The 1998 Rainbow Warriors

Jeff's 1998 Shop and Pit Crew

Owner: Rick Hendrick

Crew Chief: Ray Evernham

Chief Mechanic: Ed Guzzo

Head Engine Builder: Charlie Siegars

Name Shop Duty Race Duty
Chris Anderson n/a Catch Can
Ron Bates Fabricator Pit Support
Mike Belden Transport Driver Gasman
Steve Bergh Fabricator Pit Support
Pete Bingle Head Fabricator Pit Support
Bill Deese Fabricator Pit Support
Patrick Donahue Mechanic Mechanic
Ann Eaton Secratary n/a
Dean Ellis Fabricator Pit Support
Bo Fletcher Fabricator Pit Support
Cliff Graves Fabricator Pit Support
Dave Griffith n/a 2nd Transport Driver
Pete Haferman Engineer Pit Support
Darren Jolly n/a Tire Carrier
Jeff Knight n/a Tire Carrier
Micheal Landis Shop Manager Spotter
Steve Letarte Parts Asistant Tire Specialist
Barry Muse n/a Jackman
George Nelson Body Man Pit Support
Chuck Palmer Engines Engine Tuner
Andy Papathanassiou Pit Training Ventman
Shane Parsnow Ast. Engine Builder Tire Changer
Ray Schepler Parts Manager Pit Support
Micheal Siegars Mechanic Pit Support
Mark Thoreson Engineer Pit Support
Mike Trower n/a Front Tire Changer
Brian Whitesell Engineer Computer Scorer
Rick Wing Body n/a
Michele Durkin n/a Scoring
Murray Timm R&D Shop n/a

(info from Winston Cup Scene, February 5, 1998)

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