Votrax Sample Project
Mostly for Wizard of Wor

(This may not look like much but it took a very long time to come up with this stuff)

I took Mame and I turned on logging and played, and played and played (I turned on infinite lives). This printed the code/stuff that was suppose to go to the Votrax SC-01 Chip and I interpreted the sentences below. Yes, these maybe wrong! But I tried.

I then got to thinking that these but be somewhere in the ROM for Wizard of Wor (WOW) themselves. So I combined all the WOW ROM files and wrote a program to interpret the bytes into phonemes (basic sound units) and I looked and looked and I found them! (If it makes a difference, I do own the WOW and Gorf ROMS from the arcade games.)

I documented the phonemes in the ROM files in the C++ program I wrote.

The next step in the process is to create samples for the ones we donít have. At this point I know what to send to a Votrax SC-01 to get the samples but I need a way to send them to the chip.

I found this circuit that was in September 1981 issue of BYTE magazine.

Now I need to build the circuit and hook to my PC and then sample the output.

Here is all the things WOW says:

A few more dungeons and you'll be a worlord.
Ah good, my pets where getting hungry. ha ha ha ha.
Ah you thought you could but I'm the dungeon master. Ha ha ha ha.
And my teleporting spell can be even faster. Ha ha ha ha.
Another coin for my treasure chest.
Another worrior for my babies to devour.
Are you fit to survive the pit. Ha ha ha ha.
Be forewarned, you approach the pit. Ha ha ha ha.
Bite the bullet worlord. Ha ha ha ha.
Bite the bullet worrior. Ha ha ha ha.
Burwor hasn't eatin anyone in months. ha ha ha ha.
Burwor, Garwor, and Thorwor, will do you in.
Burwor, you are in the worlord dungeons.
Come back for more, with, The Wizard of Wor. ha ha ha ha.
Deep in the caverns of wor you will meet me worrior.
Deeper ever deeper in to the dungeons of wor. Ha ha ha ha.
Fear, I draw near, each time I appear. ha ha ha ha.
Find me, The Wizard of Wor.
Garwor and Thorwor become invisible. ha ha ha ha.
Garwor, go after them.
Get ready, worrior.
Hay, Your space boots untied. Ha ha ha ha.
He he he ho ho ho ha ha ha ha, that was fun.
Hey, insert coin.
Hurry back, I can't wait to do it again.
I am The Wizord of Wor.
I'll fray you with my lightning bolts.
I'm out'a spite. ha ha ha ha.
If you can't beat the rest, then you'll never get the best. Ha ha ha ha.
If you destroy my babies, I'll pop you in the oven. ha ha ha ha.
If you get too powerful, I'll take care of you myself. ha ha ha ha.
If you try any harder, you'll only meet with doom. ha ha ha ha.
Keep going, and you will find me.
Kill Worluk for double score.
My babies breath fire, worrior.
My beasts run wild in the worlord dungeons. Ha ha ha ha.
My creatures are radioactive.
My magic is stronger then your weapons, worlod.
My magic is stronger then your weapons, worrior.
My worlings are very very hungry. Ha ha ha ha.
Now you get the heavyweights.
Now you know the tast of my magic, worrior.
Now your only chance is your dance. Ha ha ha ha.
One bite from my pretties, and you'll explode. Ha ha ha ha.
Oops, I must have forgotten the walls. Ha ha ha ha.
Remember, I'm the wizard, not you!
Say it again, Woryer fear, I draw neer, each time I apear. Ha ha ha ha.
So you've come to score in the world of wor. Ha ha ha ha.
The dungeons of wor await your return, worrior.
The Wizard of Wor thanks you.
Thor, Bur, Gar dinner's ready. Ha ha ha ha.
Thorwor is red mean and hungry for spice food.
Wasn't that lightning bolt delicious? Ha ha ha ha.
Watch the radar, worrior.
Welcome, to my world of wor.
Were are you going to hide now. Ha ha ha ha.
Worlock will escape through the door.
Worlord maybe you'll see me again.
Worlord, while you developed science, we developed magic.
Worlord, You won't have a chance for your dance. Ha ha ha ha.
Worlord, Your path leads directly to the pit. Ha ha ha ha.
Worrior, now I'm getting mad.
Worrior, while you developed science, we developed magic.
You are in, the dungeons of wor.
You can start anew, but for now you're through.
You know you can do better, worlord.
You know you can do better, worrior.
You will never leave wor alive. ha ha ha ha.
You'd better hope you don't find me, The Wizard of Wor.
You'll get the arena. Ha ha ha ha.
You're asking for trouble, worrior.
You're off to see the wizord, the magical Wizord of Wor. ha ha ha ha.
You've just been frayed by the Wizard of Wor. Ha ha ha ha.
Your bones will lie in the dungeons of wor. ha ha ha ha.
Your explosion was music to my ears. Ha ha ha ha.

Circut is from: Ciarcia, Steve, "Build an Unlimited-Vocabulary Speech Synthesizer," Byte, September 1981, p 38.
(BTW: I got this from this page.)
You will need a Votrax sc-01 chip.
Then, just modify and use the above program to create the samples.