Hedgehog Eating the Fox
Losses from Historical Falsification of the Vietnam War

Many physicists and systems theorists will contest the notions of self-organization implied by the brief account provided in this article. Many authorities will contest the proposition that the Viet Cong Political Infrastructure underwent a pre-Tet-1968 phase transition like that briefly described here. Nonetheless, these issues were intensely debated in Saigon during the war as a backdrop to the Enemy Strength controversy, which Sam Adams doggedly pursued leading to the Westmoreland-CBS trial -- none of the debated issues being addressed in courtroom testimony. The universal lack of interest over a 40-year period in the one truly primary source yielded by the war -- internal documents of bureaucratic function, such as personnel transfer orders and the like, stating exactly what each side did, not what each side said it did -- is not because of the reasons stated and/or felt by the uninterested scholars: issues of Left-Right ideological dispute still obsessing these people and determining the content of their rather uninteresting academic output. The ideological vectoring is a group-think avoidance mechanism whereby both sides of the academic muddle cooperate to mutually escape looking at much more fundamental issues, issues for which each side lacks the requisite psychological sophistication which is preliminary to apprehension, analysis, comprehension, and assimilation. This circumstance has profound implications for the future of American life.
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Yo-yo on a String
Globalization as “Walkin' the Dog”

The spin component of dog-walkin' globalization is the continual twist imparted to the cultural sphere, wherein the centripetal force drives inexorably toward uniformization and global monoculture. The Wall Street “masters of the universe” and their political paladins believe their finger jitters will keep the economic yo-yo on tract, that the achievement of global monoculture will be obtained with minimum upheaval and manageable levels of violence. Are they right?
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Sketch of an EPIC POEM for a multimedia CD-ROM

This undertaking would best be accomplished as a collective art project in much the same manner as a film is made. For that, funding would be required. One of the purposes of such a CD-ROM would be to stimulate interest in developing a post-Lilly, post-Bateson approach to inter-species communications: one based on humans learning to speak dolphin, rather than vice versa. The hypothesis informing this endeavor is that this DolphinSpeak project would be the most direct route to an authentic post-Chomskian generative universal semantics, the presence of which is a prerequisite for metareference truly effective at initiating and sustaining spontaneous social order.
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