VirFut Q-Pro
Public Policy Implications of Quantum Computing

Not United States, but critical states;
Not a borderless world, a world of fractal borders;
Not one currency, an m-currency;
Not global monoculture, a diversely-identical metaculture;
Not English as the imposed onelanguage, Musculpt as universal metalanguage.

Clausewitz and Sun Tzu, in the area of military strategic planning, anticipated many of the features of policy formulation implied by quantum computing. In the realm of civil affairs, practical considerations in application of Stanford Research Instituteís multiple-scenarios strategic planning methodology encourage choosing the most likely scenario, and then basing strategic planning activities upon it. Quantum computing will obviate the need for such limiting pre-selection, as it will become possible to simultaneously work with the full range of virtual “futures”. This capability is inherent in the non-binary, non-Boolean nature of a quantum-bit (q-bit), which is logically m-valued in the sense of Emil Postís uTm system of logics. M-valuation, in the calculus of propositions employed, makes initial and final states, time-evolution, and entropy logically undefinable under uTm. Nested sets of non-linear partial differential equations used in modeling efforts will not require approximated solution by imposition of contextually undefinable initial or boundary conditions. Instead of manipulating solution curves, models will work with 3-space diversely-identical skew solution volumes and n-space diversely-identical skew solution polytopes as multimedia sounded-forms or autopoietic Musculpt (music-sculpture) holography. Public policy implementation will be carried out via free markets utilizing m-valued exchange units referenced to partitions with borders that are fractally-dimensioned Koch curves having only a virtual on-the-ground presence. Public policy initiatives will be based upon Virtual Futures Q-bitic Projection, i.e., VirFut Q-Pro.
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M-Valuation in a Generalized Currency Basket
Transcending Fitness-Landscapes in Quantum Economies
by Replacing the Wave-Function with Operator-Time

Closure ideas for this paper came during a visit to Kunming and Lijiang. Full recognition of the connection between operator-time and Dirac spin came immediately upon falling out of bed in midst of an earthquake -- for whatever that is worth. Newton's account of falling did not adequately explain the physical origins of basins of attraction. But the fundamental idea of operator-time is much older than my visit to Lijiang. Indeed, it is the concept of time informing the I-Ching. John A. Wheeler was first approached concerning the topic in 1975; soon after, Stephen Hawking, David Bohm, Hugh Everett, Ilya Prigogine, and Roger Penrose. Nothing came back from any of these professors indicating comprehension beyond regarding operator-time as a measurable in a quantum equation -- which was Pauliís idea back in the Twenties. Dr. Hawkingís subsequent origination of the relatively simplistic -- though complexly mathematicized -- notion of “imaginary time” is clear indication of just how small the comprehension was. But this lack of comprehension is obviously not due to lack of brains; rather, to presence of prior ideological commitments. By contrast, Kozyrevís temporal spin-moment and Sakharovís multi-sheet model were trans-ideological and right on target.
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This Age of Ironies
Asia's Creativity Problem is Not the One Identified by the West

What qualifies as the biggest paradox of contemporary human life on this planet? “A” is “A” and “not-A” is “not-A” and, regardless of Kipling, the twain until recently always met in the East. As the East strived to separate this met twain in imitation of the West, the West itself found evidence that “no A is not-A” cannot be valid. Consequences of these inverse walks may have caused two world wars, and may be leading to a third.
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VR, vitamin K, ETs, and the pathogenesis of
end-stage AMD syndrome (circa 1996)

Americana Manifest Destiny Syndrome
(Societial Paroxysmal Disseminated Necrotizing Polyserositic Dyscrasia)
An apparently inherited meme-complex and multisystem scotomatous psychophysiologic syndrome of unknown etiology, characterized by recurrent episodes of febrile fulmination wherein individuals and population groups attempt to deny in aggressive paroxysms everything conflicting with the ego-construct and its group-mediated inflations -- the somatic symptoms being dependent upon the meme-compliment of individual and population corpus, the site and degree of organ or tissue involvement.

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