I don't practice santeria, I ain't got no crystal ball
I had a million dollars, but I, I spend it all
If I could find that heina and that sancho that she's found
I'd pop a cap in sancho and I'd smack her down

All I really wanna say I can't define
It's love I need but my soul will have to wait
till I get back and find a heina of my own
Daddy's gonna love one and all
I feel the break and I got to live it out

I swear that I really wanna know
All I really wanna say is I got mine
And I'll make it yes I'm comin'up
Tell sanchito that if he know's what is good for him
He best go run and hide
Daddy's got a new .45

And I won't think twice to stick that barrel
Straight down Sancho's throat
Believe me when I say that I've got somethin' for his punk ass

What I really wanna say is there's just one way back
And I'll make it but my soul will have to wait