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My name is Semjon Maximilian Gehner, I am 30 years old and Product Manager (Picture of this cool guy) at HIGH PERFORMANCE GmbH in Hamburg. See me at the 1999 CeBIT Computer Fair in Hannover (Picture of this cool Product Manager)!

Before I joined the High Performance Team, I was marines officer - actual rank captain (NATO code OF-3) - (Picture of this cool marine) at the german armed forces (marines company commander), worked as a sales manager for the german software developer FUCHS EDV and was a lousy law student at the Hamburg University!

I am surfing in the WWW with a Apple iMac DV 400 "Special Edition" (192 MB RAM - 13 GB HD), a EPSON Stylus Photo 750 "Millenium Edition" and some other stuff.

I like cars (VW Passat Variant VR6), motorbikes (Honda VFR 750 F / RC 36 Picture of this cool bike Sound sample of the new exhaust) guns (SIG Sauer P226 "Sport I"/ 9 mm Para Picture of this cool pistol, Smith & Wesson 686 - "Target Champion 6 inch" / .357 Magnum Picture of this cool revolver) and CUTIES. What about you?

Feel free to check this site later...

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My suggestion is that you drink about 2 gallons german beer and then you type some weird things in the box above. Then go and write hundreds of poems like Erich Fried. Women love these type of guys! Good luck...

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