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Scarrans are the Boogeymen of the Farscape Universe. Powerful, numerous, cruel and heartless, they make PeaceKeepers look like play soldiers. Their primary goal seems to be the subjugation of the entire universe. While much of their history is unknown, it seems that they have long been expanding their territory and have paused somewhere near the border of the Uncharted Territories and the realm of the PeaceKeepers. Scarrans have long since been sizing up the PeaceKeepers, to study PK military strengths as well as Sebacians themselves, to see if they would make a good subjugated race.

The PeaceKeepers seem to have at least superior military intelligence. They know that they are outnumbered nearly 10 to 1 by the Scarrans, and if a full fledged battle ensued, they would not be victorious. The PK's desperately need the wormhole technology to be able to fight the Scarrans, which is one reason Scorpius has so much power within the PeaceKeepers, being half Scarran as he is.

Scarrans as individuals are themselves a force to be reckoned with. Physically, they have extremely dense skin which can withstand several blasts of conventional pulse weapons that would kill nearly any other species after even a single shot. They are muscular enough to toss around Luxans like rag-dolls as well. On top of all this, they have a gland which generates heat which can be used as a close range weapon. They also seem to have some psychic weapon associated with the gland that can 'force' some species to 'tell the truth.' This weapon is powerful enough to kill. though this gland can be safely removed from Scarrans without killing them, it does not seem to be removable within Scorpius, who is only half Scarran. Also the gland within Scorpius seems to be located in or near the brain, not near the left shoulder and seems to allow him to distinguish between truth and lies rather than force the truth.

Thanks to LOKI for the above image of the Scarran. Thanks Loki!

The Scarran ruling class looks markedly different from the run of the mill warrior Scarran and appears to have different attributes as well. While not as physically formidable as a typical Scarran (I mean come on- no way JC could've gone a round with a typical Scarran), their mental powers are more refined. They have the ability to read the minds of some species- the limits of this power are unknown but close proximity is required.

It is not known why different castes have such different appearances. One possibility is that Scarrans are known to experiment with different species as 'breeding stock.' It could be that the ruling caste is the most 'pure' of the Scarran bloodlines, or possibly the most advanced.  We also do not know if there are other Scarran castes at this time or what roles they play in Scarran society. The primary Scarran we have seen so far seems to be a warrior class (though even the caste is speculation.) It is possible that the Scarran female that raised Scorpius may have also been a different caste- as she also appeared physically different from the warrior or ruling castes.