously using those photos to paint a picture of a "mainstream" and "widely accepted" Moon. Now Moon has Milingo, Stalings, Johnson, and a bunch of other high profile ministers that have been duped on TOUR!!! He is squezing all the "juice" he can out of this coup. They willingly go around testifying to the greatness of the Moonster!! Little do they know: when they are no longer of any use and they are no longer effective in elevating Moon, they will be dumped! Some who have sado-masochistic tendencies will remain and get shipped off to some far away country to work. Basically they will all, at one point or another, be left out on the curb side without knowing what hit them.......... "Next victim".

Did you know that the website is 100% Moonie controled and edited? Ever since the whole fiasco of the Moonies brainwashing Milingo started, they were finding and exploiting ways to take advantage of Milingo's celebrity. Even to this very day, after Milingo has realized that he was being taken by the con man Sun Myung Moon. After Milingo managed to escape from their powerful grip and returned to the Vatican, the Moonies STILL run that website and add whatever editorial they seem fit.

One of Moon's many scams is: the ministers are lead to believe that they are part of some type of independent (check out Moon's Interreligious and International Fedeation for World Peace) (take a look at Moon's International Coalition for Religious Freedom) autonomous organization...... Look, we have a very recent example straight from the Washington Post: "Some black clergy members who traveled with the Rev. Sun Myung Moon on his recent U.S. tour have been dismissed from their churches or threatened with dismissal unless they denounce him. In separate incidents, as many as 35 black ministers, most of them at churches in the South, have been voted out of office by church boards that object to any affiliation with Moon "because he calls himself the Messiah," said the Rev. Timothy Chambers, an Alabama evangelist who is pressing Moon's Unification Church to help the dismissed pastors. Chambers blamed the Unification Church for the dismissals, saying that Moon's representatives promised the black preachers that they would establish an independent group called the American Clergy Leadership Conference so the preachers could control their appearances during Moon's tour. Then, Chambers said, Moon's representatives "just started taking things over and running things." By Hanna Rosin, Washington Post, Wednesday, July 25, 2001; Page A03

Finding PROOF of Moon's wrong doing and deceit is extremely easy. I just don't have the space and time to CATALOG each and every one of Moon's scams and all the supporting evidence. When I read the book "Puppet Master" last year (which happened to be published 1976), I was amazed at how the author described Moon's strategies and Modous of Operandi. We are still witnessing the Moonies doing the EXACT same ways of doing business to this very day! You would think that that Moon would have learned his lesson by now: Honesty is THE Best Policy. Nope, not Moon, it just gets stranger and stranger.



Revelations chapter 19 -20: And the beast was captured, and with it the false prophet who in its presence had worked the signs by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped its image. These two were thrown alive into the lake of fire that burns with sulphur.

The organizational structure of the Moon Empire closely resembles a military organizations “chain of command” system. There exists no room to question the actions and motive of your immediate “central figure” (your appointed leader). Now that the "messiah" is on earth, God ONLY works through central figures (leaders) appointed by Moon (LIES). This person exists as your ONLY connection and gateway to God(LIES) and True Parents. This person is given the authority to treat you as he feels fit and get away with it all in the name of helping you get rid of your “fallen nature”(LIES). In other words, God no longer guides anyone else on earth unless they have been appointed by Moon. The elite of this entire network are the Koreans. Only Koreans are in the inner circle. Next level down are the Japanese. The Japanese are the most loyal people on the planet earth. Once they believe in something they will die to the end for it. "Kamikaze" style. Once they are hooked (brainwashed), the Japanese people have this uncanny ancestral tendency to ask no questions and blindly follow their leaders.

A certain type of synergy begins to develop in the midst of all the dynamics involved in this whole mix. A sort of peer pressure syndrome begins to develop over time. Everyone in your peer level is so enthusiastic and dedicated to the “ true parents of(LIES) Mankind” that you are literally held in that suspended animation thought pattern. Many of the loyal followers do just that, they follow the examples of what everyone else does. Hence, they readily accept cruel and unusual treatment in the name of getting closer to God’s suffering heart and closer to God’s love. Something like "I'm going to treat you like shit, and you are going to thank me for it" atitude. It is a sin to speak against Moon or his anointed leaders. How many people have I seen crying rivers of tears because they made a mistake? When ever something goes wrong in The Moonster's world, it is ALWAYS the fault and "failures" of the members....... "you are not worthy".

With this type of motivation fostered from day one, it is very easy for the Moon organization to control(DECEIVE) and lead it’s faithful followers to all directions it pleases without a second thought from the majority. ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE is one of the most important requirements of Moon followers, to question anything is considered a sin(LIES) ("failure to see from God's point of view"), Independent thinking is totally selfish and sinful(LIES).

All of the Caucasian leaders of the Moon organizations are nothing more that puppets. They wield NO real policy making powers on their own. They run all of Moon’s organizations with the rubber(DECEIT) stamp approval method. The Moon family and the KOREANS behind the scenes are the REAL(DECEIT) CEOs and presidents. I have seen this with my own eyes and ears, it sickened me, they keep the “whites” in position with a title and that’s it. All the so called “presidents” of most of the moon business are just glorified secretaries!!!(DECEIT) Ph.D.. hogwash. Moon turns out scholars by the dozens. What title or credentials do you want? Bishop? Rev.? Ph.D..? BA? MBA? CEO? Moon has entire Universities and Seminaries under his complete control! Just for the heck of it he made his own organizations grant him and his wife honorary Ph.Ds.!!(DECEIT) That would surely make them look more respectable....

Its so interesting to observe the moon Koreans. Their attitudes and the way they behave have an eerie resemblance to the arrogant Aristocratic societies of ancient days. Oh yes, there is and always will be a huge gap of the have’s and have nots in Moon's empire. The only difference being that in the unification church the gap is a canyon and it is considered a blessing to be a servant to the God’s "central figures"(LIES). Power struggles and back stabbing have been rampant for decades, Moon just laughs and jokes about how everyone wants to be close to him. Sometimes I wonder if he even gets the picture. I've even heard of stories were Moon would purposely put two rival leaders together to see who would come out on top.

Another extremely perplexing issue is that Moon preaches about "true love" day and night, "world peace", yet study the people he has running the show. The majority of so called "leaders" (Korean or not) are the worst example of loving caring people I've met in my life all bunched up under one umbrella. About 95% of all the Korean leaders that I've met and dealt with have this cold, ruthless, insensitive, incompetent, arrogant, self righteous, attitudes. Strange. I just can't seem to find that "true love" connection or example anywhere. How does he pick these people? In public you will see only one side of the coin ("two face" syndrome is of epidemic proportions in the Unification Church) when you speak to a "central figure" they will be all smiles and outwardly humble, inside they are ravenous wolves. I would love to go into details on all the back stabbing, cheating and infighting that really goes on within the leadership, all in order to climb up the "ladder". But this section can take up an entire book.

Golly gee wiz, I was under the impression that when the messiah returned to save the world that his faithful leadership would be full of warmth and affection, people of wisdom, integrity, and honesty. Good examples for the people to follow. How else is the loving father supposed to bring his lost sheep back home?(with LIESandDECEIT?)



John 1:16-18 For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

Jesus preached, “Love thy neighbor”. The new messiah changed many of the old policies that Jesus established. The new policy of Moon is to lie, cheat, what ever it takes to conquer your neighbor. All enemies must be vanquished no matter what it takes, no rules is the rule here baby. Believe it or not if you have to lie to someone for Moon’s or the “providential” purpose you are told its OK!!!!. It’s even encouraged in order to get new recruits and money.

Their rational here is that throughout history God’s side was handicapped by the fact that they had to follow “the rules” while the devil’s team fought with no regards for the rules. Now it’s God’s side turn to deceive cheat lie etc., to the enemy. Oooooohhhhhkkkkkaaay. I guess that God must have changed his mind as to what is absolute, good and evil and so on and rewrote the rules just for Rev. Moon…..

The Moonies are also famous for another tactic: love bomb your enemy. Heap tons of gifts, favors, and send your most devoted humble servants to take care of your enemy (the person you are trying to win over, defeat, subjugate, conquer) strategy. This one works very well for Moon. It works so well for Moon because everyone loves to be "love bombed". Who does not like all the attention and care? For Moon this is just another STRATEGY to win over your enemy! There exists no real heart and feelings behind the actions. Moon has repeatedly instructed his membership to utilize this strategy as such in order to win over enemies. It is no secret. It is not sincere. You are only another notch in someones belt after you have been won over.

But then, look at some of his speeches. He often goes on to describe how in the future "God" (oh wait, Moon and his wife ARE God in the flesh...) will totally destroy the "wicked" that don't follow Moon or oppose him......

I've been exposed to and experienced about a dozen churches and religions prior to joining Moons army. I can state very firmly that overall, most of the people in the simplest of churches treated me and others around them with a much higher degree of love, compassion (even when they where being confronted about their faiths) and empathy than I have EVER seen practiced anywhere in Moon's empire. Moon's people who supposedly champion and are supposed to live by the code of "true love" "living for the sake of others" actually never practice this outside of the church and when the do seem to practice it within the church, it is often in a hypocritical fashion. Often to collect brownie points with their leaders.

I vividly remember several small little congregations operating out of broken down buildings, yet everyone of its people where so full of joy and love in the holy spirit that it permeated the atmosphere like an amazing electricity. Something that I NEVER ONCE experienced in any of the hundreds upon hundreds of church services I attended as a moonie........ I remember one little church in particular that I visited... I was originally there to witness.... At the end of the service, for some strange reason the reverend tells me to stand, he spoke of all the pain that I was going through! He clearly described the mental torment that I was going through ( I never said a word to anyone, no one even knew I was a moonie), They encircled me and all laid hands on my head, all praying in unison.... the force I felt was incredible! Tears rushed down my face. I still remember his prayer asking God to free my mind from the bonds that have me enslaved..... I never told another moonie about that day. I kept it to myself. I think that was the starting point where my eyes began to see what was really happening around me in the Unification Church.

On the other hand I've witnessed Moonies getting down right violent many times. They are supposed to show the world a higher level of love, yet I am still waiting for that example to appear. Yet there are plenty examples of brutality and vicious venomous verbal attacks that run rampant in the Moonie world. Just to illustrate, I will quote a member (just one example, so you can see the general way they deal with attacks on their faith) that responded to some of my allegations of Moonies wrong doing on the Usenet, here are his actual words:

"You make me lough with these childish posts Austin. You are like the small boy who sees dad nakes and points out his dick and says "yeye dad has it big, whua so big" What is the difference if we worship Moon or not, for as long as for us he is the messiah,then it is clear or not. Would you make such a question to St. Paul when he was following Jesus? In case that we don´t accept that he is the messiah and still worship him, than you can open hat your smelly mouth. Are not catholict bow and pray in front of the cross of Jesus, are you going to blame them for worshiping a piece of wood or a nice photot or statue of Jesus? Try to do that and see their response Ma advice for you: grow up man and see behind the lock of your door, best shephard
From: The Shephard ( Subject: Re: David Payer is an outright LIAR....... Newsgroups: alt.religion.unification Date: 2001-07-03 08:59:26 PST - (This is one of the "lessor" vicious verbal attacks that I have received!!! posted on the above Usenet by Moonies defending their master.)

This guy quoted above, Moon, his family and many others in the Moon world have all shown us their TRUE COLORS over time. All the while preaching to us the virtues of "TRUE LOVE". Jesus taught us to "turn your cheek" and "love your enemy", but as it has been confirmed over and over again, Moon, his family and his devotees FAIL MISERABLY IN PRACTICING WHAT THEY PREACH.

Interesting note: I met and worked along side of many real "ex" Japanese Mafia guys while on Moon's mobile fundraising teams....... these where part of a special team that used to receive special orders from their head Japanese leader. I believe that this team has been disbanded a long time ago, immigration problems.



Matthew, chapter 24
11: And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.

The "Unification Church" as many of us have known it to be, no longer exists. The "church" has been replaced by the "Women's Federation For World Peace", "Family Federation For World Peace", The Wahington Times Foundation, American Leadership Conference, World Cultural & Sports Festival and the hundreds of other organizations that Moon is operating as 'the church" in current day society. The goal is simple: Moon has realized that his use of the "Unification Church" has come to an end. If he is to continue to go forward. The term and name "Unification Church" is mired in such deep controversy that he had no choice but to change the name and add other names to conduct business as. Now more than ever before it is much harder to follow Moon's activities. Let alone try to put it all together and stop him. i.e.., Many people around the world have heard of the Unification Church and it's brainwashing, very, very few know that the "Family Federation for World Peace" (and the dozens of other organizations the U.C. was chopped up into) are Moon's main instruments. These are Moon's new and improved, harder to fight and expose "Unification Church".

Numbers are meant to be molded to what you want them to be around here. I’ve personally attended and helped prepare for hundreds of “successful” rallies, workshops, events, crusades, etc. but the bottom line is always the same: If the actual amount of people in attendance was 300, the amount reported(LIES) in their publications and press releases are always exaggerated, so that actual 300 is now 500-700(LIES) people! And out of those 300 that REALLY showed up, 295 of those are all dedicated church MEMBERS(LIES)! I cannot even begin to emphasize how much this practice(LYING) is more the absolute standard than anything else when it comes to them reporting the attendance of their events. I helped organize and participated in countless events where I have witnessed this practice first hand.

My understanding is that their goals are to be perceived as extremely successful in the eyes of those heads of states and people in power they wish to ultimately reach and manipulate.

It is common knowledge in the church that Rev. Moon frequently visits spiritualists. He has been visiting and receiving guidance from spiritualists since the beginning of the church, and documents this himself. Yet he claims(LIES) to be able to freely visit the world of spirit, heaven since he is the(LIES) King of Kings. If this were true, why does he rely on someone else's view of that world?. He claims to be able to visit anywhere he wants at any time(LIES) in the spirit dimension. The fact that he constantly goes to spiritualist, even to help him choose his own wife and spouses for his children is one of the best evidence, proof that he is full of it.

It is also written in the bible that God did not want his people seeking out and dealing with spiritualists and the occult. I personally know of several members who have been referred to an old Korean lady (remember, Mrs. Kim?) that used to be part of Moon’s entourage. This lady used chickens and spells to cleans the members..… ooooooK.

Over the years the name Unification Church took a huge beating. That establishment as a whole sill exists, only that moon has changed the name(DECEIT) around in order to pull the wool over everyone's eyes. It has morphed into many different disguises: Family Federation For World Peace, Woman's Federation for World Peace, World Cultural Sports Festival (I think this is how they are disguising the wedding event under), and many many more. Now its harder than ever to know where they are and what they are doing. You or someone you know might even have had some sort of contact with any one of the hundreds of organizations he has going on and you do not even know about it....

THE SOUTH AMERICAN INITIATIVE...... buying entire towns, huge parcels of land. Moon has been systematically rejected and kicked out of many of his prior chosen locations around the globe. South America, ripe with political unrest and rampant corruption has become Moon's favorite playground. He again goes on to make great claims and talk of all the great things that are and will be. Well, so much has been written about Moon's land grabs in Brazil, Uruguay and other South American counties, that I won't repeat all the same stuff. Instead, I will just quote from a recent email I have received. This is in regards to the New Hope ranch in Brazil:

"A person I know went there in 1999 - I think. He was a member since many years. He went there because he wanted to work - for free of course -, he wanted to help to run the farm through his own labor. Guess what happened? It's not so difficult to imagine. First the farm leader took his passport and locked it in a safe. His argument: keep it away from thieves. The truth: keep members from running away over night. Next, this member was urged to attend workshops, starting early in the morning with this hon dok hae stuff and going on until late in the night. He asked several times to be assigned to some farming work, but there was not much to do. Anyway, this member was quite disappointed because the reality he saw on the farm didn't correspond to what he heard about it. There were cattle and fruit trees, too, but far less than he was told. The garden was a joke (see attached picture). At least not worthy of a farm. Take a look at the picture of the buildings that are used for living and sleeping. Don't they have a concentration camp flair? This member told me that the rooms are only as wide as 1 window, and a whole family has to live in such a small room. Don't' worry, moon has his own building - a little palace with lots of room....." from anonymous.

Again, folks, what we have here is just another testimony on top of hundreds more that have come out over the years on the REAL circumstances behind all the glitz and propaganda that Moon's minions would have you believe concerning any of the many Moon fraud organizations. South America, Moon's newest "kingdom of heaven" or "fallout shelter"? Lets keep our eyes and ears open to know what he is really trying to do down there.......



2nd Thessalonians 2:3-4 "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshiped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God."

One of the most arrogant policies of the Moon organization is to systematically hide and cover up all sorts of sins and acts of the church, its leaders and of the entire Moon family. The entire Moon family is perhaps the MOST DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY I have ever encountered. They preach family(DECEIT) values, true(DECEIT) love and that this is the sinless(LIES) true family of God. Yet all the antics of the family members are routinely covered up so that it not get out into the light of day what is really going on behind closed doors.

When I was a full-time member I was required to make full public confessions and even written confessions many times over the years as was required of all the other members. They teach that it is a sin to hide your sins yet this apparently does not apply to the family of Moon, the church or it's leaders. On the contrary, it is standard practice to cover the tracks of the moon family’s wrong doings then make up lies about what really happened.

I attended a lecture one day where the lecture claimed that Christianity began its decline when the Roman Catholic churches leaders started the practice of covering the sins of the church. Don’t these people believe in the same principles being applied to their own church? Apparently not.

Confession is supposed to bring cleansing, the bull dung of the Unification Church and the Moon family is piled so high and the stench so foul yet they go about their ways just covering it all up with cheap perfume. The Moon family and the church stopped storing their skeletons in the closet, they had a warehouse built to keep them out of sight and out of mind and added a public relations dept. to keep you guessing.

I ask you, is this the way of "true love" or what?


People holding public offices have responsibilities to the public they serve. Is Moon, his family and all his organizations EXEMPT from accountability of their actions? They routinely dismiss issues, avoid giving explanations and get right down and dirty with lies, deceit and miss-information. In Moon's teachings he smashes the Vatican and Catholic Church, saying that their failures were due to the rampant corruption and failure to confess and repent to the public. Moon claims that his movement the "new" Christianity, comes to fulfill what wasn't fulfilled by the old or new testament ages, yet they are immune to accountability? Moon changes the rules that have been laid down since the beginning of time as he sees fit. What will happen if some how Moon gets his wish of a "theocratic" society?........ His government will be untouchable...... They would not need to answer to no one due to the claim that they have a direct connection to "God" (as they do now), thereby eliminating any need to report to the people or to follow their own laws. How about the "freedom of religion that they are supposedly championing now? If the day ever came that Moon ever got the control he desires = all other religions would have to cease to exist!!!! Think about it...... Moons philosophy is: the ends justify the means. This is how they take care of business now, what, do you really think they will suddenly start playing by the rules when they get the power and influence that they seek? Moon's "theocratic" society will make communism look like child's play.



Matthew 22: 17 Tell us then, what is your opinion? Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not?" 18 But Jesus, knowing their evil intent, said, "You hypocrites, why are you trying to trap me? 19 Show me the coin used for paying the tax." They brought him a denarius, 20 and he asked them, "Whose portrait is this? And whose inscription?" 21 "Caesar's," they replied. Then he said to them, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's."

Unlike Jesus who was not all to concerned with money and power, Rev. Moon doesn't like to pay taxes. After being jailed for tax evasion he came out and made sure they would never catch him again with his pants down. His bookkeepers and accountants are true(DECEIT) magicians. The vast and complex network of businesses and front organizations (this link leads to a more accurate an newer list of literally hundreds of entities) is truly a work of art. Even the best government auditors and investigators can not figure it out the money trails!

Moon's spin doctors try to make everyone believe that Moon has no direct control over any the businesses that he starts... All of us members and ex-members that have been around the "leader's Meetings" ( I have also been present at some of these exclusive meetings) know very well that this is blatantly not true. Moon has 100% control of businesses and organizations through his leaders. Koreans are more than likely at the very top of all the strategic ones, passing on Moon's directions to the so called "presidents" and directors of all his organizations. For example, Craig Maxim recently wrote on a Usenet post: "I have, on several occasions, been allowed to sit in on Korean Regional Leaders meetings, and other such high level meetings Moon has lead. I watched him direct activities these companies would go in. I watched the Korean leaders ask Moon about certain purchases, etc.. and what Moon told them to do, is done. I have watched Josette Shiner, come and give a full report about things the Washington Times was doing, and make sure he knew everything that was going on. And similarly, Moon would respond to her comments and make decisions based on what she told him. Moon was supposed to have NOTHING to do with the AFC and the Times beyond being the "founder" of these organizations. I personally witnessed that this was not true. I saw the reality myself." Any member that has been around for any length of time know very well that Moon runs all his organizations with an iron fist in this fashion . He routinely dismisses (indirectly through his intermediaries of course) management that does not cooperate with his wishes and has them replaced with people that can be easily influenced."

Another big fraud of the Moon promotional machine are all those fake(DECEIT) organizations he established "to help poor nations and people". In almost every piece of literature that the church prints, you will see photos(DECEIT) of moonies helping the poor(LIES), fixing something(LIES), building something(LIES), nursing the sick(LIES), etc. The cruel reality is the fact that these efforts are just for promotions sake(LIES). How much money really goes into these projects? Just a few thousands of dollars. What about the poor that took pictures with "volunteer" "missionary" moonies, for Moon's promotional machine, IRFF and other "missions" of "relief"? The poor kids and communities never did see any real relief. Promises, empty promises. Remember this is a multibillion dollar empire Moon runs. Meanwhile, millions on top of millions are spent and even given away to influential people, to buy their approval and photo opts. Payoffs often disguised as "speaking fees", "grants", "awards", "donations"...using strategic money laundering organizations for this type of cash disbursements. One such organization that prostitutes for Moon is the Washington Times Foundation.

Most of the projects that are still listed and pictured in their promotional materials have been defunct(DECEIT) failures for years, yet they continue to publicize those failed projects as “successful(LIES) colossal human efforts undertaken to relieve world hunger, pain and world peace(LIES).” I’ve seen a couple little organizations that gives food for the homeless here in New York City do consistently MORE for the poor than anything Moon has EVER done. On the state, national or world level, moon’s efforts are virtually nonexistent (some messiah). The Salvation Army, Peace Corps, even McDonalds (restaurant with it's Ronald McDonald House) and many smaller charities like Meals on Wheels with simple missions have consistently done MORE for world peace and the poor than anything Moon has talked of in his entire life. Thats all that Moon ever does...... just TALK.

More about Moonster's fraud of SERVING DYING AND SUFFERING PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD. It is all just a huge deception. Look into my words carefully now: Moon opens many organizations with great sounding names and buys up buildings and property then PUBLICIZES it as some type of new effort to help the poor and suffering, to achieve world peace, or something of the sort.... IN REALITY what really goes on is: That new building, new organization (or whatever his new con) ONLY SERVE AS A FRONT FOR WITNESSING (directly or indirectly) AND GETTING NEW MEMBERS OR MONEY. Look carefully at each and every one of Moon's efforts and you will see what I say is 100% true. They will say: we are "educating" the poor (or whoever), this "educating" means TEACHING THEM MOON'S DIVINE PRINCIPLES !!! Every single effort made by moon is to directly or indirectly educate and CONVERT more people or make money. That's all. I know first hand, I have worked for over a couple dozen different organizations and each and every one of them where total frauds, who's true bottom line was only out to "witness" to new people and PROMOTE MOON'S AGENDA or make money. Not ONE of Moon's organizations have I ever seen that truly does anything remotely close to a soup kitchen, salvation army, united way, or any others. But, oh yes, in the beginning of a new venture they will come out with trucks of stuff, take photos and video shoots....... when the dust settles...... its hey baby, lets get back to work on promoting Moon's agenda, MAKE MORE MONEY, GET MORE NEW MEMBERS! I can not describe it better than this.

It is true, Moon has gone down in history as saying "It is a waste of time to help the poor and suffering because they are of NO USE to God's providence, therefore we must focus on the rich and powerful" that's a far cry from the heart of Jesus who loved everyone equally and wanted salvation for all, not to mention Jesus' great efforts to ease the pain and suffering of the people.

What of all those hundreds businesses that Moon directly or indirectly owns and runs? Manufacturing, retail, guns, banks, book publishers, real estate holdings, beverages, newspapers, hotels, recording studios, TV studios, etc., etc. ? Where does all the revenue$ go? Where do they come from? Does anyone really know what is going on here? Do you get the picture yet? The government went after Rev. Moon several times, unsuccessfully at that. The stint that Moon did at Danbury prison didn’t even faze him. When he finally came out he promoted himself as a martyr, "made to suffer under the terrible clutches of the US government".

The problem with any efforts that U.S. Law enforcement made to get Moon for anything was the fact that they rushed into everything in order to get an indictment. Well if they would only had took their time, did their research, get informants and put undercover operatives into the organization (just like they do for Mafia criminal organizations), maybe then everything would have been another story right now.

Chyung Pyung lake...... Mass exorcisms are supposedly taking place in here, assisted by Mrs. Moon's departed mother.... the old lady they claim is POSSESSED with her spirit is refered to as Dae Mo Nim (literally, exalted grandmother).The old bat that runs the Chyung Pyung lake illusion con game for moon actually charges a FEE (especially the Japanese since they are the ones that believe in ancestor worship) to "free" their ancestors from hell !!!!

Camp getaways, special conferences, regional meetings, etc., etc., there is always some new “you must attend this one or you will be(LIES) damned” gathering taking place some where in the world at all times. $1,000.00 a head is what Moon usually goes for. Compound that by thousands of participants and hundreds of different events…Cha-ching$$$.

The Washington Post reported that ex-members in Japan have sued the church and affiliated companies based on claims they were pressured to make donations and buy high-priced vases and religious trinkets to help dead relatives who were suffering in the afterlife. The Post reported that lawyers in Japan claim the church has shelled out $150 million to settle the suits.......... In Moon's church, MONEY can erase(LIES) any sin you or your ancestors committed!!!.

Results: mansions and yachts on every corner of the globe, thanks to the unwavering sacrificial blood, sweat and tears of all those faithful followers. Hey, we set up his dynasty really nice, we did. We’ve been so good, the entire moon family didn’t even have to come out and break a sweat or get their manicures dirty. By golly, they are now set for life, generations on down.

Then there exists all those rumors of Moon's Korean CIA connections, druglord connections, China. Well, in this case I can not vouch as true or false on these allegations, sorry. I still haven't found any hard facts or anyone close enough to moon's inner circle to brief me on these issues. We need a top echelon old timer Korean moonie leader to defect and spill the beans. We need a Korean Sammy the Bull Gravano to blow the doors wide open on the Moonie "Mafia" crime empire, just as Nan Sook Hong blew the doors off the myth of a perfected sinless "true family".

Millions of dollars are routinely shuttled back and forth from all of Moon's organizations. His purchasing the Banco De Credito in Uruguay was a master stroke. That country has lax auditing laws just like they have in Switzerland. This bank has been a very important piece in Moon's financial puzzle. I find it totally amazing that (just one example) that he had the balls to send hundreds of female Japanese into the bank, lined up for several blocks, one after another to deposit $20,000 each, when the line ended a few days latter, Moon had deposited Millions! This, like most of the other stories in this website, can be verified as having taken place with little work on anyone's part to find out the details. Yet I can only wonder how and why our government has not said a word...... not moved a finger, it is looking the other way while Moon and his minions blatantly trot around the globe laundering millions of dollars, even sending millions to North Korea, a regulated zone and "enemy" of USA and still get away with it.......

Message to members that made all those mansions a reality: try to go up to, lets say East Garden (moon says all his properties also belong to the members) and ask to see if they even let you in to use the bathroom….

Here is a recent post from alt.religion.unification Usenet by Glenn (read the whole thread here) that I feel articulates the issue of Moon's organizations very well: " What you have listed are not redeeming features but rather external achievements that may or may not indicate something worth emulating. To illustrate my point, simply substitute Nazi Germany or Communist China or People's Temple or Southern Baptists or Mormons or Christian Scientists, for examples, as the inspiration behind the following litany and you will see that many of these same goals (world peace, education, family values, etc.) can be claimed by them, and then some. Yet no one would make a final judgment based on such superficial externals. Why? Because it is not the external achievements that ultimately matter, as you know. The redeeming feature is something much deeper and more profound, an inner integrity that can withstand withering scrutiny from any quarter, including the unblinking eye of history; it is a higher quality that does not blanche or flinch and does not change in appearance. One need not have any external accomplishment to embody such an ideal.

None of the things listed below, as attributed to the UC, could withstand such close scrutiny. Those that do exist are too slim to be viewed as anything other than cynical PR stunts; or elaborate bricks-and-mortar attempts to buy "respectability" and appear "mainstream." Respectability has always been enormously important to the movement. The newspapers, to pick one example with which I am familiar, are not "important" in any way, shape or form by any standard that importance can be reasonably measured, whether by circulation or influence or political power. But they DO provide a fig leaf of "respectability." They are "important" only in the eyes of the gullible, who lack the courage to see clearly that which is plain to anyone else.

Just run through the following list substituting some other organization and it becomes more clear that these "accomplishments" are not particularly stirring or noteworthy vis a vis the Unification Church. In fact, the Unification Church pales in comparison to what others have accomplished, even the evil regimes."



Daniel 11:32-40
“He shall exalt and magnify himself above every God”

Rev. Moon has not even tried to hide one of his biggest goals. World domination. He speaks of it in many of his speeches. Every member is well aware of the fact that their mission in life is to convert the entire planet to Moonism.

You will never hear the words “world domination”. The term that is used almost exclusively is “subjugating the world”. For those of you who don’t know the meaning of subjugate, the Webster’s dictionary puts it this way: “to conquer and hold in subjection”.

What baffles me the most is the fact that this man has stated over and over again what his intentions are and yet no one takes this guy seriously. They all treat this man like just another wacko. With a devoted brainwashed army of thousands blindly backing him up to their last breath along with nobody knows how many billions of dollars and assets being strategically amassed and appropriated… somebody please tell me I am the one that is delusional here. Even an old 1978 U.S. House of Representatives report acknowledges the known goal of Moon, here are some bits of the U.S. Government findings:

"In the Medieval Ages, they had to separate from the cities--statesmanship from the religious field--because people were corrupted at that time. But when it comes to our age, we must have an automatic theocracy to rule the world. So, we cannot separate the political field from the religious".------- To achieve his theocracy, Moon has mapped out strategies for gaining control and influence over economic, political, cultural, academic, media, and religious institutions. The efforts of the Moon Organization are to be concentrated on key nations.---- "If we can manipulate seven nations at least, then we can get hold of the whole world: the United States, England, France, Germany, Soviet Russia, and maybe Korea and Japan. On God's side, Korea, Japan, America, England, France, Germany, and Italy, are the nations I count on in order to gain the whole world". (240)------ Moon's strategy is designed to influence a wide range of institutions. "We must approach from every angle of life; otherwise, we cannot absorb the whole population of the world. We must besiege them."(241) ----- Moon promises to use his trained followers from around the world on behalf of South Korea in case of war, as he proclaimed at a public rally near Seoul: "in case North Korea provokes a war against the South Korean people, they [UC members] believe it is God's will to protect their religious fatherland to the last, to organize the Unification Crusade Army, and to take part in the war as a supporting force to defend both Korea and the free World. (237) >>>>> All this text comes out directly from that government report...... they were aware of all this back in 1978, yet they could only get him for tax evasion back then. Now I think that the government has forgotten all about it's own findings letting him thrive on the blood, sweat and tears of his followers.

Moon is far from wacko. This man is pure genius.
One of the greatest threats in any situation of world domination is not to know who, what, when, where is your enemy. It is a common military understanding that one must know thy enemy. That’s why we spend so much money on spying on them (i.e., Russia, China, etc.), so we can always know what they are up to. Yet, no government division or individuals have bothered to continue to keep tabs on what is going on here, let alone putting it all into focus as in the big picture.

On the contrary, what I see happening all over the place is people accepting his newest con game called the “Women’s Federation for World Peace” and “the Family Federation for World Peace”… they should add one more part to the names of those organizations: “….World Peace Centered Around Moon”. The disturbing fact is that some prominent and influential people have been falling for this(LIES) con. The actual list of names for his shell organizations is mindboggling, making it extremely difficult to keep up with and connect him to the newer ones he regularly comes up with.

Each and every time that a prominent and influential person stands up and testifies to the world that they believe, approve, acknowledge, etc. any one of the Moon organizations, this act gives those very same organizations the illusion of mainstream acceptance. And you now know that is exactly what the Moon public relations teams will spin that as.

The biggest inroads that moon has established in his quest for world domination are with North Korea. Its been revealed that Moon has sent anywhere from 3 million to billions of dollars to North Korea and from 12 to 40 (what ever the actual number may be, all you need is to get one of those bad boys to work) "obsolete" submarines (hey, if they still drive and go underwater... they can still be used for anything....) several years ago. The actual number of subs seems to be 12 according to a recent update I received, the official story was that they bought them for "scrap metal"..... What happened with all that money and the subs is anyone's guess. What if those unfounded rumors turned out right after all, of Moon's North Korean allies actually having some of those suit case sized warheads that ended up missing from Russia in their possession? What agreements and contracts is he making behind the our backs?.......



Revelations chapter 13 - 4: Men worshiped the dragon,>>>(Rev. Moon's devotees worship him and his image)<<<<<for he had given his authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast, saying, "Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?" 5: And the beast was given a mouth uttering haughty and blasphemous words,>>>>>(Moon claims that Jesus failed and is his dead son's servant) <<<<<and it was allowed to exercise authority for forty-two months; 6: it opened its mouth to utter blasphemies against God, blaspheming his name and his dwelling>>>>>>(Moon claims that he is God here on earth)<<<<<<<, That is, those who dwell in heaven.

Rev. Moon’s real birth name is Myung Young Moon… the literal translation of his real birth name is:


Hello? Is anyone listening out there? He changed it(DECEIT) to Sun Myung in order to change the original meaning to the new meaning of "the shinning or bright word". In Asian cultures extremely high importance is placed to the actual meaning of a person's name.... Of course Moon had to hide the original meaning, it would have been way to obvious for some to realize who he really is.... He told his early deciples he had to change his name or the Christians would take him as the antichrist.

Moon’s constant courtship of Heads of States is bewildering to say the least. Why is it so important for him to continue to make these allies? The book of Revelations mentions something about the false prophet “gathering all the world leaders together for battle at a place called Armageddon”….. All of Moons conferences of world leaders and ministers match this description so well it makes my hair stand on end. Moon has been successfully penetrating the United Nations..... Is this not one of the places that the world leaders now gather? If I am interpreting the prophesy correctly, the UN will be THE place where the grand Moonster will one day soon try to make the biblical gathering. Can't, don't believe this? You really have NO idea how much effort, people, money, publicity, the Moonster has invested in trying to "gain some type of control" in the UN....... this place is his "holy grail"...........

In 1973 Moon declared, "We must have an automatic theocracy to rule the world. So we cannot separate the political field from the religious” excerpt from a “Master Speaks” speech… There are many more documented references of Moon stating that he must rule the earth centered on his "God". Moon has made this same proclamation hundreds of times since then...... Every newspaper, company, organization, etc., that they buy or start is done with the ultimate goal and strategy to literally rule the world. No matter how ridiculous you may think this sounds.....

It was stated in the bible that in the last days many false prophets would come and try to lead God’s children astray. Jim Jones, David Koresh, Hail Bobit followers, that Japanese messiah with the gas, there are many out there today.

But no false prophet has EVER appeared on the planet earth with the mass wealth, resources and GOALS of Rev. Moon….!!!

It is written in the bible that the beast will make his people wear his "mark" on their hands and foreheads. Moon requires all members who's souls that he has claimed through his unholy mass marriages must wear a ring with the symbol of his church. Behold: the Unification symbol, the MARK OF THE BEAST is revealed:

I've been starting each separate chapter in this report with a quote from the bible that I feel directly shows the true nature of Rev. Moon and his empire in light of the Biblical words. As much as I have tried to illustrate who Rev. Moon really is and what he stands for, I feel that I still have not done my mission of revealing who he really is. How can I possibly warn the world that this man and his movement is the one and only false prophet/antichrist mentioned in the bible so many times? In the beginning Moon claimed to be the new messiah, now he claims to be GOD! and ruler of the universe! This is the only person to ever appear on this planet to make this statement, working day and night to gather leaders from around the world in his conferences! It is so clear when you look at what he is doing in light of all the warnings stated in the bible! Moon matches the descriptions of the false prophet/antichrist to the "T"!!! Please read this bible quote now with this in mind:

II Thessalonians Chapter 2.- "3 Let no man DECEIVE YOU by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that MAN OF SIN BE REVEALED, the son of perdition; 4 Who opposeth and EXALTETH HIMSELF above all that is called God, or that is WORSHIPPED; so that HE AS GOD sitteth in the temple of God, SHEWING HIMSLEF THAT HE IS GOD.

As if this were not enough… Every member is required to set up an alter in their homes, candles and all. Every member must have a large picture on their alter of Rev. Moon and his wife so you may WORSHIP THEM AND THEIR IMAGE!!!!…. This alter must be located on the east side of the room. Every morning you are supposed to make full bows (they call bowing before the master and all of his family “keyumbays”) all the way to the floor then kneel and pray in front of your alter and recite a pledge of allegiance to Moon…. HELLLLLOOOO!? Is it not written in the book of Revelations that the beast shall make his followers worship his IMAGE?......

Rev. Moon Claims That Jesus Was A Failure! He claims that his dead children are in heaven and Jesus is their faithful STUDENT and SERVANT!!!! Rev. Moon has often mocked Jesus in front of us in many of his speeches. I will never forget Moon's glow on his face as he would rip Jesus' works apart. "Only Moon has successfully completed the mission of the Messiah" he boasts. Yet I have these stark differences between these two people in my mind, let me try and articulate it this way: I copied this chart from another site that speaks of the "Antichrist". I was amazed how well Moon fit their description of "antichrist". Mind you, that I just happened to come across this item on the net and I am including it here for you to form your own opinion.




          Jesus Christ






The Truth

The Lie


The Holy One

The Lawless One


The Man of Sorrows

The Man of Sin


The Son of God

The Son of Perdition


The Mystery of Godliness

The Mystery of Iniquity



The Bottomless Pit


The Good Shepherd

The Idol Shepherd


To Do His Father's Will

To Do His Own Will


To Save The Lost

To Destroy the Holy People


To Be Exalted On High

To Be Cast Down To Hell


His Father's Name

His Own Name


Humbles Himself

Exalts Himself


The True Vine

The Vine of the Earth






1). We have a self appointed "Messiah" and "holy true family" who claim to be God's anointed "saviors of mankind" REALITY CHECK: All the evidence revealed throughout the years points out that this entire dysfunctional family is incapable of living a decent moral lifestyle, instead walk the road of sin, lust and self indulgence while portraying themselves as models of God's moral family values.

2). They preach of "family values", "true love", caring and serving others. REALITY CHECK: Even their own hard working members who have sacrificed their entire lives for Moon are dumped on a street corner when they are no longer of any use. No helping hand, no support, no sympathy. Period. All the while the Moon clan lives totally arrogantly decadent life styles behind the scenes.

3). They claim to be doing "great wonders" around the world for world peace. REALITY CHECK: Every single program for "helping the poor" since 1954 are all total failures, yet Moon constantly promotes them as ongoing successful projects to the world. Not only are they all failures, many of those projects are borderline frauds.

4). They say they will build the "kingdom of heaven on earth". REALITY CHECK: Take a close look at their organizational structure, policies and protocol. What you will find in actual practice day in and day out are: leaders who curse at the membership, they abuse them, take advantage of them, the list goes on and on. The organization is run like a military theocratic authoritarian machine. The "true love" that they preach about? Only words and not practiced.

5). They claim to have the "new truth" bringing to mankind a new "revelation" from God. REALITY CHECK: Many of the things they hook new victims (new members) will sound fantastically great and incredible, downright amazing at times. But the fact remains, documented and confirmed in black and white throughout the years, the practice of outright lies, deceit, fraud, manipulation, lies, lies, lies.

6). Their motto in summary is "unification for world peace" REALITY CHECK: They travel every corner of the earth establishing ties with corrupt organizations, leaders and governments. Their main M.O. (mode of operation) is to get to the leaders with bribes, gifts and promises. The pay people off to get out on a stage to make themselves look good to the world. They go about strategically putting together a network of ministers, and leaders to arrive at their ultimate goal:

7). They claim to be the kings of kings, ruler of rulers, the physical manifestation of God on earth, and shall rule the earth for God. REALITY CHECK: Every single organization and company they run are full of deceit and chaos, their lives are chaos, they have made the lives of many people chaos. There is backstabbing, bickering, and brown nosing at every level. The only thing these people have had built are mansions on every continent and corporations to fuel $ THEIR corrupt lifestyles, not Gods will. There exists no medicine for the poor, no housing help for the homeless, not even candy bars for all those starving kids. It is all lies. Yet they portray this benevolent image to the world, smoke and mirrors, grand illusions. Mastery of media and self promotion. Yes they want to build the ultimate "kingdom on earth" just not for the God we know (the loving creator, heavenly father)......

8). THE ULTIMATE REALITY CHECK: Take some time to do your own research, read the Book of Revelations, and all of the warnings of the false prophets and antichrist throughout the bible. Pray about it. One day you will awake in a cold sweat as the realization sets in..... Rev. Moon IS the ultimate antichrist foretold and forewarned eons ago. He is living and breathing right in our midst. ..... Their legacy of actual "deeds" will prove it.......

It took me years to see through the smoke, mirrors and hypocrisy. Before I joined moon's church I made a secret prayer from deep within my heart: I told God if he was working through Moon I would follow Moon to the ends of the earth, not for Moon, no, but for my love Jesus and Heavenly Father, the Creator, and I asked him if I was wrong in following Moon to please forgive me and let me know somehow. I have no shame in confessing to everyone out there: Yes I truly believed and desperately hoped that this man was the man that was to bring an end to crime, wars and tragedy to this world. I gave my life to this man. I was ready to die for this man. There were no deprogrammers involved, little by little I awoke from the hallucination I was living. Not one bit if insight that helped me awaken came from "outside" the church, I saw first hand with my own eyes the hypocrisy and deceit. The more I searched for answers the more I found out I was living in a lie. At one point I became heart broken when I could not rationalize the fact that I had been USED and played like a puppet. Even then, I would wake up and join the rest of the group for daily activities. What do I do now? A few years have since passed and I am still partially stuck in this black hole of a twilight zone and still getting goose bumps every time I hear that song "Hotel California".

I hope that all the suffering, hardship and experience I went through was not in vein. I believe God had a plan in letting me travel this path, and being in key places, meeting key people. I now come forward as witness to the truth as I have seen it. The overall picture is now crystal clear, gone is the haze of Moon's illusions in my mind, emancipated from those bonds of mental slavery.

In all the years that I’ve been involved with the Unification Church, the Moon family, and many of the businesses of the Moon empire. I could ultimately come to only of two options as to the true identity of Rev. Moon: Either this guy is who he claims to be or this guy is more than the biggest con man to walk the planet earth…. the one and only, wolf in sheep’s clothing, deceiver of men, false prophet, antichrist, the dragon, the beast. The actions of Moon, his family and his church clearly point to the fact that something is seriously wrong with what they preach. This man, his family and organizations are a danger to society.


Just to draw an analogy. Before Hitler came into power (one of the earlier antichrists), he didn't just come out and say "hey folks, I'm going to start a world war and kill millions of people and establish a superior race. He inspired people and spoke of great things. Nobody ever read the warning signs, nobody really did anything to warn the world about him before it was too late. Instead everyone was mesmerized by his wonderful ideas, many based on this thing called Marxism.... eventually everyone came to know him as a fascist, an antichrist, a mass murderer....... This time around you can do your own research and come to your own conclusion. This time you have been warned ahead of time. Please go forward and warn others. Hitler was just a boy scout compared to the Moonster who is the real McCoy......

On September 11th the World Trade center and the Pentagon were attacked by extreme radical Muslim terrorists.... The United States and many countries around the world are now in the middle of a HOLY WAR. If it escalates and gets out of hand, it can turn out to be a holy war of Christianity Vs Muslims..... I hereby proclaim that it has now begun, is this the beginning of Armageddon? One thing is for sure, the turn of events from this day forward will have lasting impact on all our lives and the future. I must warn you. Keep an eye on the Moonster.

I’ve made this report in order to testify what I’ve seen and know to be true. I need your help to post this report everywhere. Please don’t just throw this report away, pass it on, make copies, even if it is to just one person. PASS IT ON. To stay silent and not go on the offensive with the info we know to be true is the worse thing we can do. We must reveal to world the Dragon. So please take this to the churches, newspapers and TV stations.

He who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says. The true antichrist has now been revealed.

May God always guide and be with you,

I rest my case.



We are tired of all the outright lies and exaggerations. If you are really on God’s side, why can’t you use plain old fashion honesty? Confess your sins, your families, and your church to the world. Confess your mistakes. Admit that things didn’t go the way you might have hoped them to go, if it was that you really wanted to bring God’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Is it so hard for you to tell us the truth? Confess and you will be forgiven. You and your church continuously HIDE and DENY a multitude of sins !! That is what gave you away. What is from Heavenly Father is pure and unblemished. You claim to be better than Jesus, yet you can not live up to the simple standard of not telling lies, denying things, etc. Jesus and God hate liars: take a look at the good old bible, you will see over 3 hundred references to "liars" and "truth".

Jesus died on a cross for our sins, not budging one millimeter from truth, yet now you claim to be his superior. If you are the new Messiah and now the ruler of the universe why do you have a license to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OTHERS, lie and deceive the world? Does the “True Family” have a license to sin on the grounds of “its providential”? God has always been absolute and unchanging, are you trying to tell me that God, going against his own nature, is now practicing satan’s ways to win? It is written in the bible dozens of times over and over again. The words uttered by your claims have crossed the line into the Blasphemy zone, over and over again. God HATES liars. I have searched my heart, the fallen sinful man that I am, yet even I can plainly see that the deeds, the words and claims do not match. Your speeches and words of True Love come flowing out of your mouth like silky smooth and deep currents of hope, yet your polices and the actions of everything that is connected to moon is nothing other that pure contradiction and deceptive.

The deeds of Moon and his family fit the description of the one and only ANTICHRIST, but then again I am just a simple person who has knowingly lived a life of sin, I don’t claim be be anything other. It took me a long time to see through all of your illusions, you changed your name and all, but now I clearly see the DRAGON in you shining out. I remember all the times that I sat there for hours at Belvedere listening to your speeches, I always tried to sit as close as possible so as to be able to feel every vibration, I used to stare right into your eyes... only to find no end... I couldn't figure it out at the time. They say that a person's eyes are the mirror to their souls, yet I could never ever find a glimpse of anything within your eyes. Now I understand clearly. No true feelings, or emotion. Your eyes reflect a bottomless pit, and that is the only decription I can adequately find. Everything has now fallen into place.

We have been rebuked, chastised, threatened, tormented, and punished for asking similar questions and viewpoints posed in this report, to your “central figures”. Every member knows better than to point out discrepancies and wrong doings, for they all know that they will immediately be reprimanded in one way or another. I now challenge you to answer us all on the public stage. I want to see you on TV with a panel of nonbelievers and you, give and take action, answers and questions.... yet I know this will never happen. You, your family and your movement will continue to hide under that cloud of smoke and mirrors hoping that the illusions don't wear out. Go ahead hide under 1st, and 5th amendments (use that 2nd amendment to justify making guns of destruction), continue to claim religious persecution. Even if our efforts do not succeed in revealing to the world what you are truly about, eventually everything you have created will decay from the inside out.... just look at the massive erosion of diehard members over the years :-)......>No matter what, Almighty God the creator will be the ultimate victor.

This is only the beginning: Phase 1......

The wrath of NoStrOdoMouS, the dragon slayer, has begun. Hide under your lies, deceit and cover-ups, I have no fear because the TRUTH is MY sword.


Must visit sites:

True Light Educational Ministy
"Second Messiah's" Mission to Subjugate America is Dangerously Successful
Bible Query - Refuting Rev. Moon's Unification Church

Recommended Reading:

In the Shadow of the Moons: My Life in the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Family, by Nansook Hong - An incredible insiders look into the real workings behind the scenes view of the Moon empire. If you can walk away and NOT see Moon and his works as the fraud that they really are after reading this book, then, well, we are all doomed. This is a MUST read book, and I personally vouch for the accuracy of all the content, I was there, I am there. Click here to see more eye openning reviews of this book from reviews at

Sun Myung Moon, the Man and the Movement, by Frederic Sontag

The Moon is not the Son, by James Bjornstad

Heavenly Deception, by Chris Elkins

Releasing The Bonds: Empowering People To Think For Themselves, by Steve Hassan

Lord of the Second Advent, by Steve Kemperman

The Puppet Master, by J. Isamu Yamamoto - This book is extremely interesting. It was published in 1977. 23 years ago. I did not read or was able to find this book until AFTER I put up this web site. What I find incredible is the fact that this man depicted many of Moon's strategies and ways way back in 1977. The very same things that I have witnessed and helped Moon's fraud with in the 1980s and 1990s. Nothing has changed! Iasmu Yamamoto accurately depicted Moon and his endeavors for what they really where back then and for what they are now. Nothing has changed in the way Moon continues to do his thing. I find this extremely disturbing due to the fact that it has been established what Moon's goals and his operations are all about, yet NO ONE HAS DONE ANYTHING TO STOP HIM. All the stories told by Mr. Yamamoto and countless others are the same.... All the evidence points to the fact that Moon's actions and organizations are a fraud, yet he gets away with it and prospers.... I am heart broken. What are we to do? CAN we do anything to stop him?



TO MY DETRACTORS: To all those that are teasing me or trying to get any clues about my identity in any way: It is not going to work. If you want to challenge me or try a feeble attempt to debunk anything that I've written here, don't waste my time. I simply will not waste my time on you. Better yet why don't you ask your master the Rev. Moonster to tell you my identity? I'm sure all he has to do is beam up to the spirit world and see all things.... ask him who I am, and why I continue to work in their presense without their knowledge...... If you can not see the REALITY, you are hopeless, go out and sell some more flowers to help Rev. Moon build himself a new Mansion in South America. Better yet, instead of giving Moon your money, save them some time and trouble= why don't you just go out spend it on drugs and prostitutes and donate it directly to East Garden, I am sure they will love it. They won't have to leave the mansions and sneak around to find their next fix.

Another thing: don't even try to judge me or my words by Moon's standards. I am NOT perfect, I am not the one making the claims of being perfect, I make mistakes like everyone else, I am a fallen human being, I can only hope for salvation through Jesus. I state the information as they are, one of the main central points being the fact that Moon and his family claim that THEY HAVE ACHIEVED PERFECTION AND ARE SINLESS(BULL DUNG LIES) I just point out how it is all a bunch of lies and contradictions Can you possibly get that through your head and then take another look of everything I have written within on these pages?!!!! The entire KEY to seeing through the Moon illusion/fraud is in understanding that he and his family are NOT who they claim to be!!!!!

Special Note # 2: Everything that I have written here on these pages I testify as 1,000,000% TRUE. Even many of the moonies that have given feedback state "this is allot of old news". (though my perspective in unique and deep). Therefore, most of the events and facts spoken of in these pages have been ESTABLISHED, DOCUMENTED, REPORTED, WITNESSED, universally CONFIRMED AND ACCEPTED as having taken place at one time or another. No matter how many times Moon's "spin doctors" try to deny, discredit and dismiss the true stories the REALITY will still remain. I hereby proclaim that I am willing and READY to go to court to prove my case if need be. So go ahead, SUE ME :-)....... I would love nothing more that to drag Moon, his family and the corrupt church of sin out into the open! Like Clint Eastwood would say: "make my day"!

Behold, hereth cometh the wrath of NoStrOdoMouS...... MAY THE TRUTH BE MY SWORD!


SPECIAL WORDS TO ALL MY FRIENDS: Thanks for your support and words of inspiration. I never in my wildest imagination ever thought I would have to resort to this. It is just that no one ever came out to confront Goliath straight on. Every bone in my body can not rest knowing what is going on, having experienced first hand, I can not, will not remain silent. Sometimes I feel like maybe if I go to sleep, when I wake up I will find out that this whole Moon thing was just a bad dream. No. Every time I wake up the nightmare is still there laughing at us. I am still living in that "Twilight Zone".

I have several war plans and strategies. Yet what is most important is that everyone go on a mass counter offensive attack on Moon's efforts. I propose and hope that somehow we can establish a "Moon Welcoming Committee" (MWC). Everywhere that Moon and his Family go to conduct those big events: don't stay quite! lets be there the day of the show with our own team of people giving out pamphlets and publicity about the truth. Freedom of Speech. Use it against him too. It can be done. It needs to be organized and followed through on. It can be done. Everywhere he has one of his scams running: saturate "mass bombing" with REAL TRUTH counter propaganda.

Unfortunately my financial status is borderline "just getting by" at the moment. I've spent so many years in this movement that I have not had the time to build up a war arsenal fund. I hope and pray to God that someone capable can come forward that can take the initiative to go on the offense with the MWC. I think my best place for now is the role of the Trojan Horse. Moon's empire is slooooowly rotting from the inside out and I will do everything I can adding fuel to that fire to speed that process along ;-) This is just one of my ideas, I cannot discuss strategies of engagement here. Otherwise the enemy will know what to be ready for. Stealth and invisible has it's very, very effective strong points and I have had years to think things through.

Then there is the issue of my identity. I thought about these things for along time, I have this elaborate system in use, where I cover my tracks several times over, no matter where I go on the net. I carry my disks with me and use other members computers by remote control!! (I love this technology stuff!) I log on from everywhere. (They will probably catch some other poor bozo instead!, this is the theory) I have dozens of identities. If Moon's henchmen find me first...... (and they are searching for me at this very moment) I don't know what will happen. I've heard rumors of "disappearing" members, but nothing ever substantiated..... Yes, I do have an insurance policy: a couple of my family (blood) have disks, recordings (they claim that allot is lost in translations..... I have straight from the horses mouth stuff!), and documents with details, names, times, witnesses, about encounters with the so called true family members, should anything happen to me.... well you know (Hey, it works in the movies) the rest. Sad part is that I am not kidding. Anti-moonies, please do me a favor and copy the entire contents of this website to your hard drives or your own site. Should anything ever happen to me I want this report to stay forever online, moonies have gotten a couple of my sites shut down already, I just keep setting them up just as fast. They know this information is right on the money, otherwise they would not bother with it. At the very least, if I am discovered by the moonies, I will probably lose my wife and children to Moon. There is no easy answer to anything.

May the good lord guide you and bless all of you.




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