The Simple nesessities....

The Hooters Jet Car at the Orlando Speedworld here in Orlando FL

How to get started on your inport "Race Car"

First things first, replacing the stock manifold with Headers will increase performance by allowing your exhaust to exit the engine more easily. (Less restriction)

Look at the difference of the stock manifold and the polished header. Adding headers to your car is one of the most cost efficient ways of unleashing your engines hidden horsepower. I recomend DC Sports Dyno Tuned Headers. Cost:$250-$500

Another very cost efficient way of increasing hourspower, even easier than headers, is to add a filter charger kit to your engine, such as the onepictured below. This allows more air flow into the engine with less restriction. This alone can add up to 12 HP depending on the application. Cost: $20-$300

After you've got your headers and intake taken car of, the next step is your cars exhaust. Not only will this step help improve performance, but your car will sound and look a lot meaner. A typical exhaust hookup would look like this...

There are a lot of different types of exhast systems out on the market. You can do anything from just adding a tip for looks or go all out and buy a full cat back system with 2 1/2'' mandrel bent pipes and high flow muffler. Cost: $20-$500 depending on what you do.

Now, for those people with real racing blood, you can start going to the internals of the engine. Starting with the ignition system, I recomend Jacobs Electronics full system. This alone will increase power incredibly. Cost: $400-$700.

Next, a racing cylinder head, more flow equals more compression and power. I recomend JG. Cost: $900.

With a new head you of course need a performance camshaft(s). A cam will open the valves in the cylinder head, which provide the air and exhaust a path to enter and exit the engine, wider and for a longer time. Again more air and compression equals more power. I recoment either Bullfrog or JG Engine Dynamics. I use JG. Cost: SOHC $150-$200, DOHC $300-$400

Now there is a lot more you can do such as performance rods and pistons etc. But for real power Nitros Oxcide is popular. NOS can increase power by 50%. Some choose not to use it because it put them in a non naturally aspirated class. Cost: $200-$600

Turbo and Supercharger bolt on kits are also available. Such brands would be, 'Drag' Turbos and 'Jackson Racing' Superchargers. Cost:$2600-$9000. Ouch. You've got to pay to play.

Now that we've just about covered the engine, how about the external parts of your car. Wheels. Wheels are very important. But don't go buck wild with the size. Did you know that on the drag strip, the larger wheel you have, like 17'', the slower you go? Yup. I recomend 14'' wheels for drag racing. Autocrossing 15''. And 17's are okay for just pimping.

Next springs. Yes lowering the car does make it look better, but don't you dare just cut your stock springs. It may look good, but when a corner comes around, look out. Performance lowering springs are not too exspensive. With performance suspention, including shocks, you'll be able to take corners that you took at 45 with stock at about 70-80. And thats without squeeling tires. Cost for springs: $150-$400.

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