The Sign


I'll be waiting in the morning shine
To meet you when the moon reflects the light
From the inner voice it comes the sign
A thunder's breakin' through the lifeline

Down the swarming street the love parade
Has now begun and we can play this strange game
Take tha highway to the endless night
It's time to run over the rainbow

The magic way of dreams
Is fire
Another day of joy
Will begin


The sign above the skyline Yeah - Heah
A journey through the time Yeah - Heah
It's not so hard to find out Yeah - Heah
The key to change your mind

Thousand miles within my dusty shoes
The road to nowhere's made of lanes of fantasy
The flying carpet's big enough for two
To bring us straight where you can listen

The whisper of the wind
So clear
A mighty kind of love
Will begin

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

Reachin' out a place to turn the tide
A shadow's floating just behind the nightfall
Just a feeling deep inside of us
The motion that's awaking sleepers