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Joe Goode’s thirteen first-off-the-plates “Tornado Series” prints were being pinned along the wall as I unsuspectingly ambled into the printer’s workroom, one among a group of chatterers. At first, I was not fully cognizant copies of the prints were being hung. An electrical surge at the solar plexus alerted that something extraordinary required conscious focus. Turning directly to the line of prints, my first awareness was of a sudden faint, a light-headedness, the blood-pulled-to-the-gut initial onset of neurogenic shock. I still had not actually looked at the prints; my other I-am had made the registration. Staggering against a workbench, my immediate-I now stared dumbly at the images. There should have been a fugue, but passing-out passed by. Twenty years struggling to mathematically understand tornadoes converged, telescoping-insertion into telescoping-insertion, Thuoong! Thuoong! upon this instant of engagement with Joe Goode’s prints.

But more than that. I brought to this quick-frozen moment a strong sense of the centrality of tornadoes in symbolizing Western civilization’s deep-seated fear of animistic identity transparency, a fear going back to late-Medieval alchemy: tornado representing the unconscious yoking of the archetypal contrasexual of both sexes, the androgenous conjugio: voracious cosmic vagina as central feature of the vortex theory of matter; magic sword-lance piercing the critical point in the geomantic dragon current ley-line nexus. Joe Goode had somehow managed to rake his fingers through the full spectrum of tornado-related collective affect-charge deposited in the Western psyche, and had found a way to etch it into his aquatint printing plates. How he had been able to do this, I could not imagine; perhaps, he was born in Oklahoma with the required emotive sight intact.

The stun-gun surge deepened by presentation to recollection that his “Waterfall Paintings” had come immediately before this series of prints, juxtaposed with simultaneous sudden understanding that the subterranean subject matter of both the paintings and the prints was identical: animistic identity transparency IN CASCADE. Adrenergic electro-tremble was all the greater at knowledge Joe Goode could have no conscious awareness of this. Implications regarding ongoing collective psychological processes were awesome. The mathematical perspective on tornado genesis I had played a minor role in developing was called “cascade theory”, but no one outside a small specialist community was aware of this name in relation to tornadoes, let alone was knowledgeable concerning the substance of concepts involved. Energy and momentum cascade over one threshold of wave motion after the next in a plunge that beats upon a quantal drum which produces infrasound pulses as the tornado forms and seeks its sensitive point of electrical interlock with Earth’s core.

But it was no mere artistic analogy between energy cascade and waterfall that shocked me so in Joe Goode’s work. I was at the time completing a novel, the title of which referred to an ancient bronze drum with abstract geometrical motifs of cascade etched upon its tympanum, not unlike Joe Goode’s aquatint plates were etched. This, however, was the least of the synchronisity. Such bronze drums had been sited in Southeast Asia under WATERFALLS, and sited in just the position Joe Goode had placed the viewer in his “Waterfall Paintings”! Most painters or photographers visualize waterfalls from a distance. Not Joe Goode. The point of view in his paintings is directly at the base of the fall, looking out through the water cascading directly over the viewer’s head: exactly where the bronze drum was placed in Old Asia, and exactly where the quantal drum is placed in tornado genesis.

Were that all there was to it, passing out upon viewing the “Tornado Series” prints would not have been a potential event at issue. Mathematical properties of the tornado’s quantal drum exemplify holographic identity transparency in a natural system. This identity transparency is very much a “looking through” the cascade event: the “water” of the “waterfall” -- just as Joe Goode’s paintings force the viewer to do! The psychological condition of being in a state of identity characterized by “looking through” subject-object dissociation is tribal animism, contagion, participation mystique; it is also an essential aspect of the alchemistic conjugio; and it is a state (Bose-Einstein condensation) exemplary of the quantal nature of natural systems. And it was only in the late Middle Ages, in their waning years, that this “state of nature” was introjected by European man as a dragon needing to be slain: the unconscious Dark Continent, the evil vortex of the devouring inner emotive SHE, the demonic power of nature unmanipulated, uncontrolled, unmastered.

Staring at the prints, my affective resonance with these images of screaming primal fusion -- I could hear them roar as they sucked up into themselves red Oklahoma soil -- drove deeper and deeper, took on a sense of utter invasion, witchery… I may get back to this at some point. It is now over thirty years.

That statement just slipped into the running discourse uncensored. It's a bag of worms and I am always regarded as too aggressive, too alpha, too abrasive, too disrespectful, too, too, too. You know, military brat and all the rest. ATTITUDE. But since I said it, and since you focused upon it, I guess I have to offer some amplification. The statement repeated:

Real solutions to global energy problems were buried in esoteric paradigm-conflict disputes carried out by actual fist fight in the back corridors of scientific conferences decades ago.

By reliable testimony, as I was not personally present, one such fist fight took place at a severe storms conference 30 years ago -- and the issues lying behind this particular fist fight are germane to the present discussion. I am not going to go into details, because it is not my place, but rather will address the issues I am most personally interested in. This will of necessity be disrespectful, but I will try to keep the abrasiveness to a minimum. I have nothing but the utmost regard for James Lovelock and his notion of Earth as Gaia. Indeed, I personally believe that the Earth, in and of itself, independent of the life-forms symbiotically co-habitating upon it, or what they have done, might or might not do, is a conscious being, to repeat, in and of its own right. This is one of the reasons I do not buy into statistical thermodynamics. Though, as Prigogine maintains, we can certainly treat anything deterministic statistically, I believe that the Earth can treat anything statistical within its purview deterministically -- though it certainly would have trouble doing the same relative to, say, galactic processes. It can do this not by mastering the infinite dimensional phase space upon which all the elementary particles constituting its geo-bio-atmos-body are mapped, but by a knowledge through identity mediated by the transfinite orders of m-valued logics by which it cognizes. The connecting principle of the determinism employed by Earth cognition, however, is not our connecting principle, and Jung's and Pauli's term “synchronisticity”, the Earth with its m-valued logics would regard merely a “black box term” employed by the binary mind to designate all the orders of connection that mind is not privy to. James Lovelock's discourse on Gaia is hobbled by not being based on quantum-relativistic perspectives. I am not talking only about elementary particle processes involved in various fields of force, light, submolecular dynamics; I am talking about hydrothermodynamic processes at macroscopic scale lengths: the clouds and the rain. Again, I refer you to two papers written in the 1970s: “Toward a General Theory of Process” and “The Discovery of a Superconductant Exchange of Hydrothermodynamic Properties Associated with a Limited Domain of the Atmosphere”. No attempt was ever made to present these papers at severe storms conferences, so the fist fight in question was not about content of these papers. The fist fight was about much less offensive material: precursor ideas stated in the prevailing consensus language with much the same basic mathematics in the usual manner of presentation, most of the innovative ideas having been left out. Still, there was enough innovation to provoke a fist fight. A few years later, many of these same ideas were applied to solar-terrestrial interactions and climate change dynamics, resulting in a lengthy paper occasioning a much more sedate dispute -- as the lesson provided by the earlier experience had been learned.

Again without trying to discuss details, it can accurately be said that the quantum-relativistic processes these papers focus upon are the very processes still-prevailing models of severe storm genesis and climate change dynamics filter out and treat as noise. Were such processes not filtered from the models, it may be that we would see that James Lovelock's assessment of severity of global warming, the climate-change consequences, and size of the window of opportunity left for us to correct our carbon-dioxide-emissions malfeasance is underestimated from what the actual case is; then, again, that assessment may be an overstatement. I personally do not know which it is. I have no idea. What I do know -- and here I will try to be especially delicate -- is that Stephen Hawking's theory of imaginary time and recent turn-around on black holes are central to finding out. There will be no real solution to the problem of the end of oil without recourse to these two areas of Hawking's thought. I have to take responsibility for what follows. My military brat coming out in me: always going out of the chain of command! Imagine that 30 years ago, right after Hawking published his famous paper on particle creation near black holes he received a communication stating, in effect, that analogues of black holes exist in the Earth's atmosphere, that these black-hole analogues are information processors, not information globblers, and that description of such black-hole analogues requires a new notion of time as an actor: not only one kind of time requiring imaginary numbers to describe, but three kinds, necessitating two orders of hypercomplex numbers beyond the square-root of minus-one. Imagine how imaginary that must have seemed. There is no intent here to impugn a well-deserved reputation. Even then, Stephen Hawking was a very important professor, a busy man, and in all likelihood he simply forgot about the content of this communication. As did John A. Wheeler before him. As did Roger Penrose after him. Even dismissive responses are likely forgotten by such men, particularly as such responses are often dictated between flights and transcribed by others. Moreover, this was in the era of The Jupiter Effect, when Carl Sagan was attempting to create a science court to try scientists advocating pseudoscience ideas, and so on. Physics in particular, science in general, was under assault by those “Off the Beat”. So, in such an context, forgetting content of such a communication is only to be expected, really. If black-hole analogues in the Earth's atmosphere were information processors emitting m-valued properties (acoustically-modified gravity-wave modes), then those analogues (tornadoes among them) might conceivably be engaging in a class of cognition something like cold-fusion, in the era before cold fusion came on the scene in a beaker, only to be debunked. And those m-valued emissions might not only go upward to inform the Sun about events on terra firma, they might go downward toward the Earth's liquid core to deeply inform the Earth (rotationally speaking) about solar ruminations communicated via the complex angular momentum carried by solar wind. This was in the era before radar auroras with their (message altering) electron-temperature enhancements, the era when temperature was random molecular motions, not also a submolecular phenomenon of some sort… Not to get carried away here. I think you will get the idea.

Look, I can't help you other than by suggesting you read the last sections of the “General Process” paper in a state of suspended disbelief -- a state John C. Lilly tirelessly recommended. I know this statement is a display of ATTITUDE, but, sorry, its been 30 years and -- to “be nice” -- things have not gotten better on this planet. I bring Lilly's name into this, not because he wrote a book entitled The Center of the Cyclone, but to provoke you, to provoke that 'I' in you incapable of suspending disbelief. You can go away mad, but that doesn't get you away from that 'I' in you. Which is not insignificant in context of quantum measurement. If, in relativistic absolute limits, there are three kinds of “imaginary” time and one kind of (implied but not really there: i.e., à la Brentano, a function of mere remembering) sub-absolute-limits real-number time, under what kind of time does the Second Law of Thermodynamics prevail? Anywhere there is a trigonometric function, there lurks the multivalue! And what are the implications of so-called “scale-free networks” relative to this? You think -- absent reducing human population of spaceship Earth by several billion -- you are going to solve the global energy crunch while continuing to suppress the multivalue under misnomers like “scale-free networks”? The temporally-ordered patterns imposed in relativistic absolute limits are scale free, not the properties of identity of the scale-dependent entities composing any given subsystem-system-supersystem network. Even in 2004, in The Road to Reality, Penrose still disparages introduction of non-real-number time into superstring theory! What is the fundamental basis of that? A periodic function is arbitrarily regarded linear and unidirectional (see page 163). What do you think his attitude toward treating atmospheric equivalent-potential-temperature surfaces as p-branes would have been in the late-1970s? That's what the “General Process” paper clearly implies -- terminological issues aside. Lilly had his falling out with Sagan long before Bateson designed the human-dolphin communications research program administered under Lilly's name: teaching dolphins to speak human. Not a demystification of mantra: Cogitate, Cogitate, Cogitate, Cogitate… What kind of imposed “double bind” was that? Was this one giant step for mankind to an ecology of mind? You need to attend to the real history, not the public hagiography. Sagan came to prominence not so much for fundamental science accomplished, as for becoming Velikovsky's leading public critic -- a suppressive role. You think he changed his MO in the coming years? On what campus were these atmospheric science papers written? Where did Sagan teach at the time? Attend to the real history, not the hagiography.

Okay. I apparently have been put in a position where doing this is the only proper course. So I will do it to the best of my ability. There will be very little censorship. For various reasons, I will not post it sequentially, only after I am done with it. I have every expectation that doing this will accomplish nothing other than maintaining my own personal internal consistency, upon which I place considerable value -- not so much in terms of this lifetime, but relative to larger spheres. Coming to the end of my life, as I most surely am, focus on “elsewhere” is increasingly the order of my days. I will make no effort to fashion this into a bon-ton literary product, as subjecting the involved modes of thought to conventions derivative of binary logic facilitates nothing -- not my means of comprehension, not potential access by others. There is no concatenation of binary steps leading to meanings on m-orders of logical value. Readers, if there are any such, are left to separate out elements of arrogance and paranoia from what little should be given credence as they choose: this is a matter of little interest to me. I will not censor this ATTITUDE, as it is part of the story. The reader is given the opportunity to use presence of this attitude in whatever fashion he might wish. He is also given the opportunity to distinguish between attitude and hubris, if such a distinction is to be made. I am not a scientist. I am barely even a layman. Nonetheless, the circumstances of my life gave me significant exposure to insider science in several areas. I will record here as some kind of testament aspects of the story of this exposure and my reactions to it as it unfolded. Being a nonlinear type guy, however, I will not tell the story lineally. Nor will I try to reach the reader primarily on the conscious level. If this does not meet any potential reader's requirements, then it is recommended that he not become a reader.

I will start with a paste-in of the last-but-one entry to what I have called “Strategic Assessment”:

I guess we can get into that sort of thing here, under the rubric of “strategic assessment”. I've never been one to limit the number of permitted scenarios. Over and over I've been asked: “What do you think is going to happen?” When I ask that question of myself, I have to qualify it with a second question: “To what level is the question addressed?” Your observation that I seem to be applying, likely misapplying, concepts associated with superstring theory to brain function focuses the discourse to a higher level. I will tell you what I think, rather than try to make an argument. I've never had the resources required, and no longer possess the mental wherewithal, prerequisite to attempted rigorous exploration. The days when that might have been possible have long since passed. Superstring theory is a collective psychological projection of faculties inherent to human brain, which are no longer available to consciousness. As with all psychological projections, this projection is a regressed form of the faculties placed in projection. This is the real reason why Jung and Pauli noted a correspondence between general relativity and Jung's account of the collective unconscious. Thirty years ago, when I asked Velikovsky whether he had knowledge of this correspondence, he thought I was asking him about written correspondence between Jung and Einstein! Whereas Velikovsky's granddaughter immediately understood the question and attempted to explain it to her grandfather. The likelihood that Einstein had the “seed idea” that spawned special relativity is very small. In some forgotten conversation the “seed idea” issued forth from Einstein's first wife, was taken over by Einstein, and in all psychological naiveté “developed” by him. Were one a believer in reincarnation, an idea tied to the notion of linear-time, one would have to suppose I was a female scientist in my last incarnation, one who just had to, in this incarnation, explore male dimensions of the man-woman level of the transference -- in order to fully understand what had transpired in her scientific cohort. Pauli brought forth the notion of “operator-time”, only to reject it as incompatible with the “standard interpretation”. The cosmos is far, far more complex than the practitioners of superstring theory have yet begun to imagine. Inability of those with lateral mental cleavage to penetrate the “measurement problem” is simply a marker of the larger problem. Even were the leap made to Hilbert space under m-valued logics, 3-fold imaginary operator-time, numbered Gödel numbers, and so on, this would remain the case. The number of the kinds of number there are in a world under m-valued logics is some order of infinity, and interfacing each such additional kind of number to principles generating the world construct fundamentally alters that construct. Gödel was hardly even the tip of the iceberg. Properties of the faculties of human brain function which are unconscious are projected onto the cosmos and apprehended there as if they constituted the physical reality we suppose to be the case. Then the principles of that “physical reality” are extracted and used to develop technologies that are applied to scale levels other than the cosmic, the critical scale level of application at the moment being that of planet Earth. Physics of plasma discharge, radar auroras, envelopment of the atmosphere in an Indra's net of microwave pulse-code beams, and the like. Cosmic base state, in a cosmos that is not selfsame under m-valued logics, is sufficiently complex as to function like a superconducting mirror: it reflects with verisimilitude anything projected upon it. Similar processes of psychological projection have been transpiring across the full spectrum of physical theory. This is an expression of a baseline in human hubris, particularly male human hubris: we humans never reduce the hubris below this baseline. Rather than intuitively grasping (knowledge through identity) the miraculous as miraculous, and reveling in the supreme joy such a grasp imparts, all the while using what knowledge we acquire to insure that we do not violate the miraculous as miraculous, we reduce the miraculous to equivalency to the small sector of our faculties allowed into normative consciousness by the forms of enculturation adopted in service to very mundane, mean, and pedestrian purposes. If this continues, as it likely will, the human species will not destroy the planet; the planet will destroy the human species. Such an act of destruction will involve transformations of planetary processes, but that is how a higher consciousness deals with a nested constituency that has outlived its welcome.

In 1980, upon returning from several months in India, I was told that FBI agents had been asking questions about me while I was away. These agents apparently explained the questioning as merely a routine background investigation: no cause for concern. This, likely, was completely routine and a matter of no concern to them; but it was a matter of concern to me. Though the agents probably did not know and did not care what the real purpose of the investigation was, I, knowing my own personal history, knew what the probable reasons for the investigation were. Less than six months earlier, I had been a co-author of a paper published in a leading scientific journal describing DNA as possessing a superconductant pi-electron gas core. I could not discuss the fact of this investigation with the co-author of that paper, as such matters were disallowed areas: they could not be discussed, period. Indirect references were made as test impulses and each time this was done, the back-reaction was of such magnitude as to make clear that if I persisted in such nonsense the relationship would be terminated. The relationship was touch-and-go at that point in any event, as he was being brought under considerable familial pressure to terminate the relationship independent of things like FBI investigations. Moreover, he was backing away in and of his own accord from what would be required for rigorous pursuit of implications. For all I knew he had received some sort of “cautionary” warning and had decided his course in reaction. I could not, under the total set of circumstances, make an inquiry based on suspicion of that. And there were ways to account for his behavior independent of his having received cautionary warnings. There was nothing to be gained by attempting to press forward. I, therefore, never informed the co-author as to the FBI investigation. In 1986, after return from several months in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia, I was again informed that questions had been asked about me by people identifying themselves as FBI agents. I again registered this fact and continued with my business -- which, at that time, was setting about writing a novel. Those few totally peripheral third parties to whom I ventured indirect test impulses responded by telling stories about paranoid Vietnam vets who imagined themselves under surveillance. Perhaps, I observed to myself, I had merely misunderstood content of the conversations wherein I was told about the FBI agents. Perhaps I had hallucinated the conversations. There was that possibility to consider. Some years earlier, I had read every word in Jung's twenty-plus volumes of collected works, as I also had done with the collected works of Aurobindo; I, thereby, knew the mind was a tricky little rascal. As improbable as this hallucination thesis appeared, it could not be 100-percent ruled out. Most people would choose this form of explanation, it was clear, if boxed into a place where they had to react. I did not wish to become embroiled in such contentions. Best let the whole thing alone, place a question mark upon it, and move on. ATTITUDE, anyway, is a clear sign of psychopathology; schizophrenia, probably.

Reading Penrose, taking note of how at every stage in development of the underlying higher mathematics, treatment of zero and infinity had to be “delicately” handled, I am seeing all the more clearly that everything they did to get around the glitches in quantum theory was also analogously done in atmospheric science. For instance, bar-h was introduced by Dirac to fix the scaling of momentum in the Schrödinger wave equation, introduced for the same reason Charney scaled the primitive equation set of dynamical meteorology to get rid of acoustically-modified gravity-wave modes, the signature of the m-logically valued. Division by 2p removes from explicit view in Schrödinger's wave equation the import of multivaluedness, just as treatment with the multi-sheeted bridged Riemann surface removes import of the multivaluedness inherent to the n-dimensional manifolds employed in general relativity. Were this import left explicitly visible, it would have to be evaluated with m-valued logics (which themselves have been systematically interpreted so as to preclude their employment in this fashion). Scaling of momentum establishes the classical limit, whereas h is actually both m-valued and m-logically valued. Fixing the scaling of momentum takes out of explicit view the fact of skew-parallelism underlying indeterminacy: this scaling places position and momentum on separate skew-parallels within the “pencil” or fiber bundle in question, when actually they both are on all skew-parallels always, which is what the p-form on an n-dimensional manifold actually is a representation of. Quantum “teleportation” is just a Newtonian way of explaining away the m-logically-valued identity transparency termed “entanglement”. The notion of propagation of information is retained in explanation as “teleportation”, when the actual fact is propagation-independent m-logically-valued identity transparency, the unutterable anathema: animistic non-simple “collective occasion of experience” non-reducible to mere “participation mystique”. What changes (in taking the sum to the limit as an integral: rather than unabashedly embracing the Axiom of Choice) is order of logical-value of observer-state, which imposes decompositional operations as temporal curl (the twists into imaginary dimensions imparted by operator-time). They do not see this, of course -- rather, have not permitted themselves to see this -- and doing the scaling ultimately pushes the m-logical-valuedness into universes of a multiverse, such that the actual properties of m-logically-valued identity can be avoided here on Earth. Any removed-system phenomena -- political, social, psychological, economic -- reminding of the animistic features of reality that have been “fixed” by appropriate scaling MUST be obliterated, by whatever means required, at whatever cost. These kinds of collective psychological “displacements”, of course, are wholly unconscious processes. Ha-ha-ha!

This is not about the science of psychology; this is about the psychology of science. Projections of unconscious faculties of human brain onto cosmos do not come out of thin air; they come out of scientists; these collective projections are writ large by phase-coupled “individual” scientists engaged in the full spectrum of normative pathologies associated with the psychological transference, as, for instance, transpires between professor preceptor and Ph.D. candidate during process of initiation for conferral of membership in the scientific cult. Of course, when this transference relationship fails to provide the requisite compensatory access to underdeveloped psychological functions (and how could it so provide?) necessary for sustained symbiosis, as it “so often” does (to be nice), the young professor turns to another transference venue, stereotypically female undergraduates. There are alternative other venues, of course, but this one is so well frequented they make movies about it. This is more the actual scientific method than the apocryphal method described in texts on philosophy of science. It is not by mere happenstance alone, for instance, that Hodge self-duality and anti-self-duality of the Maxwell tensor in treatment of Maxwell's equations for the electromagnetic field have the same form as Jung's treatment of the intrapsychic contrasexual components of the psychological transference (anima and animus), which, when put in matrix form under the operations of introversion and extroversion begin to look suspiciously like Cayley's 8-tuples are directly involved -- anymore than there is mere happenstance in the correspondence between the form of Jung's model of the collective psyche and that of general relativity, as recognized by Pauli and Jung. Where do I get off making such disparaging remarks about revered members of a revered caste, statements that could only be ignored or scorned by any reasonably knowledgeable upstanding person? Aside from the fact that such collective occasions of experience amongst scientists (origin of their so great antipathy to the very notion of such occasions) is leading the species evermore visibly to rack and ruin and probable collective self-annihilation, given that I am obviously not a Jungian analyst, as no one conferred membership in that caste would make such utterances, I must establish my credentials. What pile of dirty underwear does one have to rummage around in to obtain credentials in a specialization such as this?

Being born into the military caste is a good place to start, given that the same principles apply -- and this is one reason why there is such a strong sygyzy between the two castes: scientific and military. Being born an eldest son automatically places one directly proximal to the heart of the mother-son dynamic within the military family, a transference-related education in and of itself, probably beginning prenatally. Subsequently being provided, during years eight to eleven, with a teenaged Japanese ama full of amaeru (empathic indulgence) is a further, and quite elaborate, induction into transference-related phenomenologies. But this, of course, is only the beginning, the beginning necessary to establish mental set prerequisite for assimilation of the effects of further exposures. As an early teenager, one begins “case taking” outside the immediate nuclear family unit; this normally transpires with one's first romantic infatuations. If these initial Platonic exposures are conducted on a remote SAC and U2 base enveloped in the ice fog of an interminable artic night, these exposures are likely to have considerable shock value. “Wonderland by Night” was at that particular time on the hit parade, and totally apropos. One might, for instance, at age 14 have the subject of Platonic interest suddenly terminate the relationship, for someone four years older, only to later discover in the rudest fashion that this subject has been inducted into a gang-type thing which is periodically publicly viewable by invitation only. As anyone who has read MOON cannot escape recognizing, I am no asexual, and make no apologies for that, but even if in these days of internet porn and all the rest, this event at age fourteen may not appear much, forty-five years, ago, let me assure you, it surely was. And one's late-night bedroom window might occasionally be tapped upon by another female peer whenever intrafamilial encounters on her home turf become too much to bear, and she needs to cry herself out for an hour before surreptitiously returning through her own bedroom window. Later, when at age fifteen, you are befriended by someone older and much further along in the process than the tap-on-the-window type, the whole round starts to gravitate, for you, on a crisis state. This girl had moved to the tramp-for-the-GIs-in-the-barracks stage, fulmination periods following upon events at home, and designed to get back at her father. Late-night meetings in dense ice fog for crying fits become regular fair. Something of an apotheosis is reached when you inadvertently discover that the mother of one of your best male friends avails herself of the base gym for SM trysts. By now -- aged fifteen -- you are closing the base library at night, head buried in an abnormal psychology text, and surrounded by open dictionaries, trying to bring some semblance of order to your psychic life. But the cap on events comes when you are falsely accused by your father of hanging out with the wrong sort -- the tramp -- and staying out late several nights a week -- actually the library -- doing God only knows what all -- thus threatening professional reputations, particularly that of you know who. Here you are, standing near the top of the stairs, confronted by a clinched fist attached to a wrist twice the size of yours located farther up the stairs, and there is absolutely no way you are going to back down over such a matter as this. So, here is the caldron within which you are able to make your first definitive psychological exit. Things never return to the status quo ante, and that is all very well and good. You are on your way to getting the necessary credentials for later making disparaging remarks about revered members of revered castes. Such things, of course, do not insulate you from transference dynamics; they only prepare you for later penetration of those dynamics. Fifteen is far too young for any actual depth of understanding; one can only have reactions at that age, no matter what one might bring to experience of the dynamics.

Military-service funded, during the early to mid-1970s, tornado outbreaks and touchdowns were being regularly predicted twelve hours in advance on a one-kilometer grid by a computer model being run on NASA's then-largest mainframes. The public never became aware of this fact. Why? In large measure, but surely not in sole measure, because of transference dynamics between professor preceptor and Ph.D. candidate become himself young professor. Though early notions in chaos theory had for a decade been influencing meteorologists, chaos theory perspectives had not yet overwhelmed the discipline. People were still seriously trying to predict events that are inherently unpredictable -- and in this case were successfully predicting “pathological phenomena” which cannot be predicted even by God. For the initiated, I should note that the chaos god of flapping butterfly wings herein referred to, multiplies his errors from the microscale towards the macroscale, while the decompositional mathematical involute Platonically involved in tornado genesis proceeds from macroscale to microscale as cascade of complex angular momentum (or, alternatively stated, as decomposed under the operations of imaginary temporal curl). Moreover, prediction of such “pathologies” as tornadoes does not require that the predictive model detail the spatial field; identifying and describing the governing elemental quantum-relativistic oscillator is necessary and sufficient. The involved meteorologists and computer scientists were aware of the influence of chaos theory, as they could hardly escape notice of the fistfights transpiring at severe storm conferences, but they did their best to ignore both chaos theory and the fistfights, as the quantum-relativistic dynamics of actual tornado genesis were much more interesting. The twelve-hours-in-advance-one-kilometer-grid predictions made by the full-spectrum multi-scale nested-grid computer model were accomplished by describing particle creation near atmospheric black holes five years before Hawking did the same relative to his scale-level foci, by providing an account of imaginary time under the un-catchphrase-ish rubric “temporal curl”, by treating a volume of atmospheric spacetime as an information processor, and by incorporating black hole computing into the model run on the NASA mainframes. This was up and running by the early-1970s. The paper describing particle creation near atmospheric black holes was submitted to the National Science Foundation under the title of “Atmospheric Comets and the Nature of Light”. This paper described the creation of invisible, but hearable (by pigeons, for instance) atmospheric light, a photo-gravito-acoustic phenomenon and a type of light performing all the functions of Einstein's light for special relativity, as well as the “entanglement-type stuff” of quantum theory, but at a much slower velocity than that of the synoptic-scale universe-light described by Maxwell and Einstein. This description was based on the universal physical constants being treated as being m-valued, thus removing the “classical limit” under the notion that, in the words of Seth Lloyd and Jack Ng (see reference given below), “It is as though your choice of what to measure affects the fine-scale structure of spacetime”. This was the fundamental assumption of the cascade theory of tornado genesis, and this assumption was articulated over and over and over in every conceivable fashion at presentation after presentation and in paper after paper. Early 1970s! Immediately dismiss these ridiculous claims, do you? Then you are either an authoritative member of the cult which is effectuating collective human self-annihilation (notably by allowing collapse of the energy foundations of the prevailing planetary civilization in a context of induced climate shift) or you possess inadequate insider experience to have formed an accurate notion as to how things actually transpire in science. See if there is any equation referred to in Seth Lloyd's and Jack Ng's “Black Hole Computers” (Scientific American, November 2004) the equivalent of which cannot be found in the two atmospheric science papers posted on the MOON website (links provided above). These, of course, are not the technical papers on the subject presented to severe storms conferences, wherein the mathematical analysis provided and computer output described is far more elaborate. Even after eighteen years of teaching dynamical meteorology at Cornell, the originator of the physical theory behind the predictive computer model still was unable to get this physics published in the scientific literature -- regardless of the number of papers submitted to the journals. Myriad preprints had been presented to severe storms conferences by this professor and generations of his grad students, of course, but this is not the same thing as actually getting the physics into the literature. Thirty years after the fact, that physics is still not in the published scientific literature because professor preceptor successfully blocked publication of every paper on the subject submitted to whatever journal in whatever country. By the time professor preceptor passed into the netherworlds, chaos theory had so overwhelmed the discipline that further paper submissions had become absolutely moot, not only virtually moot. More devastating to the originator of this physics was the fact that others applied the many involved software innovations to what eventually became state-of-the-art battlefield management computation. And this fact, alone, precludes any other-than-hagiographic account of what transpired in dynamical meteorology during the early-to-mid 1970s. It should be noted that even though this experimental predictive computer model was extraordinarily successful with historical data sets, it was never placed online with real-time data by the National Weather Service, for reasons you can easily speculate about.

Bring up the subject of the psychological transference with any reasonably well educated person and they will tell you they know all about it and have long since put such childish behaviors behind them. Why, one learns about projection in first-semester Psych class! Besides, all that Freudian stuff has long since been debunked. Everybody has a psychology, you know. But such “resolutions” of the transference are quite literally impossible because the transference is an expression of organic brain disease which in certain collective forms of fulmination is mass warfare. Even in Jungian terms, resolution is not achievable on the basis of mere understanding. According to Jung's notion, the transference is due to an imbalance in relative conscious access to the basic psychological functions -- intuition, feeling, sensation, and thinking -- as they operate under introversion and extroversion. Psychological types, physical types, temperamental types, homeopathic types, and so on, all enter into the equation. This imbalanced access is viewed as innate, and, so long as it prevails, the transference is automatic, an autonomous process, a runaway locomotive moving down the slope pulling coupled archetypes behind it. Any resolution is dependent upon actual development of the under-used functions, which cannot be accomplished without practice, a practice, THE Practice. Mere living, even merely living an “examined life”, is not enough. Science, philosophy, the arts, music, dance, craft, even the disciplines associated with mass warfare, could be conducted as aspects of such practice -- but only in rare cases has this actually transpired. For the most part, such activities are undertaken as venues for expression of the transference, for its channeling toward collective fulminations, not its resolution. Sublimation is channeling, channeling for fulmination. Culture, the body of learned behaviors transmitted from generation to generation, is the form this channeling takes. Governance, in its myriad forms -- social, economic, political -- is structuralization of transmission. The “transmission belt” of culture is what “ego psychology and the problem of adaptation” calls the automatization of functions, a neuropsychological process by which functions are transformed into stable structures. Any effective transference-practice must reverse this process, must, by reinvestment of attention on a moment-to-moment basis -- which requires some form of actual practice -- deautomatize the formalized structures and return them to their function-state. On the level of the person, this would involve persistently living in a relative-state of deautomatization (meaning that identity could not possibly be “purified”; “entanglement” would be characteristic); collectively, in a condition of pre-governance (meaning collective persistence without governments, of whatever sort; life-world as process, not parliaments of force divided against itself). This is literally a quantum-relativistic process involving fluctuations in state-functions of human brain. In science, looking for “the final theory” is an attempt to impose absolute governance by identification with a function in a condition of projection. This transpires on both the individual and collective levels. The scientist tries to get control over his own brain, those aspects of brain function in relative conscious abeyance (lacuna-on-the-brain), by imposing his theory on those around him. Such a theory is a structuralization of form in process, a structuralization which -- if successfully imposed -- would become part of the “transmission belt” of culture by which channeling to some new level of fulmination would transpire. Transference between professor preceptor and Ph.D. candidate is one component of the “transmission belt”. Any new theory is an “existential denial” which disturbs “grasp” on the brain and the “purified identity” that grasp yields. If, by analytical continuation, this state of purified identity generalizes across a culture, spreads as a form of collective seizure, or the desire for it becomes greatly magnified in the social structure of attention by behaviors of repetition compulsion, mass warfare generally ensures.

Existence of the “classical limit”, which knifes through nature's n-dimensional manifold, is a marker of massive presence of projective-identification operating within the scientific community. This classical limit is a formalization of “lateral mental cleavage” collectively expressed -- lateral mental cleavage being a consequence of relative unavailability to consciousness of underdeveloped functions. It is unassailable because derivative of organic brain disease. Pick up Roger Penrose's book, The Road to Reality (Cape, 2004), if you wish to read an account of the recent history of this formalization. He is sufficiently forthcoming to provide numerous hints as to actual history never recorded, never told. Systematically go through the book following how zero and infinity have been “delicately handled” up until the present day wherever they have appeared, so as to recover from the fog of text the actual story. A good place to start is on page 136 where he introduces “many-valued functions” as “handled” on the multi-sheeted-and-bridged Riemann surface. He says:

In order to be rigorous, many had felt the need to regard these functions in a way I would personally consider distasteful. (Incidentally, this was still the way that I was taught to regard them myself while at university, despite this being nearly a century after Riemann's epoch-making paper on the subject.) In particular, the domain of the logarithm function would be 'cut' in some arbitrary way, by a line out from the origin to infinity. To my way of thinking, this was a brutal mutilation of a sublime mathematical structure.

This is only the beginning of the story Penrose has chosen to hint at -- if not actually tell. The “brutal mutilation” of the “cut” is a projective exteriorization of lacuna-on-the-brain, one aspect of the organic brain disease in question. Scientists, never, in print, actually recount detailed dynamics of transference between professor preceptor and Ph.D. candidate; the proper polite forms are adhered to, as this is part of maintenance of professional persona, part of how the cultivated self-image is innovated and sustained. Our most precious communicators excel at this more than others. Were the scientist psychologically capable of actually living in a relative-state of deautomatization, he would not make it through initiation rites of the cult; he would not be granted membership and would not have bestowed upon him the collectively constellated role attributions he wishes to incorporate into his Umwelt. His “education” is one form purification of his personal identity takes. Of course, this applies not only to the scientific caste, but to other professions as well. When the involved purification of identity spreads itself like slime mold, one result, under sufficient reinforcement by repetition compulsion, is national socialism, monolithic communism, state democracy -- and resultant mass warfare. Even the clearly hugely destructive transference dynamics which, beyond dispute, transpired between Kronecker and Cantor were never actually recorded by Cantor -- even though his creative product was impugned as having issued forth during periods of disorientation and mystical flight following seizures. Nor have those “seizures” ever, to this day, been correctly characterized as being the abreactive autogenic brain discharges and “bright light states” accompanying massive unloading during extensive periods of the autogenic neutralization prerequisite to repair of “lacuna-on-the-brain” formalized by various “cuts” and “brutal mutilations” human brain has sustained since “breakdown of the bicameral mind”. Creation of the breakaway notions of the theory of the transfinite, and laying of the foundations of set theory, required Cantor personally undergoing a natural process of “psychic surgery” on the diseased human brain.

I do not believe in biological evolution in real-number linear-time; I believe in phylogenetic devolution in at least two orders of complex-imaginary nonlinear-time, and ontogenetic convolution in linear-time. The sense of Darwin's title -- The Descent of Man -- if not his contents. There are intrusive factors that can block ontogenesis from recapitulating phylogenesis. According to this notion, the organic brain disease epidemic to human brain of which we speak -- yielding mass warfare as a convoluted palpable product -- is a result of ontogenetic convolution in linear-time. Jung believed the innate imbalance in relative conscious access to the basic psychological functions -- giving rise to the regressed libido driving all the mechanisms of projective identification characteristic of the transference -- was a result of biological inheritance. If this is the case, I would have to suppose that inheritance an inheritance of acquired characteristics driven by the “transmission belt” of culture under repetition compulsion upon memes. But I think this would be mistaken, or, at the very least, a gross over simplification. The lacuna-on-the-brain we are talking about is not “anatomical” in the normal sense of the word. As the Jungian notion suggests, the lacuna in question has to do with loss of conscious access to -- something. Is the loss of access to the functions themselves, or to the “machine language” mediating their cross-modal correlation and synesthetic integration? Can this correlation and integration take place at optimal levels in a brain habituated to automatization of functions under prescriptive enculturation? How does Penfield's centrencephalic system and the RAS relate to this automatization? Nowadays, one can ask: is glutamturic neuronal etching involved in automatization of functions under prescriptive enculturation? The RAS in particular, as we have known very well from the 1950s, is deeply involved in the fight-flight reactions to acute stress characteristic, for instance, of combat. And what stage of ontogenesis does the word “innate” refer to? Time of conception? Prenatal? Perinatal? Immediately post-natal? During period of the stages of cognitive development studied by Piaget? I believe all of these periods are involved, but involved in different fashion within each critical temporal window. I could not explain why I hold these beliefs without rewriting all that is posted on this website concerning superconductant pi-electron gas core of DNA and autogenic brain discharge as spontaneous localization and fusion in quantum measurement, which I do not propose to do. If you wish to pursue details of this, a good place to begin is with the glossary of terms produced twenty years ago at the request of Wolfgang Luthe -- which he received a few days before his untimely premature death due to a “silent heart attack”. One must be aware that not only the superconductant DNA paper, but also the tornado genesis papers, were written in context of the times with the intent of seeking publication. The papers were, therefore, written in the prevailing terminology, employed the prevailing mathematical conventions, and were tagged to existing literature in the involved fields. Issues that would surely have precluded publication were assiduously avoided. The means to be taken in such avoidance were interminably agonized upon: speculating over what the limits of the permitted cognitive envelope might be. For instance, in the superconductant DNA paper, derivation of the canonical equation necessarily involves description of the role played by gravitational acceleration. This was suppressed in the text by use of the term “the counterforce to the pressure gradient term”. Explicit handling would have raised the issue of “biogravitation”, which surely would have precluded publication. Also, terms like “active time”, “temporal curl”, “operator-time”, “nonlinear time” (the term “imaginary time” had not yet been coined by Hawking: that was to come many years later) -- utilized in daily conversation between the co-authors -- were not used, even though factors related to the underlying basic notion are explicit in the canonical equation. Interpretation of the equation provided in the paper simply says that use of the involved terms replaces the traditional role given Newton's summation of forces. Also, third-order time, which, during the period, we adopted J. G. Bennett's term “hyparxis” to designate -- a necessary aspect of the description, as it corresponds, we later learned, to what Arthur Young called “control” in the mathematical model he employed to create the rotor for the Bell helicopter -- was not worked into the derivation so as not to stretch credulity during the peer review process. This aspect had earlier been incorporated into the severe-storm-genesis-related derivations. It would be accurate to say that what Bennett intuited, and Young about the same time employed to solve an engineering problem, was independently rediscovered and experimentally demonstrated during numerical modeling of tornado genesis. The measurable involved is time rate of change in acceleration in process of angular momentum exchange between scale levels. During the numerical modeling efforts, this was abstracted and generalized to the notion of third-order operator-time, which requires hypernumber arithmetics to properly handle (as does second-order operator-time, as both involve “twists” on complex-number or hypercomplex-number manifolds). We were aware of this at the time and attempted to pursue implications relative to the hypernumber arithmetics elaborated by Charles Musés -- rejected, at the time, by mainstream mathematics.

Having grown up around USAF-funded research conducted in related areas, I was, of course, to say the least, intrigued by all the “synchronicities” then appearing on the scene in our midst.

Moreover, no mention was made of the fact that the derivation presented in the superconductant DNA paper was first worked out relative to the double-helical motions of air parcels entering the severe storm environment leading to tornado genesis. This derivation was based directly on the numerical modeling efforts then being conducted on NASA's largest mainframes. Wolfgang Luthe, a leading figure in neuropsychiatry loosely associated with McGill University Medical Center at the time of Penfield's tenure, and Roland Fisher a prominent biochemist working in the field of neuropsychiatry, both strongly urged us to write up for publication our ideas about superconductivity of DNA's pi-electron gas core. In 1977, Luthe asked me to present a paper on these ideas to a medical congress in Kyoto. I had by then been conducting a correspondence with him for approximately five years concerning certain aspects of this subject matter -- but had not informed him as to my total lack of academic credentials. Before agreeing to make this presentation, however, I informed him of this fact. His response was to ask for the paper beforehand so he could circulate it to colleagues at McGill working on aspects of the Penfield model of brain function. If they felt contents of the paper to be of sufficient interest, then invitation to present would be restated. The paper was so circulated and the invitation again made. The urging to write up the full mathematical model came following discussions in Kyoto of the roles we thought such a DNA molecule might play when located in neuron cells, intranuclear and/or mitochondrial. Before actually writing up the paper, attempts were made to inform both Luthe and Fisher as to the actual origins of the mathematical model. They simply could not assimilate actualities of this fact and dismissed it's theoretical significance by mis-attributing to the co-authors an inordinate capacity for multi-disciplinary work. The urging to write up the ideas continued after this momentary hiatus.

I am often asked, when the subject of this research comes up, how I was able to survive while engaged in it -- not having any sort of academic post. Periods of overwork and over-savings followed by periods of nothing but study, figured large. I met the young Cornell professor at the last major Velikovsky conference where he presented a paper entitled “The Universal Nature of Discharge Phenomena”. After this presentation, I discussed with him the quantum perspectives on autogenic brain discharges I had been outlining to Wolfgang Luthe in our correspondence. Theoretical similarities between the two independently arrived at approaches to totally unconnected areas were so striking he felt the implications had to be pursued, so I was invited to become his unofficial personal research assistant on a free-room-and-board basis. I had my monthly disability check (wounds received in Vietnam) for spending money: approximately forty dollars a month: smokes and a few beers. On this basis, I spent forty hours a week in the Cornell library system pursuing leads for about five years. Long before meeting me, he had often been struck by the similarity of the convoluted constant entropy surfaces studied in dynamical meteorology to brainwave computer output, and this had figured in his personal embrace of the Gaia hypothesis. We began mapping theoretical perspectives in dynamical meteorology upon quantum approaches to brain function, and, conversely, mapped quantum perspectives on spontaneous brain discharge onto dynamical meteorology, using output from the NASA computer model as a stimulus to innovative thought in both areas.

Over and above the obvious reasons why the meteorological origins of the mathematical derivation presented in the superconductant DNA paper could not be mentioned in papers submitted for publication was the fact that a paper had recently been published in a volume brought together for John A. Wheeler demonstrating that the notion of a spacetime double-helix was incompatible with the standard interpretation of quantum mechanics. The helix would dissipate into a probability fog. This appeared to rule out the possibility of this information-based topological form-in-process having universal applications across scale levels: e.g., DNA molecule; flow pattern of air parcels during tornado genesis; feeder bands in cometary tails; exchange processes between coupled spiral-banded galaxies. Attempting to take on the involved issues would have been impossible in any single paper or short series, because the Schrödinger wave-function would have to be reinterpreted under m-valued logics, and this would have led into issues of the relative-state interpretation of quantum mechanics, the quantum measurement problem, Gödel's theorems, Gödel-numbered propositions, and all the n-dimensional manifold, Fourier transform, hypernumber, and Riemann-surface issues involved. Many of which are laden with emotionality. Not to mention non-real-number time as operator-time. Not to mention basic issues of information theory relative to constant entropy surfaces. Going down that path was to insure that the DNA ideas would never be published. We decided to cut to the chase, and write the DNA paper as described above. If it got published and generated some interest, then, perhaps, more than two people with no significant resources might begin to have a look at the various issues involved. One reviewer chosen by the Swedish journal raised several very well focused questions related to electron temperature enhancement and exchange processes between scale levels in the subsystem-system-supersystem composite constituting the molecular-submolecular (pi-electron gas)-elementary particle process being modeled. He recommended against publication unless these questions could be adequately answered. We rewrote the paper so as to directly address these questions and resubmitted it, whereupon it was accepted for publication. But periodic scanning of Science Citation Index over the coming decades indicated that the paper had, for whatever reasons, not been closely considered by anyone.

From the numerical modeling efforts relative to tornado genesis, we knew that gravitational analogues were involved, but skirted this in the superconductant DNA paper, as described above. We knew that, not only electromagnetic properties, but also hydrothermodynamic properties of the involved (atmospheric) processes were being converted into acoustically-modified gravity-wave modes (and that, in the reverse cascade, spontaneous fusion, the inverse conversions were transpiring). Indeed, this was a central aspect of the diagnostic algorithms employed by the predictive NASA computer model -- and one of its most controversial aspects, that aspect most responsible for initiation of fist fights at severe storms conferences. These modes had been filtered from the standard atmospheric models by Charney for the same reason Dirac had earlier filtered the Schrödinger wave equation. Penrose, in a footnote to his discussion of Fourier decomposition in The Road to Reality, takes note of the Dirac case (p. 178). The filtering was accomplished by “appropriate” scaling of momentum. This scaling fixes the scale levels of consideration, and, in the cosmological case, is tantamount to establishing a “classical limit”, while, in the atmospheric case, it effectively removes from view the cascade process which was the most fundamental feature of the NASA computer model's diagnostic environment. It is no exaggeration to suggest that this “fixing” was equivalent to making a “cut” from the origin to infinity in interpretation of the Riemann surface taught to Penrose while at university, as described in the quotation given above. “Appropriate” scaling -- a “brutal mutilation” -- removes from view the multivalued aspects of the system, which in the atmospheric case directly manifest as acoustically-modified gravity-wave modes! Any actual quantum-gravity theory would have to take account of this. When the issue of these gravitational analogues was raised with John Wheeler several times, the response was very polite dismissal. In the end, he said he simply wasn't familiar with the equations of atmospheric science and doubted that the exotic physics of quantum and relativity theory was involved in severe storm genesis. Hawking's spokesperson was very unpleasant. Penrose never responded. My approach to Hugh Everett was not focused on the fundamental physics, but on implications of a relative-state approach to brain discharge phenomena for considerations related to the quantum measurement problem. This simply was not, at the time, within his purview.

These “brutal mutilations” are examples of projective exteriorization of lacuna-on-the-brain -- and a source of the intense emotionality leading to fist fights at scientific conferences, four-letter words scrawled in bold red ink across papers submitted for publication, and the like. The two orders of non-real-number time required to describe processes involved with the superconductant pi-electron gas cores of the DNA molecules embedded in neuronal, perineural, and somatic cells are deeply involved with the m-valued hyperfunctions and m-logically-valued Gödel-numbered propositions fundamental, not alone to neural codes based on quantum-relativistic phase-digits (which are not only binary), but also to higher-order properties of the language manipulated by the genome during replicative helix-coil transition, manipulated in the quadripolar-wave Fourier-transform aspects of DNA function. The “lacuna” is lack of conscious access to the hyperfunctions and m-logically-valued propositions manipulated by two orders (at least) of non-real-number operator-time, the “machine language” of this manipulation being resident in quantum-relativistic phase-digit processes of human brain. Formation of this lacuna was the “breakdown of the bicameral mind”. Phylogenetic devolution, descent, was governed by these two orders of non-real-number operator-time morphologically orchestrating genomic behaviors and CNS hyperfunctions relative to factors like “environmental fit”, the environment being “read” as (primarily non-ionizing) radiative input -- the initial impact of this input, as described in the superconductant DNA paper, being modulation of temporal ordering: morphological change on molecular and supraordinate scale levels following upon imposition of “chronic” patterns in temporal modulation at the elementary particle level. One can speculate at a reasonable level of confidence that the bicameral breakdown resulted from exposure to pulsed radiation, likely of extraterrestrial origins, in the critical frequency, waveform, intensity response widow to which intranuclear neuronal DNA is sensitive. The pulsed radiation shifted the response window of intranuclear neuronal DNA such that resonant interaction with the higher-order temporal aspects of m-logically-valued quantum-relativistic phase-digit “machine language” processes was severed. Conscious access to processing at the binary order of logical-value, alone, remained. Thus was the “cut” made; thus was the “brutal mutilation” accomplished. We can be quite sure that Newton's apple was sliced, but not likely by Eve -- nor is it likely she was responsible for humanity being thrown out of the Garden of Eden. That story was surely well-after-the-fact rationalization and self-justification. The contemporary version is captured in the following quote of quotes extracted from Barbara Ehrenreich (Blood Rites, Henry Holt, 1997, p. 78): “…the chaos… of human societies before imposition of the hierarchies of gender and class… [with] a female personification of the original abyss…” Separation of data from noise is made judiciously so as to justify historical rise of the modern state and its supranational agglomerations. Blood rites came after breakdown of the bicameral mind. Mankind no longer lived consciously in higher-order time, the accompanying n-dimensional space, and the incumbent non-simple animistic identity transparency of quantum “entanglement”. Traces of these remained, of course, as the “machine language” of human brain remained intact, notions of Buddhological space being one late example. Only the resonant coupler was severed. This could be re-established, but solely by great efforts in THE Practice leading to autogenic shift and the massive unloading associated with the autogenic brain discharges accomplishing autogenic neutralization (“seizures” with one degree or another of spreading across the cortex, yielding long-range phase correlation between neurons by restoring intranuclear neuronal DNA to its natural response window -- the window existing prior to breakdown of the bicameral mind).

The rest of the story of my personal engagement with this is available piecemeal spread over the MOON website, and, highly fictionalized, in The Moon of Hoa Binh itself.

Whatever the responsible agency, chronic shift in critical response window is the essential mechanism. Pulsed radiation properly parameterized could do that. The induced shift is, essentially, autoimmune in nature. Each histological type of DNA has its own identifying window, even though stereochemically all DNA molecules are alike. Shift of the window makes the molecule immunologically alien. The superconductant DNA paper describes how this window is established. By 1990, there was enough supportive information in the literature to entertain a high degree of confidence in this notion. These ideas originally emerged from studies of systemic lupus erythematosus. Pulsed radiation would be a massive discrete event, but it seems possible that such a chronic shift could also be induced by cumulative effects of repetitive smaller incidents of forcing, even by shifts in normative endogenous radiation exchange processes, which themselves could be chemically induced. I cannot speculate about the “reasons” for such a “brutal mutilation” of human brain. The living planet within which human brains are incorporated is far more complex than I could even pretend to grasp. Life is an energy transformer. The range of things one category of energy transformers could have done to violate its covenant seems enormous; the types of factors in back-reaction elicited from its nesting domains, equally enormous. What we perceive as a given climatic regime, the planet experiences as a “state of consciousness”; weather, to us, is “thought” to the planet; storms, “affect”. But this is a ridiculously infantile formulation, even from the perspectives of ancient Chinese medicine. The range of consciousnesses I have experienced is simply too, too small to engage in useful extrapolation. Even the very notion of “consciousness” is likely too small. One thing I strongly sense, however: from the perspectives of higher-order time, there is no such thing as a random event. Hamlet's Mill may have been involved. The energy transformations the Mill depends upon may have been violated. Understanding of the “reasons” likely is not to be found in convolution in linear-time, but relative to disruption of the processes of phylogenetic devolution under hypertemporal operators: ontogenetic convolution in linear-time would be the corpus outcomes. The governing factors on the DNA critical window are the hypertemporal operators.

As the subtitle to this piece clearly indicates, this is a “non-professional” perspective. The reader is, thus, explicitly invited to disregard everything said here. If you are nonetheless interested, the best way to get a feeling for where I am coming from is to compare Barbara Ehrehreich's Blood Rites (Henry Holt, 1997) with Jean Gebser's The Ever-Present Origin (Ohio U. Press, 1985 English edition of the 1949 German original). Ehrehreich offers a very Anglo-American interpretation, while Gebser's is distinctly Germanic. The former perspective ventures little beyond notions derivative of operant-conditioning and natural selection and is wholly linear-time bound; while the latter employs the basics of early-to-mid 20th century depth psychology in (tacitly) offering non-linear notions of time and non-homogenous notions of space: “concretion” of time and “haptification” of space. My perspective is much more aligned with the latter than the former -- though quite distinct from both. Ehrehreich resonates significantly with Howard Bloom's Global Brain (Wiley, 2000), while my perspective, though positing something like a global brain, has considerably more in common with Richard Grossinger's Embryos, Galaxies, and Sentient Beings: How the Universe Makes Life (North Atlantic, 2003). My belief, very strongly, in contrast to Bloom, regards the “global brain” as having existed long before appearance of “life” on Earth. I studied Japanese gardening under a bonsai master who received his training in horticulture and gardening at the end of the Meiji era, a man with explicit, if vague, awareness as to the degree to which ancient Chinese notions of geomancy set the terms of early orientations in Japanese Zen gardening. I studied with him during his eighth decade. He was also a 5th degree black belt in jujitsu who taught on a regular basis until a couple of years preceding his death from colon cancer. For him, gardening and “body knowing” were indistinguishable aspects of THE Practice, even though he obviously over-liked Japanese food and the MSG it contains. One makes one's choices -- and this is a good thing on a planet over-populated by several billion human beings. Look at translations of early books on Chinese medicine and you will find that they have more to do with what we regard meteorology and geomorphology than they have to do with what we regard as medicine. Gebser helps us to understand this (note 54 on p. 34):

The concept of “participation inconsciente” is an adaptation by C. G. Jung of Lévy-Bruhl's “participation mystique” which the latter introduced to denote the expressly soul-bound interdependence of “belonging” characteristic of so-called primitive cultures. To us it would seem that both are prefigured by Plato's metechein, meaning “to take part, be a part of,” a central term for Plato that he uses in place of the verb “to be”. This equivalence of “participation” and “being” is a good example of man's basic response to the world, both during the early period and in antiquity; and in this equation participation can be regarded as constitutive of being.

Julian Jaynes' notion of the “bicameral mind” (The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, Houghton Mifflin, 1976) is strongly related to these notions, though specifically derived from the findings of split-brain research, which involves a “brutal mutilation” in its own right (a mutilation of the intact brain, even if therapeutically indicated; nor was Penfield's open-brain evoked-potentials studies research on the intact brain). Research on intact organisms, you see, would not separate data from noise in such a fashion as to reinforce mechanistic reductive models. Jaynes believes that environmental forcing repaired a phylogenetically split mind emergent from a bridged split brain, and that subject-object dualism in awareness issued out of this environmental stitching of the split: strange thesis. Nonetheless, he realizes there was a state distinct from the modern state, even if the prior state does not conform to his limited notion of the nature of consciousness. I choose the term “identity transparency” instead of “participation inconsciente”, “participation mystique”, “metechein”, and “bicameral mind” because my understanding of the state in question, though related to these formulations, is distinct from each of them. What Jaynes regards auditory and visual hallucinations conveyed from one side of the brain to the other by the corpus callosum, I do not regard “hallucinations”, but immediately-given and accurate ontic awareness, wholly absent subject-object distinctions, and mediated by quantum properties of brain function. Moreover, I believe the “breakdown” took place tens of thousands of years before Jaynes does, and that residuals of the prior state persisted, via all the facilitative mechanisms the brain is capable of, through the period of the ancient Greeks (in the West; later in the East, Africa, and so on) before petering out. Furthermore, I construe this breakdown an actual breakdown, not an enhancement, of brain function or mind function. What Jung regards inconscient and Bruhl a mystification, I consider knowledge through identity. What Gebser's translation of Plato treats as participation, I construe as holographic part-whole non-simple identity (in the technical mathematical sense of an “identity operation”, wherein “non-simple” refers to the operation being carried out under m-valued logics, not under binary logic). These multivalued logics, according to this thesis, are built into quantum properties of human brain (which are not contained in the anatomical brain: indeed, these are non-local and “entangled” across vast “distances”); theoretical explication of these properties was not required for human brain to employ them. Studying quantum properties of tornado genesis, for instance, is not necessarily not studying quantum properties of human brain, with which they may be “entangled”. Towards the end of his book, Gebser registers quantum logic, three-valued logic, and multi-valued propositions, but gives a poor account of them and their history up until the time of his writing (see p. 406 in particular). He apparently did not understand the relationship between these logics and the subject matter discussed in the above-reproduced note from page 34, as even today, m-valued logics continue, in the mainstream of mathematics, to be interpreted relative to the notion of truth-value, not identity transparency (this is because, if they were interpreted in the latter fashion, they could be applied to quantum mechanics in such a fashion as to supplant the notion of probability amplitude). The work of Alexander Karpenko has recently demonstrated that truth-value cannot be the foundational notion underlying interpretation of m-valued logics. I do not agree with Gebser that he relates an aperspectival account of these matters. Though certainly not linear-time bound, he offers a perspective elaborated from cognitively “standing in” linear-time “looking at” hypertime. His notion of the “concretion” of time is an attempt to arrive at hypertime by doing something to linear-time. But this is impossible; there is no recursive procedure capable of constellating higher-order meanings by concatenation of lower-order structures (in this case, chronotopologies) -- though higher-order structures can be concatenated from lower-order structures. Meaning and structure are not equivalent, though related. Higher-order temporal operators contain lower orders as decomposition products; this is not only mathematically the case, but directly given in “knowledge through identity”, whether such knowing comes on the battlefield or within any of the many other venues available. It is given immediately in perception and proprioception as synesthetic coloristic sounded-forms -- and I use the term “inner Musculpt” to designate this mode of ontic awareness and communication (a communication which is not hallucination, as supposed by Jaynes). Being-in-itself is communication; it does not have to communicate: identity “entanglement” without “teleportation”. The range of response and degree of coupling of modalities of human sensory function are not dependent upon gross anatomical variation: change in such parameters is dependent upon molecular and submolecular variations. Check the literature and see how many papers one can find on cross-modal correlations between sensory dimensions, for instance. The contemporary person who has produced the most elaborate record of direct experience of this is the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama -- though, apparently, she does not “frame” her experience in this fashion, having been unduly subjected to modern psychiatry. Her chosen media are appropriate media for such recording, just as much as the nature of modern languages is not appropriate. John Nash was beginning to enter such realms mathematically when the process was abruptly and violently suppressed. Since existing mathematical notation is not an appropriate medium, his shenanigans can easily be viewed as preliminary to addressing this problem -- even if he did not well understand that at the time, and couldn't find his way back to it after all he was subjected to. Human brains are late additions to the corpus of elements constituting the global brain; their “breakdown” was a disconnection; they may be on the verge of being altogether “etched” out. The planet didn't have to wait for mankind in order to obtain a “noosphere”; that's a standard issue item during the decomposition process. Production of EMP, underground nuclear testing, local releases of ionizing radiation, phased-array radar, hot auroras, induction of global warming, diffuse electromagnetic pollution, planetary blanket of microwave pulse-code transmissions: these are intrusive surgical interventions disturbing integrity of solar-terrestrial interactions we construe as transpiring only in real-number linear-time. The planet and the sun do not so construe. Lowly human “consciousness”, linear-time bound or no, is not required by Cosmos for presence or action of what we regard higher mathematics, which has been since before what we regard as beginnings and will be after what we regard as ends. Nor is it possible to separate human mass psychosis from processes of disease in global brain, functions of which are not all “anatomically” localizable or merely “distributed”. Take a time-lapse photograph of solar-terrestrial interactions in all radiation spectra, and their “core” consequences, over galactic time scales and see how distinct the involved entities are. But this would only give the merest suggestion, as no amount of linear-time extension sums to the import of any non-linear order of chronotopology. When economist von Hayek applies the notion of “time-shape” to such mundane matters as total capital stocks, application of similar notions to solar-terrestrial interactions cannot easily be regarded way out, even if “Off the Beat”.

One can look at the total present situation humanity faces as being analogously reflected, or writ small, in atmospheric science (as one could do with many other areas). The Cartesian-Newtonian paradigm is in control of the institutional base; the “new paradigm” is a (collective) projective exteriorization of organic brain disease; the evolving techno-base concretizes in material systems processes of projective identification expressed as the “new paradigm”. Because of the “classical limit”, atmospheric models used for numerical weather forecasting are based on the Cartesian-Newtonian paradigm and its deteriorations into statistical approaches; but the forecasting models thus employed are deemed of inherently limited value by chaos models, one spin-off of the projective exteriorization which is the “new paradigm”; the technological expression involving hot auroras, HAARP-SDI, computerized battlefield management, forecasting and/or control of aerosol/radiation dispersal, and the like. Relative to the total situation humanity faces, if the Cartesian-Newtonian institutional base holds sway and governs response to the failing energy foundations of contemporary global civilization, several categories of superposed global war are all but unavoidable (and already are nascent); if the “new paradigm” and its evolving techno-base overwhelm the Cartesian-Newtonian institutional base, which seems possible, processes of projective exteriorization and mass identification will set “design criteria” for the new institutional base which will be able to evolve absent global war. Moral upbraiding, modulation of existing institutional algorithms, increased knowledge, even understanding will have little in the way of significant effects on the long-wave train of outcomes, governed as they will be by mass projective identification. Personally, whatever these outcomes, I have no interest in being a witness, let alone being a participant. The only potentially effective therapeutic intervention would involve going to the source of the problem: organic brain disease. This would involve creating contemporarily applicable collective forms of THE Practice stripped of the tropes of warfare. I have imagined two such: (1) exterior Musculpt as inner counter-work contravening mass projective identification as concretization in material technological systems; and (2) implementation of m-logically-valued monetary units. Surely, there must be others.

My purpose is not to be disruptive. The simple fact is that I view science and it precursors as an expression of brain disease rooted in a deficit of proprioceptive awareness (Merleau-Ponty) and carried out via collective processes of projective identification, an expression highly politicized and deeply involved in the origins of mass warfare. Being a child of World War Two, I took it upon myself to investigate my origins. This seemed the most direct route to grappling with my personal manifestations. And I am sorry to disappoint your sense of propriety, which I imagine derivative of a psychological commitment to hagiographic accounts of the scientific process. Another simple fact is that the notion of “imaginary time” was in the published scientific literature as of 1979. This was not brought to Hawking's attention because of his highly negative response of 1977. I am not “making things up”. If you will look at the appendix to our paper entitled “A Dynamical Theory Describing Superconductant DNA” (International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, Vol. XV, 1979, pp. 333-41), you will see two orders of “imaginary time” essayed in the matrices provided. The two vector quantities, l-cap and m-cap, employed to develop the DNA wave equations, are described as temporal in nature. These two vector quantities are predicated upon hypernumber arithmetics beyond Hamilton's quaternions (i-cap, j-cap, and k-cap). These other vectors (l-cap and m-cap) are not vectors in space (that is explicitly stated in the appendix); they are vectors in time, two distinct orders of time requiring complex numbers to delineate. DNA could not be superconductant at body temperature absent these vectors in two orders of “imaginary time”. Indeed, by 1975, we knew that third-order “imaginary time” is required to describe self-referential properties of systems. These properties are related, not to m-valued functions, but to m-logically-valued propositions operative within those systems. This third-order “imaginary time” was essayed explicitly in a 1977 paper that remains unpublished, but is posted on the MOON website: “Toward a General Theory of Process”. It is this self-referential third-order that is most intimately involved with the “brutal mutilation” in question.

What level of verisimilitude should the discourse be conducted upon in a universe, we are told, that writes itself, reads itself, languages itself, is a matter of text and only text? Reading this, writing that. This Watch, That Watch: as nauseating as the “quantum this, quantum that” of the quantum flapdoodle quackery disparaged by the quantum physicists with their circular binary propositions. 10^-33 cms implied by the Heisenberg inequality. If the radius is less than the uncertainty in position: violation of Planck's minimum distance, an uncertain uncertainty energetically writing itself at the zero point. If mass times velocity times distance is greater than Planck's constant, then we have a classical system which cannot write itself at degree zero and can only read itself if it recursively evolves an emergent property far from… probability itself. If and only if: (1) the binary logic used to formulate the Heisenberg relation is valid on the level of verisimilitude chosen for the discourse -- which, languaging itself circularly, can only be the case if the m-valued wave function is not interpreted relative to m-valued logics; (2) Planck's length is a single-valued self-identical number -- which, languaging itself circularly, can only be the case if the notion of number employed is not elaborated relative to m-valued logics. If you want more weapons systems, chose quantum this. If you want messages in water, chose quantum that. Formulate ye self-evident truths how ye may and out pops ye chosen brand of quantum flapdoodle quackery. And the physicists ridicule their academic brothers: scholars of the text! Is there a Planck limit to human stupidity? My Whitmanesque other-I-am sincerely doubts that binary proposition.

Being-in-itself has no simple self-being; simple-self being absents being-in-itself. Quantum “entanglement” is simple-self being simplistic about being-in-itself by speaking of information transfer through unspeakable hyperspaces where the very notion of distance-function is indefinable. Identity-transparency (in n-dimensional Hilbert space under m-valued logics decomposing as topological operations of complex-nonlinear temporal curl upon hyperspace laminates) is apprehended by simple-self as information transfer through ponderable 3-space over linear-time: teleportation at supraluminal velocities. So traumatic to simple-self because, absent Er-GODic hypothesis, I am not that I am: essential identity in m-valued logics. Instrument extensions employed by brain-damaged scientists give these scientists a distorted lens on what those persons animistic, and therefore free of organic brain disease, directly apprehend. A brain is not the necessary and sufficient PHYSICAL substrate of consciousness; any brain, local or nonlocal, is mere de-mergent property of m-logically-valued reference space (MVRS), the base state of that Hylé-istic PHYSICAL substrate which is rDzogs-chen. If this were not physical, why would physicists be studying it?: p-branes. Don't believe it? Read Herbert V. Guenther writing on the Scientific and Humanistic Aspects of rDzogs-chen Thought (Matrix of Mystery, Shambala, 1984). Nonlocal brain de-merges to local brain under prescriptive enculturation. There is no thing-in-itself, no single simple-self particle coherently superposing a quantum state of different decoherent classical states -- though it is so if you think so, for you and yours in projective identification. The single simple-self particle is an emergent property of organic brain disease in the nonlocal brain of the members of an entangled collection of scientific objects-as-subjects-in-introjection-of-split-off-autonomous-complexes experiencing a collective occasion of experience without individual quantum states of superposed different decoherent classical states: local brains mis-taking themselves as simple-self beings. My other-I-am never had much interest in constellating identity in relative-state with a social nexus severed from its cosmic enfold; such identity is a tiresome distraction from the real business of life-itself, which is not a thing-in-itself. The human genome? Don't make me laugh. Not only is there only one genome -- all “entangled” spatially and temporally, if you must have that word implying a discrete first cause: remember, however, that a continuum infinity of discrete states is not a discrete state: I am not that I am -- but, genetically speaking, there is only the one and only species, all “entangled” with interchangeable homeomorphic in-form(ationing) codon collections, genes, automorphically decomposed from the grammar fields of m-logically-valued temporal operators semantically (i.e., sonoluminescently or Musculptly) articulated as chronotopologies on the MVRS universally-covered Riemann-surface laminate. Parasegments are addressed by numbered Gödel numbers on MVRS. Not only do the same genes in “different” species code for different proteins, but different concentrations of the same protein in the same species under the same homeotic gene are morphogenetically laminated by acoustically-modified gravity-wave modes coherently radiated by replicating superconductant DNA molecules in response to varying fields generated by endogenous and exogenous electromagnetic sources: superconductant transformation of electromagnetic fields into gravitational fields and vice versa. This is experimentally verifiable by studying transition temperatures relative to helix-coil transition rates and rates of rates and rates of rates of rates in association with both tornado genesis and DNA transcription. Speakable from simple-being, simply-connected self-identical DNA was sent here by gravito-luminescent audiogram; unspeakable from the MVRS, multiply-connected non-simple DNA is “here” by decomposition under the topological operations of temporal curl. There being, genetically speaking, only the one and only species, where the descent of man, where the origin of species? A cicada coherently superposed on a rice farmer superposed on a water buffalo superposed on the paddy dike superposed on the tree line superposed on the cloud scud superposed on the early-risen moon superposed on… is the nature of the case: only the set has a well-defined state; all else is Maya (sup)posing in Samsara under prescriptive enculturation and resultant glutamaturic neuronal etching: there, your decoherent classical state.

I am not arguing that mariner spliceosome has affinity for scientists by virtue of scientists sharing a unique frequency response window resonant with that of the spliceosome -- though given how scientists beat down information input within their temperamental envelope… Integration has no function in 3-space, linear-time, and 2-valued logic. As the ancient Chinese chronomantic-geomantic (in that order) sitting in An Dong Market starring at his yarrow stalks well knew, the appearance of whole-integer membranes in 3-space is not-TheWay. To the Taoist meditative retreatant, the Great Wall is just one skew-parallel -- the dog comes in; the cat goes out -- amongst the m-many lifted out of fractal context by the enculturated Confucian mindset. Platonic forgetting, not anamnesis. Severe local storms are biogenesis; that's why only one integrated description is required -- outside 3-space, linear-time, and 2-valued logic. If mandarin effector apparatniks like charparone proteins orchestrate folding kinetics, how do these charparones “know” where to make their folds at any given when? With m-many basins of attraction in such a small space and time influencing a given charparone, how is “choice” between them made? And how do basins of attraction arise? Deterministic disorder comes from the strange attractor, not vice versa. No real explanation of origin of the attractors is provided. Notions of order-disorder are functions of the index of m-valued logics employed in pattern recognition. Not 2^nk, but M^nk. “Distributed control” is on the m-logically-valued reference space decomposed by complex operator-time as limiting time-rates (velocities like Einstein spoke of), limiting rates of rates, and limiting rates of rates of rates (not rate limits) to basins of attraction. The topological operations of the temporal curl create basins of attraction.

I had my close encounter with Stuart Kauffman's Bios Group during the headhunting phase. k in 2^nk, okay. Correlations. But what is responsible for the correlations? How do they arise? What is a perceived correlation, mathematically represented? A function. What is a function? According to Euler, it is a correspondence -- just like in Chinese medicine, which is a system of correspondences. What are numerical correspondences? Set theoretical relations: inclusion, intersection, and so on. Boundaries and cross-border behaviors. And by reference to what are these relations ascertained? Definitions of the logical properties of number, which are, in turn, derivative of the rules of binary-logic accommodation and identity. Kauffman correlations, k, are close encounters with numerical idempotency, with the near-identity relation otherwise known as self-similarity. Being mere close encounters, they are not quite self-identity, not quite “I am me and only me”, not quite “I am that I am”. Self-identity is the binary-logic opposite of identity-transparency. Perceived correlations on scale-free networks “arise” from proprioception conducted under the definitions constitutive of binary logic, the 2 in 2^nk -- as do the properties of a linear-time based upon linkage of a denumerable set of absolutely-in-so-far-as-distinct instants. Lie down in the sensory isolation of a Lilly tank and one of the first discoveries made is that, while perception is dependent upon proprioception, the reverse is not necessarily the case. Proprioception, as every fetus learns as it grows up from an embryo, can stand alone. Proprioception, that is, conducted under the definitions constitutive of binary logic: first cause of a reductive “I am that I am”. Solipsism of the ego sphere, not the solipsism of All-That-Is. But what about encounters of the third kind, of the mth case? Self-similarity is one small step for mankind away from encapsulated self-identity, reductive “I am that I am”: the left big toe tentatively stuck into the forbidding animistic amnion of a Yayoi Kusama soft-sculpture morphology environment of warm-golden-dust polka-dot position-based matrices, the n in 2^nk. This tentative step is perception of the m-logically-valued universe dependent upon proprioception conducted under the definitions constitutive of binary logic. Lying down in a Kusama amnion, however; now that is something else again! Strange attractors, event gradients on a scale-free fractal reference, far from equilibrium phase transitions? Not hardly. Correlations don't “arise”, couldn't possibly “emerge” teleologically from the next proximal possible: they are always there/here. What else is “entanglement”? M in M^nk may be denumerable, but it is not finite. Indeed, it may not even be denumerably denumerable; it may be non-denumerably denumerable: M as C. Self-organized criticality under M^nk, unlike under 2^nk, does not “arise” only under low values of k. Self-organization being what it is relative to functional integration -- a function of correlation density on the position-dependent matrices -- at the very least, the distribution of values of k should be N/logN, in nonlinear waves, like the primes: inherently m-valued wave-function. Unit circle on the complex plane, unit circle on the hypercomplex plane, unit circle on… painter Pereira's “layered transparent” in the transcendental formal logic of the infinite. And M being non-finite, the numbers numbering Kusama polka dots, cannot be idempotent, nor merely even self-similar; they must be m-logically-valued, i.e., identity-transparent. The only way to get such numbers is to number numbers numbered under 2-valued logic, i.e., Gödel numbers. Such numbered numbers bundled on Kusama polka dots are chronotopokinetically decomposable to spatiomorphogenetic soft sculptures: chronotopo-LOGICAL decomposition decomposing to ontological decomposition, perceived under binary logic as existential recursion. These numbers are not emergent; they do not arise from the dead, from probability amplitudes, from propensities, from proclivities, from the probabilities themselves, from proximate possibles. They are always there/here, because instants are absolutely-in-so-far-as-distinct only under the binary order of M, and temporal ordinality requires such instants, without which there can be no arrow. “Nothing ever changes”, under the mth order, is idempotent with “Everything is nothing but changes” on orders less than M. Belief in evolution is one way to avoid the ever-present proximity of… Nirvana.

Minute temporal differentials -- near-to-at relative absolute limits (velocities, accelerations, and time rates of change of acceleration) in growth, collapse, repair, disintegration -- establish configuration-space architectonics and 3-space morphologies governed by these quantum-gravity kinetics and coordinated by frequency-response-window specificities decomposed from the m-logically-valued reference space (MVRS). MVRS: the Kusama polka-dot, zero-equals-infinity/point energy quantum-gravity screen grid percolating all percolation processes. Conflict between those persons inside binary logic overcommitted to the rabbinate and those persons inside binary logic overcommitted to Cabala aside, dynamics in the lower-dimensional space and lower order of logical-value analogically model the higher-dimensional/higher-order static relation-structures decomposed to dynamics. Musculpt (“laws of form” in the general cosmological case) is a retrograde inversion of, an inner counter-work to, linear perspective and psychogenic projective geometry. How do “I” know? This other-I-am is a slow reader; it reads the deep spaces between lines of text. Are indications of lower states of consciousness, or those higher, to be trusted? In observer-state upon cognitive functions, “one” learns to ascertain the various placements of the I-sense (place + state = identity) relative to physical anatomy and even outside the head. Identity can be placed in 3-space structure and shape, in dynamics, in higher-dimensional/higher-order static relation-structure, on the MVRS (place = identity - state). As quality of attention in observer-state varies, placements of the I-sense meander flux of deautomatization: you do not control this. Study percentage of linear-time your you is on the text lines (parallels that are actually skew; not skews, actually parallel) relative to the linear-time other-I-ams are in spaces between: this proportion is one measure of the relative-state -- the “apokritical interval” of J. G. Bennett -- of any self-beingness in being-in-itself. In observer-state, “one” can also lift self-identity off the formants and listen in spaces between tones deemed musical or otherwise. This is not VR DOAed (Department of the Army) in Hollywood, anymore than TV has left the breast.

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