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The Citroën Specials Club, based in the UK, is for people interested in Citroën based specials, mainly from the 2CV range, and similar 'cyclecar' type vehicles. This includes everything from modified 2CVs to a 2CV powered aeroplane, pausing in passing to admire Morgans, JZRs, 2CV powered bikes and most other light or three-wheeled cars.

The Club has been running for a few years and has a membership of over 500. Most of the members are in the UK, but we have members overseas and receive enquiries from all over the world. There are six club magazines a year, packed full of news, interesting articles, personal experiences and loads of hints and tips.

The main type of car in the club is the Lomax, built from a kit, and available with three or four wheels in a variety of forms. The next along is the Falcon, another kit car, bearing a superficial resemblance to a Lotus 7, again with three or four wheels. There are lots of specials, loosely based on one of these kits or entirely home built.

Other car types in the club include standardish 2CVs, Dyanes, Amis,etc, and the non-standardish Manx, JZR, DRK kit cars.

My own car is a Falcon LX3 based on a 2CV, with its 602cc air-cooled boxer twin. Although it looks like a Lotus Seven from the front, the performance doesn't quite match! It does well for it's engine size, however and it is great fun.

One of Norman Higgins' famed Ermintrudes, she is now known as Esmerelda - and I'm still looking for a McDonald's Esmeralda figurine as a mascot!

Picture of my Falcon

Gaynor and Esmerelda by the Wheeldale Roman Road on the North Yorkshire Moors

If you want a car that gets you noticed, forget Ferraris - head for a Citroën Special - they're much cheaper!


Membership Secretary, Carole Chitty, 8 Forest End, Courtmoor, Fleet, Hampshire, GU13 9XE, England

Telephone: 44 1252 620128 (UK: 01252 620128)

Some information to get you started...

Blackjack Avion

The Blackjack Avion is a new two seater special, based on the Citroën powertrain and front suspension, fitted to a structural polyester body moulding and subframes. Front suspension has vertically mounted dampers and Blackjack anti-roll bar. Rear suspension has a special swinging arm with spring and damper unit. The wheels are 16" polished stainless steel wires, with aluminium hubs. The Avion has a moulded air deflector / windscreen - a full screen and weather equipment is under development.

Richard Oakes Ltd, Garland Villa, Cross Street, Helston, Cornwall. TR13 8NQ, England

Telephone & Fax: 44 1326 574464 (UK: 01326 574464)

LOMAX - Lomax 223, Lomax 224, Lomax 424, Lambda 3, Lambda 4

Lomax produce kits for several 2CV based cars, but there are two basic body styles. The 223,224,424 use the same body style, with variations on doors, dicky seat, bonnet, windscreen, front wings and, of course, the number of wheels. The Lamda is a more recent design, available as a three or four wheeler. Click on the photograph to check out the Lomax web site for more pictures and further information.

Lomax Motor Co. Ltd., Endurance Works, Maypole Fields, Cradely , Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 2QB, England

Telephone: 44 1384 410910 (UK: 01384 410910)

Fax: 44 1384 69574 (UK: 01384 69574)

FALCON - Falcon LX3, Falcon S, Falcon XS

The Falcon is crafted in the popular 'Lotus 7' style, and is available with three or four wheels. The body is a mixture of wood and fibreglass, and can be skinned with aluminium. Cycle wings can be fitted instead of the standard flared items and the windscreen is optional, but is needed for the weatherproof soft-top. (A hard-top is also available elsewhere.)

Falcon Design, Grove Lane, Marston Trading Estate, Frome, Somerset, BA11 4AT, England

Telephone: 44 1373 473695 (UK: 01373 473695)

Fax: 44 1373 473708 (UK: 01373 473708)

MANX - Manx, Manx Convertible
Picture of Manx

Manx cars produce a modern sports car styled two seater, which is only available with a full set of four wheels! Doors are optional, and the car may be configured as an open targa top, coupé or hardtop.

Manx Cars Ltd., Riseley Gorse Farm, Part Lane, Riseley, Berkshire, RG7 1RU, England

Telephone: 44 1734 884059 (UK: 01734 884059)

Two Tripacers

The Tripacer boasts a hand-formed aluminium body, in a classic style. The manufacturers will take your own car and convert it for you, or will supply the necessary bits for you to do the job yourself. The car is available in three or four wheeled versions, or the two rear wheels can be set close together for a very narrow rear track!

Classic Car Panels, Frome, Somerset, England

Telephone: 44 1373 461589 (UK: 01373 461589)

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