Miscellaneous Dolls

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MIS_1 LuAnn Simms: (Arthur Godfrey Show)  15 inch, vinyl face, hard plastic body & limbs, original clothes 1959 $225.00
MIS_2 Linda Williams: 15 inch, white and red checked dress , open and close eyes, open mouth with teeth, rooted long hair.  Some damage to toes.  From the "Make Room for Daddy"(Danny Thomas TV show with Angela Cartwright. 1959 $50.00
MIS_3 Walt Disney Entertainment: Crown Toy, one of the Seven Dwarfs ("Happy"), hand puppet  -- $50.00

Admiration Doll Co: Carol Sue, The Little Mother's Darling, 7 1/2 inch, open and close eyes, in original box

1950-60 $150.00
MIS_5 "Ratti"  Italy,  14 1/2inch, blonde hair,  red polka-dot dress, eyes open and close - - $ 75.00
MIS_6 Dionne Quintuplets:Yvonne, Annette, Cecile, Emilie & Marie. These five children, the first documented set of quintuplets to survive in history, were born near Callander, Ontario, on May 28, 1934. -- $200.00
MIS_7 Wooden doll painted face, yellow yarn hair (braids), pink dress, pipe cleaner arms --  
MIS_8 Oriental all wooden doll, very good condition, painted  --  
MIS_9 3 inch, hard plastic doll with string you pull (roller under dress) plastic top and bottom.  Very old, good condition. -- $125.00
MIS_10 Pillsbury Doughboy. This adorable "poppie fresh doll" that was made by Pillsbury Playthings in 1971, 5.5" tall soft vinyl figure. Other than some discoloration the doll is is in very good condition. 1971 $ 30.00
MIS_11  Pillsbury Doughgirl. This adorable "poppie fresh doll" that was made by Pillsbury Playthings in 1972. 5.5" tall soft vinyl figure. Other than some discoloration the doll is is in very good condition. 1972 $ 30.00
MIS_12 17 1/2 inch, eyes  open and close, with lashes, red lips, marked on head: 14RA,  marked on back B18, red painted nails and toes 1959 $ 50.00
MIS_13 BettinaLee: open and close eyes with lashes, open mouth with 2 upper teeth, blonde hair in pigtails, soft plastic, 11 inch. 1964 $175.00
MIS_14 Dionne Quintuplets: framed photo, 31 inch 1935 $200.00
MIS_15 Pedigree in triangle marked on back.  Hard plastic, moveable eyes (missing arms) -- --
MIS_16 U.D. Co. Inc.: open mouth, wets, 4 1/2 inch 1969 $30.00
MIS_17 7 inch doll on stand, bride -- $30.00
MIS_18 The Fonze:  Paramount Pictures Corp. (from "Happy Days"), neck bendable, pull-down lever on back moves arm up to give his famous  "Ehhhhh!" 1976 $40.00
MIS_19 Japan, 4 inch doll, soft stuffed -- $10.00
MIS_20 11 1/2 inch puppet, painted face, open mouth with teeth (scripture on back of head) 1965 $60.00
MIS_21 19 inch, Milling Corp. marked on doll, sack-like cloth body, compo, open eyes, painted lashes and brows. -- $200.00
MIS_22 14 1/2 inch, souvenir doll, papier -mache, mohair wig, stuffed body -- $200.00
MIS_23 14 inch, redressed, hard plastic, open and close eyes, glued-on wig, nice face coloring, marked "Made in USA," jointed arms and legs -- $200.00
MIS_24 Little Orphan Annie: America's favorite comic strip sweetheart, mint in box 1973 $125.00
MIS_25 12 inch hand puppet, soft rubber head, "Western Germany" printed on head -- $40.00
MIS_26 8 inch, Lesney Pat. Pending,  soft rubber head, hard plastic body, all moveable joints 1973 $40.00
MIS_27 Carol Sue, the Little Mother's Darling, original clothes -- $ 25.00
MIS_28 18 inch ballerina, unmarked, bendable at knees, open and close eyes with lashes -- $35.00
MIS_29 7 1/2 inch doll, unmarked, open and close eyes, head and arms move at joints, glued-on bathing sui t -- $30.00
MIS_30 Upsy Downsy Baby, unmarked, stuffed cloth doll, one side happy the other side sad, rubber heads, 11 1/2 inch -- $35.00
MIS_31 17 1/2 inch, unmarked, rag doll type, sticker missing from shirt, when you press him his heart ticks -- $35.00
MIS_32 All compo, souvenir doll, Spain, 16 inch, all painted features, painted-on blue shoes and socks, original clothes -- $140.00
MIS_33 Pedigree made in England, marked on back with a triangle with pedigree in center, open and close eyes, painted socks and shoes, hard plastic body. -- $75.00
MIS_34 8 1/2 inch, painted features and red shoes, looks to be all papier-mache, very old spanish doll -- $75.00
MIS_35 Afghan Hound, 6 1/2 inches long (tip of nose to tail), 5 inches high, Mattel Bartbie sleek show dog -- $10.00
MIS_36 Bean bag doll:  open and close eyes, with lashes and  rubber face -- $ 10.00
MIS_37 15 inch doll on a wooden stand, Japan, original clothes, bendable wire arms, painted-on face -- $45.00
MIS 38 Unmarked, all composition, closed mouth, some crazing around mouth and nose, 13 1/2 inch, redressed, green and tiny white flowered dress, matching bonnet, white tights, black shoes 1900's $225.00
MIS_40 Marked C in a circle, 1971 on her head, 751 made in Italy on her back, she's redressed, blonde hair, open and close eye's, very long eye lashes. 1971  
MIS_41 Wham-O, 1972, Sherman Doll, 4 inch, all rubber, painted features 1972  
MIS_42 Unmarked Groom Doll, 7 1/2 inch, original clothes, jointed arms straight legs, painted on black shoes, painted hair, open and close eye's --  
MIS_43 Unmarked, 17 inch, original clothes, hard plastic limbs, soft rubber face, straight leg, head moves side to side when you move legs, open and close eye's, full lashes --  
MIS_44 Kaysam Corp., 1961, Juliet Prowse, "GiGi Doll", 21 inch, high-heeled doll, nude, blonde hair, open and close blue eye's 1961 $125.00
MIS_45 Fisher Price, 1977-1978, My Friend Mandy, missing tights and shoes, original pink party dress and straw hat, #210 1977 $55.00
MIS_46 Unmarked, Kewpie, 7 1/2 inch, all rubber, very clean condition -- $35.00
MIS_47 Reliable Doll Corp., Lorrie, 10 1/2 inch, all hard plastic, painted blue eye's and lashes, open mouth no teeth showing -- $40.00
MIS_48 Commonwealth Plastic Corp. 2 inch hand painted dolls,17 dolls in all. Indian, Siam, Mexico,China, France, Sweden, Eskimo, Hawaii , Norway, Portugal, Germany, Finland,Cuba, Haiti, Denmark, Early American, and Egypt. They were Dolls that were fun to collect and trade. Mint on Card -- $200.00
MIS_49 Unmarked, 24 inch walker doll, very good condition -- $230.00

Parker Brothers Music, 1984, 10 Original Cabbage Patch Songs, Never Opened

-- $20.00
MIS_51 21 inch Marked 818 on head, cloth body in good condition, no damage to any of the fingers or toes, good face coloring, open and close blue eye's, lashes, chubby baby -- $ 50.00

unmarked costume doll, molded hard plastic, original costume, very nice coloring, jointed at shoulders only, T strap shoes

1950's $35.00
MIS_53 unmarked, 7 1/2 inch, costume/fashion doll, molded hard plastic, bowed slippers, c-hook arms, painted lashes, original clothes 1950's $35.00
MIS_54 storybook doll, c-hook arms, bowed slippers, original clothes 1950's $40.00
MIS_55 Storybook Doll, 7 1/2 inch, molded hard plastic, detailed toes, painted lashes, very nice coloring, original clothes 1950's $40.00
MIS_56 Unmarked, paper mache face, composition body and limbs, 7 1/2 inch, Ethnic Doll, original clothes, very nice painted face, small chip on right ankle -- $50.00
MIS_57 Unmarked, female vintage ethnic costume doll, 12 inches, on wood stand,cloth body, wire with string wrapped arms and legs, painted face, good coloring, small cracking, red dots in corner of eye's -- $55.00
MIS_58 The Encyclopedia of Collectibles by Time Life Books. 16 Volumes from 1978-1980

BOOK #1. ADVERTISING GIVEAWAYS TO BASKETS** Advertising Giveaways, American Eagles, Animation Film Art, Arrowheads, Art Glass, Art Pottery, Autographs, Automobilia, Banks, Barbed Wire, Baseball Cards, Baskets

BOOK #2. BEADS TO BOXES ** Beads, Beer Cans, Belleek Porcelain, Bells, Bennington Pottery, Bibles, Bicycles, Books, Botanical Prints, Bottles, Boxes

BOOK #3. BUTTONS TO CHESS SETS ** Buttons, Cameras, Candleholders, Canes, Carnival Glass, Carousel Animals, Cars, Cartoons & Caricatures, Cash Registers, Cats, Chalkware, Chess Sets

BOOK #4. CHILDREN'S BOOKS TO COMICS ** Children's Books, Chinese Export Porcelain, Christmas Tree Ornaments, Cigar Bands and Labels, Circus Memorabilia, Civil War Equipment, Clocks, Clothing, Coins, Combs, Comics

BOOK #5. COOKBOOKS TO DETECTIVE FICTION ** Cookbooks, Corkscrews, Country Music, Coverlets, Cowboy Gear, Creches, Currier & Ives, Cut Glass, Dance Memorabilia, Decoy's, Depression Glass, Detective Fiction

BOOK #6. DOGS TO FISHING TACKLE ** Dogs Dollhouses, Dolls, Doorstops, Eggs, Embroidery, Eyeglasses, Fans, Farm Machinery, Fiesta Ware, Fire-Fighting Equipment, Fishing Tackle

BOOK #7. FORK ART TO HOUSE-DRAWN CARRIAGES ** Folk Art, Frogs, Fruit-Crate, Labels, Games, Golf Clubs, Greeting Cards, Guns, Handbags, Hatpins, Hats, Hooked Rugs, House-Drawn Carriages

BOOK # 8. INKWELLS TO LACE. ** Inkwells, Insulators, Irons, Japanese Prints, Jars, Jazz Memorabilia, Jewelry, Jukeboxes, Kitchen Equipment, Knives, Lace

BOOK #9. LALIQUE TO MARBLES ** Lalique, Lamps, lighting-Rod Oranaments, Lindbergh memorabilia, Locks and Keys, Magazines, Magician's Paraphernalia, Majolica, Maps, Marbles

BOOK #10. MATCHSAFES TO NURSING BOTTLES ** Matchsafes, Medals, Menus, Model Soldiers, Movie Memorabilia, Music Boxes, Musical Instruments, Nautical Gear, Navajo Blankets, Needlework Tools, Netsukes, Nursing Bottles

BOOK #11. OAK FURNITURE TO PHARMACIST'S EQUIPMENT ** Oak Furniture Ocean Liner memorabilia, Opera Mementos, Owls, Painted Furniture, Paper Dolls, Paper Money, Paperweights, Penny Arcade Machines, Pens and Pencils, Pewter, Pharmacist's

BOOK #12. PHONOGRAPHS TO QUILTS ** Phonographs, Photographs, Pipes, Playing Cards, Police memorabilia, Political Sovenirs, Postcards, Posters, Premiums, Pressed Glass, Puppets, Quilts

BOOK #13. RADIOS TO SIGNS ** Radios, Railroadiana, Redware, Rock and Roll Memorabilia, Rodgers groups, Royal Souvenirs, Samples, Science Fiction, Scrimshaw, Shaker Crafts, Shaving Mugs, Signs

BOOK #14. SILHOUETTES TO SWORDS ** Silhouettes, Silk pictures, Silver, Smoking Paraphernalia, Spoons, Staffordshire, Stamps, Steins,Stoneware, Swords

BOOK #15. TELEPHONES TO TRIVETS ** Telephones, Theatrical Memorabilia, Tiffany, Tinware, Toasters, Tools, Toys, Trade Cards, Trains, Tramp Art, Trivets

BOOK #16. TYPEWRITERS TO WORLD WAR MEMORABILIA ** Typewriters, Valentines, Victorian Furniture, Watches, Weather Vanes, Wedgewood, Wicker, Wildlife Prints, World's Fair Souvenirs, World War Memorabilia and Index.

all in excellent condition!

1978-1980 $250.00
MIS_59 Flagg Doll Corp. Costume doll series, Cowgirl, missing holster and hat, hand painted face and blonde painted hair, 6 1/2 inch 1940 $200.00
MIS_60 Allied Eastern, marked 200 6-24, 19 1/2 inch, re dressed in very good condition! 1950 $150.00
MIS_61 Linda Williams, From the "Make Room for Daddy" (Danny Thomas TV show with Angela Cartwright. Undressed 1959 $25.00

Marked 210 on head and back, 21 inch, straight leg walker, open and close eyes, open mouth, 4 teeth, hard plastic, great condition

1950's $200.00

Valentine Doll Corp Marked 46 7VW, 18 inch, redressed, bendable knees and ankles, , open and close eyes

? $100.00

Valentine Doll Corp Marked 7VW, 18 inch, redressed, bendable knee, open and close eyes, gold tutu

? $100.00
MIS_65 Unmarked 22 inch Composition Doll, good coloring to face, redressed, cryer works, dark molded hair ? $350.00

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