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History of the 1966/67 Dodge Charger

Down with the dream cars that never made it to the assembly line.
Up with the exciting new Dodge Charger

This is no dream car. It's the real "take-me-home-and-let's-stir-things-up-a-bit" automobile

Tired of plain Jane hardtops masquerading as luxury cars?
Go Charger!
The luxury's standard equipment.

Plant one of these in your driveway. Watch your neighbors turn green. Charger's a luxury car that is nimble and quick enough and challenging enough to make you glad you can't afford a chauffer. It's a lot of excitement in a package 17 feet long, 6 feet wide and 4 1/2 feet high. For you? Why not?


Perhaps Dodge said it best in these quotes from an early sales brochure. A vast viewing audience, perhaps the largest ever to witness the unveiling of a new car, heard Dodge tell it's viewers between halves of the 1966 Rose Bowl game that last year you could only dream of owning a Charger-this year it is at your Dodge dealers waiting for you.

Timing should have been right-everyone was thinking "fastback". Barracuda was into its 3rd year of model production, however really it would not have been on the market for two full years until May of 1966- already by January of 1966 Barracuda had chalked up some 100,000 units-very impressive!

There was a market for the fastbacks and Dodge wanted their share. They had a new leader for the "Dodge Rebellion"!!

Unfortunately, it just didn't happen. Sales had to be a disappointment to the Dodge people but the Barracuda really didn't fare much better. The pair combined barely surpassed the 1965's Barracuda sales total by itself. Auto people wanted to know if the Charger was just indeed sharing the market with the Barracuda instead of appealing to a total new market as the Chrysler Corporation had hoped.

Dodge Charger recorded less than 39,000 units for the model year.

Price wise, the Charger should have been on the money (considering the product offered). The advertised delivered price from Dodge was $3,122. by comparison, a base Barracuda had an ADP of $2,637. A SS 396 Chevelle was $2,776. The Charger was both bigger and heavier than other fastbacks. The value was there!

Dodge Charger Commercials from 1966

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