Todd's Wiring Diagrams
I have had a lot of questions on how to wire up a switch panel. Here is a brief explanation on how to use the diagrams to wire your switch panel. (My diagrams are showing you the back side of the switches.)

In the bottom right hand corner I have placed a box with the letters A thru F. Each letter represents where certain wires will go. On the switches I have those same letters in small circles. Those circles represent the terminals on the back of the switch. What you want to do is connect all the As to every A you see . Then all the Bs to B's and so on.

Once that is complete, you then need to connect the wires that come from the dumps, solenoids, and the 24volts off one of your batteries. As shown all the center terminals have 24 volts connected to them. What you end up having is small jumpers running from one switch to another. Make sure that you do this slowly and not connect the wrong jumpers or you could short out one of your switches.

This information is the same for the 16 switch setup as well as the 10 switch set up.

Click the links below to view my custom wiring diagrams for Switch Panels and Hydraulic Pump Setups.

10 Switch Panel Wiring Diagram

16 Switch Panel Wiring Diagram

1 Hydraulic Pump Setup

2 Hydraulic Pump Setup

4 Hydraulic Pump Setup

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