1944 North American SNJ-5 Texan BuNo 91077

Although it seems I'm constantly changing my mind, what you see above is a graphic representation of how I will most likely paint/mark my SNJ. The markings above are representative of what SNJ-5 BuNo 91077 looked like when it was stationed at NAAS Whiting Field, Florida in early 1950. See my aviation page for more information on the operational history of this SNJ-5 and to see shots of the restoration in progress.

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EAA Warbirds of America

Join an EAA Warbirds of America Squadron today! These squadrons are made up of folks from all walks of life... Pilots, non-pilots, warbird owners, folks with warbird projects, Cessna & Piper drivers, etc.... The only requirement is a sincere love for warbirds and the desire to "keep 'em flying". Most chapters meet monthly which includes get-togethers at fly-ins during flying season (for those of you that live in areas where there are distinct flying seasons!)

I'm a member of the Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2 and you can see shots of some of my fellow members' aircraft elsewhere on these pages.

North American Trainer Association

If you are any kind of T-6/SNJ/Harvard fan at all, you have to join the North American Trainer Assocation!  Stoney Stonich and his team put out a great quarterly publication (called NATA Skylines) that contains a veritable wealth of information for any individual seriously interested in the various training aircraft produced by North American Aviation. Contact Stoney Stonich via E-mail for more information.


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