Tell Me That You Wait

Culture Beat

Once again were facing a tough situation
No need to be bassing cause time well be wasting
Weve been through this type of thing before
When I stepped to the ride and you stood crying in the door
I really hate moments that turn out like these
Id sail the seven seas if I thought that I would ease
The discomfort we feel when we must part
Theres not a man alive that wouldnt feel it in his heart
Living out a suitcase always on the move
I really appreciate the fact that youve
Always waited and been ready and willing
Supporting what Im doing and how Im feeling
Travelling all over may keep the bills paid
But I couldnt stand myself if our love was to fade
Over and over I dwell on this issue
Cause when Im away I cant help but miss you

Tell me that youll wait
Tell me that youll wait for me
I gotta come back someday
So tell me that youll wait for me
Im leaving on a jetplane
So tell me that youll wait for me

Hold your tears you know I hate to see you cry
I get so choked up each time we say goodbye
My heart gets inflamed from all the pain
My head gets light and I dont feel the same
I try to stay cool and be strong for you
So you dont see all the hurt that Im feeling too
I know you always tell me to just let go
But when the time arrives I find it hard to show
You a side of me thats rarelu been seen
Coming clean is just not an easy thing
My emotional side has began to rust

I know its hard on you but one day things will change
When no longer in between us will there be much range
Though separated by miles our hearts remain close
I know Im blessed each and everytime you give me a dose
Of love and show how much you caro for your man
Cause in the past my relationships were just plain blend
Lacking in substance with not much meaning
But since the day I met you everyday Im singing
We got a good thing going that Im not blowing
Gonna keep on showing to make sure that youre knowing
How serious I am about this
I just cant dismiss the thought of martial bliss
Yes you and I together till the end of time
When I return from this trip I wanna hear bells chime
Letting everyone know that we made that move
Without a thing to prove just the thought it soothes