Prototype CRX

Prototype CRX

This is my 1989 Honda CRX as of now. Modifications include: Complete Wings West full body kit w/ front spoiler and rear mid wing. Konig GT-R wheels wrapped in four BF Goodrich g-Force R1 205/40 R15. A full custom made cat back DynoMax exhaust system w/ tuned and polished Headers. Akimoto cold air intake system. Suspention Techniques racing springs in all four corners. Totally rebuilt 1.6 SOHC. A performance shop by the name of VHP (Very High Performance) built the engine to max. This includes boring the block and shaving the head to get 10.5 to 1 compression, porting and polishing, custom cam, DC sports header, Crane ignition, Superchips reprogramed computer to allow the engine to run to it's higher redline without fuel cuttoff. And of course all the suspention arms and whatever. In other words, I just went ape shit on this thing.

In developement we will be engineering and installing new products including carbon fiber intake manafold, custom head, billet cams, and The Creme de la Creme of engineering: fly-by-wire tiptronic, electronically shifted manual transmission. Need I say that this will be the first of it's kind?!

Bookmark this page. I will be updating often with more specs and info on these new items as they develop.

VHP will be catapulting racing technology with this new type of transmission controller. We are all very excited about this and there will possibly be a web site specifically for VHP in the near future. So keep your eyes open.

This, was my old CRX Si. It had a ported and polished head, JG Engine Dynamics racing camshaft, Pacesetter Headers, Turbo II Exhaust, Amsoil Hyperflow Induction, Autometer Tach and Monster Shift Light, short shifter, turbo clutch, and SuperchipsĒ computer chip. This car was designed for drag racing, and stock, it ran a clean 17.2 @ 78 MPH.
After all of the modifications and hours of fine tuning, (keep in mind I was on a tight budget then, my best time was a 15.06 @ 97 MPH. Pretty impressive considering I did ALL of the modifications myself at home. (excluding the Superchip)

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